How to choose a mop for cleaning the floor: 5 excellent "helpers", their pros and cons


  • 1 Household modern mops
    • 1.1 Assistant number 1. Sponge Mop with Automatic Spin
    • 1.2 Assistant number 2. Rope mop model
    • 1.3 Assistant number 3. Flaunder or mop on the platform
    • 1.4 Assistant number 4. Mop butterfly
  • 2 Assistant number 5. Steam Professional Mop
  • 3 Conclusion
Well, for cleaning?Well, for cleaning?

A good mop is an indispensable "helper" of any hostess! It speeds up and facilitates wet cleaning. Especially when there are children in the house. And if our grandmothers had to crawl with a rag or, at best, be content with a T-shaped wooden stick, then modern women face another problem. What is the best mop for cleaning the floor?

Today there is a huge assortment of these devices in stores, and it’s impossible to try everything at once. Therefore, in order not to choose at random, I suggest reading my article. Here I will talk about the five types of mops: their designs, features, pros and cons. After reading you will know exactly what kind of mop you need to buy for you!

Household modern mops

Cleaning should be both quality and convenient.Cleaning should be both quality and convenient.

New models of floor brushes do not just simplify the process of washing and cleaning the premises, but make it quite fascinating to yourself. You can choose such a device for every taste and fullness of the wallet, but the high price is not a guarantee of convenience.

To buy a really good mop in all plans, you must first pay attention to the following points and only then to the cost:

  1. A pen. According to the material it is wooden, plastic, metal. And by design - solid or telescopic (i.e. sliding). Also on the handle can be located a lever for spinning, if the model provides for this function.

The telescopic handle is good because it makes it possible to adjust the length to fit your height. But to someone such an addition, on the contrary, may seem odd and even inconvenient.

Sliding mechanismSliding mechanism
  1. Mop - a nozzle from rags, microfiber, sponges, etc. In addition to the material, mops differ in purpose: for linoleum, laminate, tile, parquet, glass, etc. In this regard, the mop can be both multifunctional and capable of washing only one specific floor. coating.

Mops-butterflies, models on the platform, rope, steam, with a sponge, with microfiber... Looking at the types of mops head is spinning! But let's look at each option in more detail, then everything will become very clear.

Assistant number 1. Sponge Mop with Automatic Spin

Spongy lazy with automatic spinSpongy lazy with automatic spin

The tool whose attachment is a sponge roller. The structure of the sponge can be hard or soft, so you need to choose a specific floor covering. The handle is often telescopic, and on it is a lever for pressing the nozzle.

Mop with a sponge has a number of advantages:

  1. Any sponge perfectly absorbs moisture, so it’s convenient to use lazy with such a nozzle to clean up spilled liquids.
  2. Also, hair and wool adhere well to the sponge. I recommend this model to those who have pets!
  3. The sponge-like roller thoroughly washes high baseboards, even if they are concave. Usually it is necessary to do it manually during a capital cleaning.
  4. Such a mop head is removable. If the old one deteriorates, you can buy and install a new one. So the unit will serve faithfully for many years.
  5. Auto-pressing speeds up the cleaning process and keeps hands dry. For some women, this is very important. For example, it is unpleasant for me to come in contact with dirty water, and rubber gloves annoy me. Therefore, for me personally, a spinning mop is a valuable find!
The photo clearly shows the texture of the sponge-nozzles.The photo clearly shows the texture of the sponge-nozzles.

It is advisable to buy a spongy model only if the floors in the house are smooth and not afraid of moisture. I would recommend it for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. But if the floor surface is rough, then the mop attachment will quickly become unusable.

With all the advantages of such a mop there are drawbacks:

  1. The sponge will surely leave stains if there is dry dirt on the floor.
  2. It is rather difficult to wash hard-to-reach places with a roller-shaped nozzle

Assistant number 2. Rope mop model

Rope modelsRope models

A rather long stick with a round base at the end, where many ropes are fixed. Rope mop is of two types: cotton thread with the addition of synthetic polyester; microfiber strips. I prefer microfiber.

Rope mop can be either with auto-pressing or without it. In the first case, a bucket with a special compartment is included:

  • for spinning you need to put the mop in this compartment;
  • turn the knob clockwise;
  • and push down.

This allows you to independently choose the degree of spin - leave the rope heavily wet, slightly wet or semi-dry.

Bucket with a special compartmentBucket with a special compartment
Technology spin rope lazyTechnology spin rope lazy

Such models are in principle suitable for any surface. But it is better not to choose them if the house has a wooden floor. Still, when the rope gets wet, they absorb a lot of moisture, which is undesirable for a tree. But in the case of tile or paint - this is the best mop for cleaning the floor!

What other advantages and disadvantages does a lazy rope have? I will give them in one list:

  • if necessary, the nozzle can be washed and dried;
  • in most models, the rope is removable, so they can be changed;
  • such a tool collects dust well and absorbs dirty water;
  • crawls into hard to reach places;
  • perfectly washes out corners and baseboards;
  • due to the long handle it is convenient to wash the floors under the beds;
  • but sticking and old pollution it is difficult to uncork it;
  • Perhaps the cheapest version of the mop with a spin.

Our compatriots praise the HOMECLUB Cage mop. It is sold only in the network of Tape stores and costs about 300 rubles. Mop fibers are made of microfiber - the perfect material for cleaning. The long handle with a rubber insert to not slip in the process of use. Automatic spinning (although the technology is slightly different, without a special bucket). Of the shortcomings - fixed mop.

HOMECLUB Cage Washing MopHOMECLUB Cage Washing Mop

Assistant number 3. Flaunder or mop on the platform

In fact, it is an improved wooden mop for cleaning the floor of a traditional T-shape. Only now it is made of plastic or aluminum and has a lot of convenient modifications. This is the ability to stick different mops, and a rotating platform, and auto-pressing with a special handle on some models.

You can make a mop with your own hands of such a plan ...You can make a mop with your own hands of such a plan ...
... and you can buy an improved model and enjoy cleaning... and you can buy an improved model and enjoy cleaning

Flaunder is a plastic or metal platform bolted to the handle. Its main purpose is to hold a mop nozzle.

It is remarkable that the platform has hinges at the attachment point with a handle, allowing it to rotate in different directions. So you can wash with a mop not only the floor, but also walls, ceilings, steps. She will get to the most secluded corners!

The length of the platform is different. Usually it is 20-30 cm. But a professional floor mop can have a wider and longer platform. Choose a mop nozzle you need on the basis of its size. There are standard nozzles, and there are made for a specific model. Pay attention to this if you want to buy a replacement mop.

Flaunder platformFlaunder platform

Other indisputable advantages of such a miracle lazy:

  • does not leave stains;
  • it can be carried out both wet and dry cleaning;
  • you can use any detergent without fear or do not add them at all;
  • almost all types of nozzles (we will talk about them below) can be washed by hand or in a washing machine;
  • manufacturers are constantly improving this type of mops.

The only drawback of mops on the platform is the high cost. The highest quality models start at 1500 rubles and above. But if you take into account all the advantages and the fact that such a tool will last for a very, very long time, then this minus is fully compensated.

There are cheaper options, costing up to 600 rubles. I myself use just such a mop. It is made of plastic, has standard sizes, a nozzle made of microfiber, there are no additional functions, but the floor washes remarkably. True quality is lame - the platform can unscrew from the handle at the most inappropriate moment.

Different models of flaunderDifferent models of flaunder

Now briefly talk about mopah-nozzles for flaunder. They are an improved cloth with pockets, elastic bands on both sides - they are inserted into the platform. Poor quality nozzle can be seen immediately: her pockets are short and sewn from slippery synthetic fabric, which does not adhere well to flaunder.

All nozzles have a different composition and length of fibers. Choose based on the room and type of flooring. Here are the features of the most popular mop:

  • Acrylic - suitable only for sweeping the floor, as it absorbs moisture poorly, almost does not collect garbage.
Acrylic mopAcrylic mop
  • Stitched cotton - good for dry and wet cleaning. Absorb moisture is wonderful, and sweep well. But cotton is an organic material, so bacteria accumulate on it and it is prone to rotting..
Cotton fiber mopCotton fiber mop
  • Synthetic microfiber - truly versatile super-mopa! Mops for a floor with such nozzles sweep and wash, well grabbing dust, dirt, water. They do not accumulate bacteria on themselves, do not rot, are easier to clean, do not leave streaks, have high wear resistance, and therefore durability.

Innovative threads with a unique structure! A hundred times thinner than a human hair, penetrating even into microscopic gaps. The edges of the microfiber are wedge-shaped, so they are in close contact with the floor and well capture the smallest particles of dirt.

Also included is a polymer that attracts fat to itself. The shallow pores of the fabric provide excellent absorption of moisture.

The microfiber nozzle can be used for wet cleaning of any surface. Just be careful with the parquet! This is a very capricious coating that does not tolerate moisture. Therefore, how to squeeze microfiber.


Assistant number 4. Mop butterfly

Professional telescopic mop for all types of flooring. The name got its due to the method of spin.

Some models have a lever on the handle, jerking which, the working surface folds like butterfly wings and squeezes. The platform (working surface) rotates around its own axis, and attachments are attached to it, most often from microfiber, cotton or sponge.

Spin principleSpin principle
"Butterfly" with a different nozzle"Butterfly" with a different nozzle

Positive qualities of mop butterflies:

  • suitable for dry and wet cleaning, as well as for cleaning carpets;
  • the rotating platform qualitatively flushes the corners, easily climbs under the furniture, is convenient in the case of multi-storey floors;
  • well collects hair and wool;
  • spin force can be adjusted;
  • nozzles perfectly absorb moisture and do not leave stains.

When buying, I advise you to inspect the mop butterfly carefully. Now began to do a lot of fakes. The original one costs at least 1,500 rubles, and it will have a metal or metal plastic handle, but not entirely made of plastic.

Assistant number 5. Steam Professional Mop

Steam unit "H2O Mop X5"Steam unit "H2O Mop X5"
The same model, but with all the componentsThe same model, but with all the components

The most advanced floor cleaning tools in all plans! Therefore, I distinguished them from the rest, more domestic types of mops.

Steam models are equipped with steam generators, which in a matter of seconds turn water into steam. It is with steam that the surfaces are cleaned. Usually there is a button on the handle, pressing which controls the force of the steam supply.

Let's see what remarkable advantages this unit has:

  1. Under the action of steam, absolutely any dirt, even ingrained, is cleaned. So with its help you can clean the joints on the tile, get rid of stains on the carpet, and even remove old fats on the kitchen apron!
Mirror cleanliness throughout the house!Mirror cleanliness throughout the house!
  1. To clean the house you will need only a steam mop and a pair of interchangeable tips. No wet rags and splashing buckets that little kids strive to get into. In this regard, the cleaning time is significantly reduced.
  2. Such a mop not only washes, but also disinfects the surface. In the process of converting water into steam, at a temperature of 100 º all pathogens, fungi and mold die; the prevention of the spread of dangerous infections is evident.
  3. With the steam unit does not need to use household chemicals. Budget savings - this time. The absence of strong odors - two. No damage to health - three. For allergies and families with children in general a fairy tale!
Say No to ChemicalsSay No to Chemicals
  1. According to the instructions, a steam mop is suitable everywhere: for cleaning the kitchen (not only the floor), soft toys, furniture, curtains, carpets and other things that are not afraid of steam.
And this is another model, but also greatAnd this is another model, but also great

Unfortunately, steam mops are not suitable for all floor coverings. Tile, quality linoleum, parquet, marble, wood flooring - that’s yes. But the laminate, engineering board and all types of floors, going to the castle method and glue technology, do not tolerate the effects of steam.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll someday buy such a useful thing for the house. And let it cost me a pretty penny, but how much my strength and nerves will no longer go to cleaning the house! Especially on the laundering of the kitchen.


The choice is yours!The choice is yours!

You have just studied all convenient household and professional mops. To assert unequivocally that a particular type is better than the others, I will not. One mistress may come up with a rope lazy, perfectly washing out difficult places, and the other - spongy for easy wet cleaning.

I personally like flaunders and steam mops. And what do you prefer, tell us in the comments? Be sure to watch the video in this article, there are many useful additions on the topic.

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