Furnace for the garage with his hands: the best examples of the manufacture of homemade

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Private garage - room-specific and in winter is usually very cold. Either for man or for a car of such microclimate quite useful, but the use of standard electric heaters typically proves to be too costly and inefficient.

It remains to make a furnace for the garage with his hands, selecting one of the suitable options.

The content of the article:

  • Features heating garage
  • A few words about the weatherization
  • Overview options
    • # 1: Brick - may have problems
    • # 2: stoves - simple and reliable
    • # 3: The oven at working out - effective, inexpensive
    • # 4: continuous burning furnace - high efficiency
  • Useful videos on the topic

Features heating garage

Major garage with insulation available is not every car owner. More often than not at the disposal of the vehicle owner is a metal structure, devoid of any warmth. Any heat leaves a building almost immediately.

In solving the problem of heating of garage space, it is not necessary to assess its demand for heat, based on a similar experience with a residential home. And it's not just the lack of insulation. There are so-called law of the square-cube, which states that when the geometric body size decreases, the ratio of the size of the surface of the body to its volume increases.

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Keeping the car in the garage
For a normal car in the garage storage temperature inside the cabinet should not fall below + 5º and rise above + 18º during the presence of the owners and repair work. regulated requirements SP 113.13330.2012

This affects the size of the heat loss of the object, so to heat one cubic meter of a small room, such as the garage, need more heat than heating a large house. If the two-story structure may be enough and the heater power of 10 kW, then much smaller size will need a garage unit with a capacity of about 2-2.5 kW thermal energy.

To maintain the very modest operating temperature at 16 degrees and the oven will suffice a capacity of 1.8 kW. If it is necessary only to maintain the optimum temperature for the storage of the car in the parking lot - 8 degrees - suitable unit 1.2 kW. It turns out that the fuel consumption for heating the volume of garage space units may be twice the figure for residential building.

To thoroughly heat the entire garage, its walls and floor, you will need more heat, ie, even more powerful heater. But even with the heat insulation will go out of the room too quickly. Therefore it is recommended to carry out heating is not just a garage, but only so-called workspace.

Warm hat for the garage
Efficient heating of the garage can be performed using the so-called "hot cap" formed during natural convection limited warmed air

The idea is to focus the heated air through the center of the room and around it so that the layer of cold air remained between the walls and the ceiling. As a result, equipment and people will always be in the air a cloud of comfort temperature and thermal energy consumption significantly reduced.

This phenomenon experts call a warm cap, it is due to the limited natural convection. Intensive flow of heated air rises, but a little does not reach the ceiling, because the kinetic energy is extinguished more dense cold layers.

Next, the hot flow is distributed on both sides, lightly touching the walls or at a short distance from them. Almost the entire garage becomes warm, under the influence of convection processes warms even a viewing hole. To achieve this effect are suitable for garages oven relatively low power, creates an intense, but not particularly dense stream of warm air.

Natural convection in the garage
Natural convection air mass in the garage provides the formation of a favorable temperature for the work even in the observation pit

Alternative heating garage embodiment consists in using different infrared heaters. Garage with metal walls, such equipment is not particularly well suited. Infrared radiation reflects badly on the metal surfaces, it penetrates through them, resulting in all the heat just goes out.

For brick garage with walls in half-brick infrared heater experts also do not recommend. This material does not transmit infrared radiation, but does not reflect them. Brick absorbs this type of heat, and eventually gives her. Unfortunately, the process of energy storage and return it takes too much time.

A few words about the weatherization

Garages economy class almost never insulated from the outside for a very simple reason - it's too expensive for rooms that do not use permanently. And it is not always possible, for example, garage cooperatives structure put very close to each other, the gap does not allow for the installation of insulation.

garage Warming
It can be used for insulation garage materials such as fiberboard, which are damped when ignited. The use of plastic in this room is unacceptable

But the internal insulation of garage spaces can be problematic. When mounting the insulation material directly with the metal wall at the point of contact, a so-called dew point, i.e., place the condensate accumulation. Almost always in contact with the heater moisture comes into disrepair quickly enough.

Yes, and for the building itself, this situation may be disastrous. The metal garage insulation can be placed, but it is better to establish a suitable material at a certain distance from the wall, about 20-50 mm. From the floor should be retreat to 50-70 mm. As the profile is best to use the washer to avoid creating loops under cover.

In such an embodiment, mounting the condensate will also appear, but thanks to the air circulation under the insulation layer will gradually evaporate moisture, while not causing appreciable damage to the structure. But for the garage, which is heated all the time, this is not an option, because the humidity indoors most of the time is too high. This jeopardizes both people's health and condition of the car.

Warming metal garage
When warming the metal structure between it and the insulated material must be left for the regular ventilation gap condensate

As a material for such a "ventilated" recommended insulation plates, e.g., OSB, i.e. Wood self-extinguishing when ignited. Recommended film thickness - about 5 mm. Perfect flat ondulin or its analogs. These materials have the ability to reflect infrared radiation, providing efficient heating.

But plastic, even having the properties of attenuation, is not recommended to put in the garage. Such materials when ignited emit toxic fumes, because of which escaped the fire, people can simply poison. It is forbidden to use as insulation and boards in containing asbestos.

At warming the cold brick garage should first be plastered wall vermiculite composition in order to protect them from moisture. The walls of the metal garage should be painted in two layers, pre-primed substrate.

The protection walls are insulated garage
The walls are insulated garage must be treated with water-repellent composition in order to protect the building from the damaging effects of condensation

Overview options

The following options are improvised stoves most commonly used for the garage:

  • brick wood-burning oven;
  • stove;
  • continuous burning furnace;
  • oven for working out.

Each of these options furnaces for the garage, made with his own hands has certain advantages and disadvantages. Some units can be combined to increase the possibilities for heating the garage and make the process more convenient and profitable.

# 1: Brick - may have problems

Oven made of brick sometimes do in the garage, although it is not the easiest option. The device with the base two to two and a half brick cope with heating a small space, but such a furnace is heated too quickly, and then a long period of time, gives off heat. Therefore, it is not well suited if the owner comes into the garage only for a short time.

Brick oven for garage
Brick oven in a standard garage usually has a very small size, for its heating will need about an hour and a half, to kindle this furnace should advance

Create aforementioned warm hat via a wood stove is practically impossible, since it is not capable of delivering a sufficiently intense stream of warm air. It is recommended to melt a furnace in advance, about an hour before the start of work.

To fold the wood-burning oven of this type, and will need refractory firebricks. The mortar should be added fireclay and fireclay powder. Fuel chamber made at the second and fourth row, which clutch is usually not more than nine. Of course, you will need to arrange a chimney.

It is also made of a refractory brick, and put inside a steel liner. Chimney withdrawn through the roof, masonry should be neat and smooth. When choosing your garage brick oven, it should be remembered that the constant moisture swings through some time lead to deterioration of the viscosity of masonry mortar, i.e. the device does not serve too long.

# 2: stoves - simple and reliable

The easiest option makeshift stove in the garage - a normal stove. It is not difficult to make from scrap materials. Suitable and sheet metal, and the old gas, and a pipe section or barrel unnecessary. The main thing is that the metal thickness is at least 5 mm. If the object is used a cylindrical shape, its cross section should be at least 300 mm.

Stove Garage
The classic stove consists of a body with a grating ash pan, the loading door and the flue, which may be vertical or lateral

On the chimney it is recommended to take a metal tube with a wall thickness of 2-3 mm and a section of at least 120 mm. Of metal or the preform (container, pipes, drums, etc.) cut combustor. At the bottom of the grille to arrange fuel and under the grate make the drawer to collect ash. For this element suitable metal and 3 mm in thickness.

At the top of the chamber is closed and withdrawn vertically up the chimney. It remains only to attach the legs of the metal angle. In order to improve heating efficiency, some masters are welded to the sides of the stoves small metal "wings". This will increase the air contact area with the hot metal, i.e. accelerate the heating of the room.

square stove
Garage stove may have a circular or square shape, depending on the characteristics of the material from which it is made

To cook stoves should be smooth and firm foundation, covered with fire-resistant materials. The surrounding walls should also be protected from possible fire. In addition, in the vicinity of stoves must not be any foreign objects.

The surface of such a stove can be heated to very high temperatures. It should be remembered about the danger of getting serious burns if accidentally touched her. When working with an old gas bottle also need to be careful. There have been cases of gas explosion residues such sawing capacity. Experts recommend pre-fill the cylinder with water to displace combustible residues.

In this video, demonstrated experience in producing classic stoves:

# 3: The oven at working out - effective, inexpensive

The design of this machine a little harder stoves, but its effectiveness has many records. To begin with, there is waste oil each motorist, but if it is not enough, then buy this fuel can be almost any service station for more than a reasonable price. Unlike burzhujki such furnace is made of two sections connected by a perforated metal tube.

Old gas cylinder
Old gas cylinder is ideal for making various kinds of home-made furnaces for the garage. Cutting such a container by means of welding should be extremely cautious

The lower section of the waste oil is burned, which gives a certain amount of heat and turns into a combustible gas. By this gas pipe enters the second combustion chamber, simultaneously mixing with a small amount of air. The resultant gas mixture from the combustion gives impressive amount of heat.

The first chamber, which burns the waste oil, may be made of sheet metal or a suitable metal container square, circular or rectangular configuration. To combustion process proceeded well in this capacity makes the damper for regulating amount of air entering the chamber.

Scheme oven for working out
Before the production of the furnace at working out does not hurt to find and study the drawing of such a device, although stringent requirements for the configuration and size

You need to attach the bottom leg of the bracket or thick wire, the main thing that they were strong enough to withstand the metal structure. Top make a round hole and the pipe inserted in it with perforations. Typically, this tube serves as support for the upper chamber, and exposed to high temperatures by burning oil.

Therefore, the need to design a sufficiently thick wall to withstand and additional weight, and temperature. Otherwise, it will soon go bust. The upper chamber is usually made in the form of a short and broad cylinder of thick metal. You need to put on top of the chimney, the lateral position of the pipe for removing smoky gases in this case, is not permitted.

Furnace waste oil
Oven for working off comprises two separate chambers which are connected to a perforated tube. During the combustion of these holes sees an open flame, which makes the device fire hazard

Requirements for installation on the working out of the furnace about the same as for burzhujki: smooth and strong base, the protection of the surrounding space from overheating and burning. Burn in such a furnace can be virtually any waste oil: Tanning transmission compositions, fuel oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, etc.

However, it should refrain from experiments with compositions, which are characterized by easy and fast ignition, i.e. by burning in a furnace fuel or various solvents. A small amount of gasoline may be used for ignition mining.

A gasoline spilled directly next preheated oven can lead to serious fires. Formalize permission to install such a furnace is not possible, it is forbidden to fire safety regulations. The owners of the private garage are entitled to establish such a unit, but they are fully responsible for possible fire.

Oven for working out
Curved perforated pipe used in a furnace for working off variety which can also be used as burzhujku burning not only oil, but also wood

An interesting solution would be a hybrid of stoves and furnaces on working out. To this end, a chamber in which is combusted refinement, provided with a curved perforated tube, and burzhujku make a two-chamber, so that you can burn it not only wood, but also waste oil. The unit can be used for two types of fuel, depending on the situation.

A detailed review of the production and operation of the furnace at working out are represented as:

# 4: continuous burning furnace - high efficiency

The principle of operation of this furnace allows to obtain the maximum amount of heat when burning ordinary wood. Fuel loaded in large quantities into the combustion chamber, there is also supplied a moderate amount of oxygen. Under such conditions, the wood is not burned directly, but slowly decays, giving off the combustible gas.

Continuous burning furnace
Continuous burning furnace is typically made of some cylindrical containers, but it can be square and, if there are provided conditions for smoldering wood

This gas is burnt in the upper part of the combustion chamber at a very high temperature, and this ensures high efficiency of such devices.

This shows the process of creating an interesting embodiment of continuous burning furnace:

Load long fuel combustion furnace does not need more than two times per day, so that such the device more suitable for direct heating of the garage, or for use during long term.

The easiest way to produce long burning oven from the metal barrels with thick walls. Capacity of about 200 liters in size is considered optimal for such purposes. Top cover needs to be done with a chimney and an opening for the supply of fresh air necessary for combustion.

Chimney continuous burning furnace
Chimney continuous burning furnace is usually derived from the side, and the top hole is made for a tube through which the air flow

The cross section of the chimney should be about 150 mm and a tube for air - 100 mm. An important element of this type of furnace - load which presses the smoldering wood. For its production need metal circle slightly narrower than the diameter of the barrel, as well as two pieces of channel, which will perform the role of the weighting agent.

This element also doing a port for supplying air, and then to this opening is welded to the pipe section of 100 mm. It should be slightly longer than the height of the stove body. Side feed opening make firewood with a door, and put the bottom grate and ash container, welded strong legs.

Wood for the stove
For continuous burning furnace are best dry wood, which is isolated in the process of burning the minimum amount of resin

Wood are burned in the combustion furnace extended almost completely, leaving a small amount of waste so large ash pan is not needed. To run such a furnace, it is necessary to load from above the wood, pressed their load, then cover with a cover structure by inserting the tube into a corresponding opening for air. As the amount of wood decay will decrease the load falls. To install such a furnace must also be sturdy base and safe environment.

Useful videos on the topic

A video presentation device in autonomous heating systems based on garage stove:

Embodiments improvised ovens are quite varied, and the design of such devices is not particularly complicated. Skills needed to work with metal, welding machine, and quite affordable materials. Properly made furnace operates effectively and is long.

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