Bread fertilizer for indoor plants

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What a flower lover does not dream of seeing lush, flowering plants on his window sills? So the florist is trying, wandering through flower shops in search of universal fertilizers, so that the flowers could grow and help them, and they saved them from diseases. But in ancient times, when there were no drugs, fertilizers were made independently using food waste.

Yes, and now in every home there will certainly be unused bread crusts left over from lunch or dinner. Of course, you can feed them to your pets, and you can make good fertilizer for indoor plants from bread.

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Bread as a fertilizer

Bread-based fertilizer is widely used in the cultivation of various crops. Its action is based on the yeast that make up the bread. Yeast contains various minerals, organic iron, a lot of nutrients, as well as growth stimulants. In the complex, all this has an active effect on plants, helping them to rampantly grow green mass. In addition, the formation and further growth of the root system is accelerated.

Not only flowers on window sills are fed with this fertilizer. The irises, peonies, chrysanthemums, gladioli and even a rose growing in the flowerbeds will gratefully respond to the grain supplements with long flowering.

How to make and apply fertilizer from bread

For the preparation of fertilizer is used both fresh and dried or dried bread. White, black or rye bread will do. If mold has appeared on old pieces, they can also be used. This type of mold does not take root on plants and will not bring harm to them.

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Pieces of bread should be folded into a large saucepan or bowl and add water. Top down crust of bread, so that they do not surface, and put the billet in a warm place for a week. Strain the finished solution through cheesecloth and dilute a little with water. Water young plants that are in the phase of active growth, under the root.

Grain fertilizer with caution and in limited quantities used for diseased plants. It is also not recommended to feed adults, already formed bushes often. This can cause growth to stop.

To compensate for the lack of calcium, which is absorbed in the fermentation process, it is recommended to add ash simultaneously with the bread solution.

Fertilizer from yeast

A concentrated solution for fertilizing indoor plants can also be prepared on the basis of yeast.

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To make a sourdough from a dry product, you should mix:

  • 1 tsp.dry yeast;
  • 1.5 Art.lSahara;
  • 5 liters of water.

Capacity with ferment is wrapped up and put in heat for 2-3 hours to begin the fermentation process. Ready to dissolve the infusion of water: 1 liter of ferment 5 liters of water.

To prepare a solution from fresh yeast, 200 g of yeast should be diluted in 1 liter.water and insist. Before use, dilute the infusion in a ratio of 1: 10.

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