Connecting a two-button switch with 2 places

Before we consider how the connections of the two-key switch from 2 places are carried out, let us discuss the burning and closely underlying topic: the phase on the light bulb. Installation of the switch through passage is performed in large rooms. It is all the more appropriate to discuss the presence of a phase, because there will be a lot of lamps.

Lighting installation scheme

Phase on the light switch of the

switch Consider how the two-keyboard pass-through switch should not look like. This situation often rises in the video masters, but there are images in the network where the neutral wire comes to the socket on the left. What can we say about the bulb. Imagine the situation:

  1. An electrician comes to the bathroom to change a light bulb.
  2. Took a ladder, chopped off a switch, climbs upstairs.
  3. Removes the cover with one hand, the second is busy with a screwdriver, climbs down to put it all.
  4. Climbs back with a flashlight, shines them, holding his shoulder and sees that some insects are crammed inside.
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  6. Without releasing the flashlight, he puts the light bulb in his shoulder bag and thinks - let me clean the cartridge with my finger.
  7. Climbs, for convenience, clutching a steel pipe. And suddenly - hit!

Survive an electrician, hard to say. But there should be no phase with a chopped off switch on the chuck. This is a simple rule, remember: “When you install the switch, the flow to the chuck of the phase is cut off. From the second side, a zero wire comes to the chandelier and, if necessary, grounding ”.

Lighting is placed as shown in the first figure, is not done differently, as was often the case in Soviet homes. And now, how to understand if the installation was carried out correctly or a gross error was made. If the switch( of any type) has two keyboards, three electric wires fit it:

  • Two neutrals coming from the sockets with light bulbs.
  • The only phase originating from the switchboard.

Check it out is easy, no need to turn off the light. If you remove the button from the switch with a neatly slotted screwdriver, it is usually found behind them that the clamping screws where these electrical wires fit. By the number of lived we will see three pieces. And located asymmetrically. Lying in a pair, go from the cartridges, and the probe on them should not shine. A single wire breaker should be by definition phase. Now it remains to take the probe and check the correctness.

If on the contrary, then make sure that everything is understood correctly. Take the ladder and unscrew the light bulb. If the phase on the switch has disappeared( more precisely, two phases), the conclusions are 100% correct: there is a voltage of 220 V on the cartridges, which cannot be allowed. To correct this unforgivable mistake of electricians, it will not be necessary to pull electrical wiring again, as the novice thinks. You just need to cut down the food of the apartment, check it through the available sockets, take a stepladder and climb into the junction boxes. By any method( and with the help of a tester) there are three necessary electric wires, and everything changes places. So that the cartridges are now leaving the zero wires, and the single on the switch has become a phase.

Wires and contacts

How to check this is now known, as we hold the probe in hand. We climb into the switch and find the location of the phases( one piece) and zero( two pieces).And the bulbs twisted, and difficult to make a mistake. Before the final launch, we return the illumination, go back to the switch and run through the probe. If unchanged, conduct a test start lighting.

Now that the layout of the electric wire has been correctly carried out correctly, we install Legrand or other brand pass-through switches.

How is the installation of pass-through switches from two points

carried out? Seen from the figure, the neutral is suitable for the cartridge. This implied when they said that it was imperative to check the correctness of the wiring. Passing switches are set to meet each other. It is possible to designate this position as back-to-back. The essence does not change: there are two electric wires between the pass-through switches. The question is - how to implement in practice?

In reality, two electric wires went to the top of the switch, if the light bulb is one, and three - if the chandelier is divided in two. What to do now? From the circuit it is obvious that the phase must come to the feed-through switch located closer to the light bulb( a circle with a cross-hair).We remind you that the neutral wire comes from the cartridge, do not touch it. From the phase, we will add a wire and drag it to the nearest junction box or junction box. The existing wire, where there is 220 V, should be broken in the same place on a special block with terminals and extend directly the three electric wires for the second pass-through switch.

Scheme with modified

elements. To make it clear, let's try to modify the drawing. New items are shown in green, and now how to do it on the ground. It turns out that you need to make a nest under the switch and stretch the wire:

  1. A simpler task is solved if you make a batten for finishing the wall and are going to veneer with drywall. In this case, the standard rules for laying electrics. In the aluminum profile special holes are often present. And if not, we can drill with a drill. Larger in diameter are made by Forstner drills or expanded manually with a large slotted screwdriver( rotating the handle alternately in both directions).With a wooden crate, probably, no special difficulties are foreseen.
  2. A much sadder picture is formed when it is necessary to complete the revision in the conditions of the already finished finishing in conditions where the design does not remotely resemble removable panels. It is clear that tearing off plaster and tearing ditches with expensive wall chaser in expensive wallpaper for wiring for pass-through switches would not be a better option. In such a case, normal electricians begin to search for existing sockets in the walls, expandable without difficulty, and install new floorpans. And the wires are dragged through the already existing channels. Modest( if possible) put cable channels, and the switches through or take wall, or with a crown hollow nests in the right places. Buy it now we can easily, if there were money. We recommend trying to solve the problem due to baseboards or molding, walking along the ceiling( if such decorations are present, but otherwise it's time to think about installing them).We will not use cable channels at all: it disfigures any, even Spartan, interior.

Circuit Breaker Many people ask about broaches - what is it, expensive, and where to look. Today, for five hundred rubles it is possible to take a good instrument of this kind. Professionals do not have unambiguous recommendations that suits better. Bend polymer broaches well. The store has a wide range of goods, from 5 to 50 meters long. They did not set out to cover the entire range of broaches, there is a chance that, if desired, readers will find other tools for the installation of loop-through switches.

But the two-point scheme is suitable for cases with a rectangular shape. For example, in the bedroom one of the walk-through switches is placed near the door, and the second is near the bed. In this case, the difficulties will not arise. But in the corridor, we already need a wiring diagram for a switch from 3 places or more. Often you want to establish a control point in the vicinity of all doors. Here by the number of them should be selected and the number of pass-through switches.

Installing transitional switches on three points

There are a couple of pass-through switches at the ends of the corridor, and we want to put one or two in the middle. A. Zemskov adds: it is obvious that we will not confine ourselves to exclusively passing switches, we will have to find the cross. More similar switches are called toggle: they change the inputs and outputs of the two lines in places, cross.

Inside the crossover switch there is a mass of contacts, but outside two on both sides. Accordingly, the entrance and exit. They are exchanged in places and a similar switch. Obviously, using it in standard mode is impossible at all. Just change the position of the zero wire and phase.

This will prove dangerous due to what we discussed at the beginning. Remember the simple rule: cross over( cross) switches are placed exclusively between the walk-through.

In this case, no need to think about what and where to connect. There are two electric wires between the switches. They are torn, starting on the junction box or junction box. And there we are already connecting according to the input and output of the cross switch. Moreover, there is no difference where and what is located( more precisely, in a number of atypical situations this matters, but in the context under consideration differentiation is leveled).

The cost of the installation of the

circuit breakers In addition to the circuit breakers, someone is likely to enjoy the plug socket. It's good, but the cost? Inspect the nearest market. For example, Yandex Market. It turns out that the overhead model costs from 300 rubles, and embedded - from 100. Frankly, this is a small price. Given that simple switches come at about the same cost. So, easily buy what you want. This state of affairs is not surprising, because the device of the loop-through switches is not too different from ordinary two-button switches.

Of course, more elaborate models are harder to get, and you have to pay more. But this is not the main thing. Delivery is the main difficulty in implementing your own plans when you live far from the industrial or main capital. Connecting a double pass switch can result in a round amount, given that most companies work with EMS mail of the Russian Federation, and transport companies carry cargo to an individualist in a small town for the same fee that they willingly carry a ton through half the country to the district center. This will make adjustments to the status quo.

Then it is convenient to modify the type of switches already present in the store for your own needs. And the savings on such skill will reach large sizes.

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