What to buy a TV for the kitchen

When you select the TV for the kitchen, we start from the size of the room. In the small kitchen does not need a big TV, especially Plasma. All pixels can be seen on it. We recommend taking a liquid crystal: and in the 19-inch model can be found FullHD if desired. Let's talk about buying a TV for the kitchen.

How to choose the right size and resolution

The table usually stands by the wall, and the wall is empty. Here and it will be hung TV. When the resolution is low - and this analog broadcasting and HD - visible up close, individual pixels. Unpleasant effect. But there is FullHD on plasma screens of 42 inches in diagonal and above. So we have to take the LCD screen.

Small diagonal TV in the kitchen

Small diagonal TV in the kitchen

A little more than a computer monitor, but shows with the highest quality provided by service providers today. And it is FullHD. There 4k (Ultra HD), but in said standard work extremely long consoles. Really say, the newest TVs are able to convert the image to a higher quality. Suppose, in the kitchen is planned viewing conventional analog broadcast television alone will finish the picture to FullHD.

Today launched the Samsung feature, we assume that the LG has a similar. The sale put up the biggest screens. Similar and 5 meters distance at a resolution of analog TV show the pixels. Image to get more, but square.

For Ultra HD resolution and a large screen image conversion function is called UHD Picture Engine. At the official website of poor informative value, we believe, is engaged in processing Quadmatic. How much is clear from the promotional and informational publications, such processes take place exclusively with Ultra HD. Small TV-like SUPRA STV-LC19740WL must build their own image correctly. Check with the manufacturer or the dealer before buying.

TV for a small kitchen

TV for a small kitchen

When the specified size of the screen, detailing noticeable on the individual objects:

  1. Hair.
  2. Clouds.
  3. Waves.

Most of the programs on TV this kind eyes be presented qualitative and from a distance of 1.5 meters longer clear whether the device is able to finish building their own image up to FullHD. LG and Samsung TVs are not doing a similar operation, therefore, it depends on the quality of received programs. Acquire a similar TV, if the distance to screen diagonal of more than 2.5.

When receiving a packet with the Tricolor TV satellite in FullHD format similar to the TV does not give failures. He will accept and cable, and terrestrial broadcasting. In some cases, you will need a tuner, but the picture will not appear distorted. This is important, because there are a variety of formats: 720p, 1080p, 1080i, etc... All depends on the scanning mode and the number of rows. Not all TVs with lower resolution takes FullHD.

To summarize, the TV selection for the kitchen in favor of FullHD with a small diagonal is because:

FullHD TV with a small diagonal

FullHD TV with a small diagonal

  1. You can watch any transmission, regardless of the provider, and resolution. The image is not distorted.
  2. The cost of the cheapest model with 19-inch screen is about 5,000 rubles, which is about 1500 rubles more expensive than the cheapest of the group LCD TV and plasma.
  3. Given the size of the TV, it is not difficult for him to hang in the right place, probably in the kitchen there is a free rectangular wall with a diagonal of about 20 inches.
  4. If desired, buy in Tricolor TV FullHD package (except for a trial period, given as a gift subscription). Even close in focus quality image.
  5. Considering the size of a standard kitchen, 19-inch is enough. We remind you that in a translation into Russian unit is 48 cm, and view digital broadcast FullHD must be kept at a distance of about 75 cm. In other cases, the length of the room 3 meter distance should not exceed 5 diagonals.

Why not take a cheap kitchen equipped with a cathode-ray tube

Dimensions of TVs for the kitchen should not be huge. Water is present in the kitchen and humidity, and kinescope - a dust and a high voltage. It is not necessary to cross these two things. Cathode ray tubes are harmful to the eye and emit positive ions (unhealthy) during operation.

An old TV with a cathode-ray tube consume a relatively large amount of energy. It does not apply to models produced after restructuring. For example, Polar running from 75 watts. It is about how one incandescent light bulb.

Why not suitable plasma TV for the kitchen

In the plasma TV very quickly falls with decreasing diagonal resolution. The screen looks good from afar, but up close there is grain. And FullHD format will be available, starting with a diagonal of 42 inches (in Russian - 106 cm). Under such conditions, see the Tricolor TV in full resolution is possible at a distance of about 1.7 meters.

The kitchen is constantly going movement for housewives difficult to sit in one place for a long time. In this light, it looks better LCD TV, and the cost of this solution every 5 above. Add that all models are 43 inches (according to the information Yandex-market) produced by Panasonic, who left segment. LG will have to take the size of 50 inches (127) cm.

The majority of such hulk fit on a large wall, and the viewing distance and all will be reduced to 1 - 1.5 meters. And if the major manufacturers have introduced a small TV in their support for FullHD liquid crystal, then a plasma can not be said for obvious reasons: too large bulbs. A possible reception difficulties discussed below.

LED TV with a small diagonal

LED TV with a small diagonal

LED TV in the kitchen

Organic light-emitting diodes were used initially for illumination. Recently they have entered into TVs with full rights in the form of pixels of the screen. For a long time it did not manage to get a normal color, and the term of service of the element base was small. Recently these TVs appeared on the market.

Buying on the kitchen TV with a diagonal of 55 inches and FullHD support for 125 thousand rubles expensive. But it has the advantages of:

  • Color reproduction is amazing.
  • The contrast is high.
  • Energy consumption is low.
  • thickness of the screen is smaller than in other technologies.

This trend is being developed, but innovations are worth the money and have to pay for them while manufacturers would not produce low cost options products. We believe that through the years 8 - 10 decision to buy a TV for the kitchen, be sure to the OLED, but the time has not yet come. We recommend patience, because the product life did not catch performance of competing technologies.

We do not recommend to buy a TV OLED.

Interfaces and Receivers TV for the kitchen

Part LG models equipped with a receiver for receiving digital terrestrial broadcasting. Given that soon the country will cover the digital multiplexes, it's true. In practice, takes a piece of cable is 75 ohm, it is made from a single-ended quarter-vibrator. With this connector cable is simply plugged into the TV slot. How to antenna read the neighboring categories.

TV use considered simple, and - there is no need for laying on the cable room. Just hang up the device near a power outlet and use. As for the inputs and outputs of the device, the kitchen is no place for DVD-players, home theaters, and other luxuries. But controller owner sheath wrap of shrink film (the price of the order of 150 rubles). It will allow safe to take for the panel with wet hands.

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