The six best ways to clean glass tape

  • Blade or
  • eraser What you can’t use
  • Soda Blade or
  • eraser You can’t use
  • Soda Edge or eraser
  • You can not use
  • using
  • Soda
  • there is only one problem - how to remove it. There are sticky marks on the window, and detergents sometimes do not help to wipe them off at all. Well, there are folk methods.

    List of

    tools Studying the issue thoroughly, you soon realize that there are a large number of methods and tools that help remove tape. Here is a list of the most common ones:

    • vegetable oil is widely used to remove traces of scotch;
    • alcohol, as well as substances containing alcohol;
    • solvents can wash off sticky contaminants, but require careful handling;
    • soda diluted in water helps to clean the glass;
    • detergents and other special products;
    • blade or eraser.

    It remains only to choose a suitable option for themselves and begin to solve the problem. But first, look at each method in more detail.

    Vegetable oil

    It is quite easy to remove traces of scotch from window glass or a mirror with the help of vegetable oil.

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    Dampen cotton wool in vegetable oil and rub it with adhesive tape from scotch. After 10-15 minutes, the glue will soften and can be easily removed with a cloth or cotton. Leftovers are removed with a dry sponge.

    You can use almost any oil, from sunflower to tea tree essential oil. Some housewives even use mayonnaise, and it is not surprising, because it contains vegetable fats. Traces of mayonnaise can later be removed with a soft sponge or napkin.

    Acetone, gasoline, white spirit

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    If the oil does not help, try using acetone or nail polish remover, which includes acetone. Remember that it distributes a strong smell, causes dizziness. If the spots of scotch are large, then open the window slightly to let fresh air in. Perhaps you have left after the painting work white spirit. It can also be used to clean glass from glue.

    Another well-known solvent from the arsenal of folk remedies - gasoline. They, just like with acetone, can wash the glass surface quite well, but you need to remember about the smell, after which the room should be aired.

    Rinse off any solvent with water. There should be no foreign matter on the glass surface. Make sure that the solvent does not fall on the plastic profile.

    If there are streaks, then they can be removed with a glass cleaner, a special napkin, or a solution of water with ammonia.


    Many housewives know that alcohol helps to clean the glass.90% alcohol should be diluted with a small amount of water, wetted with cotton wool and rub the contaminated area. If there is no alcohol on hand, then it will be able to replace the alcohol tincture, vodka or ammonia solution( ammonia).All these tools help to wash not only glass, but also plastic, so they can be used to clean plastic frames.

    Special products

    Among the detergents there are quite effective substances that can remove traces of adhesive tape. An example of such goods is Mr. Muskul, Proper and Silith Bang. The composition of the latter is a weak acid that eats away even very persistent pollution. Spray the product on glue stains, leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water. You may have to work with a sponge to completely wipe off the glue.

    Special tools are sold, with which you can quickly remove sticky stickers and tape. They are in the shops of stationery and automotive goods or in stores for home goods. If you purchase one bottle, you can easily wash paper stickers and glue from any kind of adhesive tape from furniture, windows, mirrors.


    Affordable and cheap product - soda. It is necessary to dilute the soda with a small amount of water to get a thick solution, take a little of this solution on a sponge and gently rub them with glass. According to reviews, soda perfectly helps to wipe off traces of scotch, no worse than solvents.

    Blade or Eraser Small-sized adhesive marks are easy to remove with a blade. In order not to scratch the glass, the blade must be kept strictly parallel to its surface. Some consider this process laborious, but it is quite effective, especially when nothing else is at hand.

    A more delicate eraser designed to erase a simple pencil. It does not take long to clean the glass with an eraser, provided that the glue is not super resistant. You can use the combined method, first softening the pollution with detergent, and then rubbing it with an eraser.

    Do not use

    . Never use abrasive powders and metal brushes to remove scotch tape, as they may scratch the surface. Do not use too caustic alkaline or acidic agents. Frosted glass is not recommended to be cleaned with acetone and other solvents. To clean them, it is best to use special tools, ammonia or chalk.

    If you are using an unknown chemical, then check its effect on a piece of unwanted glass and only then start using it on a window or mirror.

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