How to hang a TV on the wall

On January 7, 2014, Vesa announced that a DockPort was added to the DisplayPort monitor connection standard. Through the hub all devices receive power, USB interface and video information. Not simultaneously, naturally, but as necessary. New high-performance protocol manufacturers are already interested in gaming software, now access is expected in standard TVs. How to hang a TV on the wall, if the equipment does not support the protocol, discuss and see what they say on the website of the trendsetter.

New DockPort protocol with old

TVs Developers of the new standard are in a hurry to reassure owners of HDMI digital interfaces. Before DockPort was used exclusively in mobile devices. Now they almost directly will be possible to connect to the TV.The protocol demonstrates incredibly high speed, it becomes possible to view high-resolution video directly from miniature gadgets. DVI, VGA and HDMI are now a thing of the past.

Remains backward compatible standards, the price of the adapter reaches 1000 rubles. Do not try to hold a TV, even if it is in electrical compatibility, you cannot do without an adapter! Probably, an active interface converter chip is installed inside.

The latest equipment is already actively using DisplayPort. In particular, in 2013, 300 certificates for devices were issued, which is 63% of the total. DisplayPort is booming due to its high performance and rich features. Soon it will be possible to forget about the long HDMI cable to connect the TV.The specified digital interface is slowly going out of fashion.

In order to maintain unprecedented performance, the task has already been given to exceed the resolution with 4 thousand pixels( for comparison, Full HD is half the figure).To bring the computer to the TV will be possible using DisplayPort.

VESA is engaged in mounting monitors and televisions, including the chance to hang on the wall. To download a VESA standard for hanging TVs, you need to pay for or buy a membership. The paper name is FDMI.It is painted there as bolts M4, M6, M8 to fasten the indicated structures. Document found. We look through and see how to properly attach the TV to the wall.

VESA standard for mounting flat-panel televisions

This is the first revision of the first version of January 16, 2006, some of the data may have been updated. Wikipedia says that fastening with four M4 bolts on a square with a side of 100 mm is still in operation. The standard is applicable to televisions with a diagonal of 4 to 90 inches. The document is divided into sections:

  1. A - describes future prospects with a view of the future.
  2. In - paints fastening of TVs with a diagonal of 4 - 7.9 inches( up to 2 kg in weight).
  3. C - paints the mounting of TVs with a diagonal of 8 - 11.9 inches( up to 4.5 kg in weight).
  4. D - paints TV mount with a diagonal of 12 - 22.9 inches( up to 14 kg in weight).
  5. E - paints TV mount with a diagonal of 23 - 30.9 inches( up to 22.7 kg in weight).
  6. F - paints the mounting of TVs with a diagonal of 31 - 90 inches( up to 113.6 kg in weight).

The reader can already mentally estimate the category of your own TV to hang on the wall correctly.


Holes are located islands of 20x50 mm with an error of 0.25 mm. The mounting plate is located in the middle horizontally:

  • in the lower part;
  • in the middle.

Allowed the location of the holes on the edges, you will need to align them in the middle in the vertical direction. Allowed to place a number of mounting pads on a single monitor. The fixing goes on four screws with a length of 7 mm, as shown in the figure.

The size of each mounting plate is 65x35 mm, the niche is 67x37 mm. Steel thickness is 2 mm.

Section C

The size of the rectangle with four screws is increased to 35x75 mm. The layout is similar to the picture. The only length of the screws increases to 8 mm. The size of the steel platform 90x50x2.6 mm. Niche for fasteners - 92x52 mm. Marking MIS-C, T means that there is a bracket on which it is permissible to hang a TV with a diagonal of 8 - 11.9 with a hole in the middle at the top. Letters C, B, T, L, R, B / T or L / R are allowed.

Section D

A square with a side of 75x75 mm or 100x100 mm is used. Grounds for them are 90x90x2.6 mm and 115x115x2.6 mm, respectively. The mounting plate may be located solely in the center, there are few signs. For example, VESA MIS-D, 100, C means that we have a TV mount with a diagonal of 12 - 22.9 inches, a mounting platform with a square of four M4 bolts per 100 mm, located right in the center. The length of the screws is already 10 mm.

Section D for mounting products on the wall allows the use of brackets for TVs with the location of the sides on the sides, as in the figure above, whose size is 50x100 mm. Other sizes are similar. Corresponding designations of brackets for TVs, for example, VESA MIS-D, 75, R, are entered. Hence, there is a platform on the right with a side of 75 mm square with four screws at the corners. The dimensions of the screws brackets for TVs are the same!

Section E

It is recommended to use brackets for televisions with rectangular holes 200x100 mm. However, there are already 6 screws, every 100 mm around the perimeter. Adjustment is allowed at 90 degrees in roll( axis) and 180 degrees right-left. This applies to inclined and tilt-swivel brackets for TVs. The size of the mounting plate is 215x115x2.6 mm. The location of the bracket for the TV right in the center.

Similarly to the previous section, it is allowed to mount along the sides of a 50x200 mm rectangle with six screws. Accordingly, new designations of arms for TVs are entered.

Section F

Section captures the greatest variation - from 31 to 90 inches, the requirements for it are special. This applies to bolts, come in hexagonal, round, flat, hexagon and other types of heads. The number is determined by the manufacturer of the TV.The diameter is 6 - 8 mm with a length of 10 mm + plate thickness of the bracket for TVs. The size of the square, on the perimeter of which the holes are located, is a multiple of 100 mm. It is allowed to cut not all holes, only the necessary amount.

In the standard, a lot of interesting, given information is quite enough to independently create a bracket for the TV.Sometimes all-in-one mounting plates are produced, look as shown in the figure below.

Walk to the store for the brackets for the TV

After getting acquainted with the types of brackets for TVs, it is much easier to choose a device to your taste. Only a screen diagonal and a picture of the back wall of the device will be needed. With the data in hand, it is possible to make fasteners on your own or buy the one you need in the store. With a price of 1500 rubles and more, it is permissible to hang up cheap TVs yourself.

Kromax Techno-3

If you look at the Kromax Techno-3, you will see a typical VESA bracket. The product is designed for diagonals 24 - 40 inches. At the same time falls under section E and F, as can be seen from the shape of the mounting platform. This swivel type of bracket provides azimuth rotation of up to 180 degrees. It is permissible to use as a slope, as the dealer writes, but strongly doubt it. The cost of the product is 1300 rubles. Inexpensive against the general background.

The abundance of rotating nodes does not inspire much confidence, it is written that the maximum weight of the monitor is 20 kg. We do not recommend to frequently rotate the structure in order not to crumble. The mounting plate is made of 2 mm steel, which deeply contradicts our version of the standard. We assume that times have changed, and today the indicated strength of the material has already been resolved.

Arm-Media Paramount-90

Bracket with height adjustment. The diagonal is not spelled out, according to readable signs, the model is aimed at large equipment from section E and the average of F. The approximate weight of the TV is not less than that of the previous product. The patented EasyMove technology is based on three vertical axes that allow you to rotate the screen 180 degrees in azimuth.

In appearance, the construction is more simple, it is a pity that the service resource of loops is not written. However, this is not a carousel, you should not roll a plasma panel on the device. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of 10 years, for 2800 rubles - quite acceptable.

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