How correctly installed sewer pipe: instruction

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Construction of ventilation independent or centralized sewage diversion system is not possible without the installation of special outlet bend. The element blocks the return flow of gases in bathrooms, speaking a binder between the septic tank and the atmosphere.

installation of the riser technology is quite simple. But before you get started, we need to understand the principle of action of the vent outlet and understand how to properly mounted sewer pipe in the house. Answers to these questions are detailed in the article.

The content of the article:

  • The operating principle of the sewer pipe
  • Conditions for installation for the outlet of the riser
  • Features of the installation activities
    • Selection of the necessary materials
    • General recommendations for installation
    • How to connect the check valve
  • Typical installation errors
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The operating principle of the sewer pipe

A sewer pipe is a structural member which connects the conduit with a specially erected air ducts. Its key purpose - to divert gases and odors from the sewer distributed.

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Driving system of structural elements

The presence in the system of ventilation riser warrants in a residential area of ​​unpleasant loud sounds that occur at the time of the descent of water, and "fragrances" sewer sewage (+)

The length and shape of this element may be arbitrary. There model vertical and horizontal, sloping at right or acute angle.

The principle of operation of the sewer pipe is simple. Wastewater entering the vertical riser create a vacuum in the cavity of the pipeline. It may be partially offset with water, acting as a siphon gidrozaslonki installed plumbing.

But if vertically mounted riser has a greater extent and at the same time at some point It occurs balloon powerful discharge of waste liquid, in the sewer pipe there vacuum.

Formed from the liquid piston with all his strength and characteristic "smacking" sound at one point picks and breaks gidrozaslonki plumbing, thus emptying siphon.

As a result, water is completely sucked out all the hydraulic locks. So barriers to sewer "flavors" It remains. As a result, they quickly spread throughout the building.

Vacuum truck pumps the contents of the pit

And such effect is manifested by rapid pumping fecal contents pump sump or septic tank into the tank of the machine assenizatorskaya

The trouble is that the unpleasant "fragrance" in the living room is not all. The natural process of decomposition accompanied by release of harmful feces for households gases methane and hydrogen sulfide.

If the system is equipped with a sewer riser, at the time of "stuffing" there are no such effects, since it creates negative pressure in the reservoir simply does not have time to break gidrozaslonki in siphons.

Prevent this air flows which simultaneously with the occurrence of vacuum drawn into the system by blocking the penetration of gases into the room when draining and evacuating the septic tank.

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A sewer pipe in brick niche

Sewer pipe creates a vacuum in the sewer system, collects and outputs negative odors into the atmosphere

Conclusion sewer pipe from the basement

The sewerage system of a private house may be only one or a few sewage pipes. For example, a separate branch satisfied with the arrangement of plumbing in the basement or a basement floor

Iron sewer riser

The most ancient form of a sewer pipe in cast iron, the elements connected by push-fit manner. Now cast successfully replaced with plastic, although some owners have admirers of traditional options

Vacuum sewer valve instead of the sewer pipe

Sewage riser height can be substantially reduced, and refuse leaving the roof of the sewer pipe, if within the attic install on it the vacuum valve

A sewer pipe in brick niche

A sewer pipe in brick niche

Conclusion sewer pipe from the basement

Conclusion sewer pipe from the basement

Iron sewer riser

Iron sewer riser

Vacuum sewer valve instead of the sewer pipe

Vacuum sewer valve instead of the sewer pipe

Conditions for installation for the outlet of the riser

Under current building regulations 2.04.01-85 *, and in particular the section "Domestic water supply and sewerage of buildings ", an item such as a sewer pipe, is mounted in the following compulsory cases:

  1. In the single-storey buildings, if they are provided swimming pools and other facilities that are capable of delivering single servings of large volumes of waste.
  2. At arrangement sewer risers assembled from pipes of 50 mm diameter.
  3. The low-rise buildings, provided that each of the floors of the system is equipped with supply and exhaust flows.

To determine whether the assembly for the outlet of the riser is required under specific conditions, the easiest way, focusing on the maximum amount of a single waste portions.

The condition for the construction of installation

Installation for the outlet of the riser is required if the waste stream is capable even for a short time period to completely block patency vertically mounted riser

In high-rise buildings, where on each floor and in each apartment connected to communications, for the outlet of the riser assembly is a strict condition. Riser in this case, appears on the roof of the building.

Features of the installation activities

for the outlet of the riser device technology is quite simple. its installation work can even perform a novice master.

Selection of the necessary materials

Three key elements of the ventilation system are the sewer pipe, a valve and sewage water seal. Equality of pressures in the system provides each of them.

Siphon with odor trap set at the stage of installation of in-plumbing fixtures.

The principle of the formation of water seal

Waste operate on the principle of communicating vessels, in which at the time of discharging the fluid into the cavity of the second vessel overflows and drains water in the sewer pipe

Fan riser extension protrudes sewer. And it is possible to use the tube arrangement used in the assembly of the main system.

For air duct installation is best to choose plastic pipes. They do not freeze, do not undergo destructive influences of moisture and resistant to corrosion manifestation.

Polymer products in the regeneration of the sewerage system and advantageous in that due to the smoothness of the walls do not produce noise when passing wastewater through the pipeline.

Determine the size of the sewer pipe, it is necessary to follow the rule that the 50 th of the pipe capacity of almost 16 times less than the 110th. Using the tube D 50 mm, you will not get an efficient ventilation system, and a useless set of connecting tubes.

Structural elements of sewage

To connect the sewer pipe often chosen polymeric product 110 mm in diameter so as to coincide with the sectional elements erected diameter sewer riser

Regardless of the execution and positioning each sewer pipe equipped with a check valve. Even if the pipeline is initially laid correctly, because of lack of reliable fixing pipes on the walls and under the action of a natural shrinkage process building its slope may change.

When malfunction of ventilation air into the sewerage system will come from the nearest sanitary appliance. Most often it is the one element of sanitary ware in which the smallest water trap.

Each receiver is equipped with a valve and the outlet nozzles. The device cavity is filled with air balloon. At the time of writing discharge, he presses on the membrane, which completely covers the chamber. As a result, gases just can not get into the cavity of the tube.

One of the non-return valve options

The main purpose of the check valve - to adjust the situation by blocking the flow of gas when stacking collector executed at the wrong slant

In addition to the basic function of a check valve helps to solve two key problems:

  • prevents the return of waste to plumbing fixtures;
  • It protects the system from getting large mechanical impurities and penetration through the system of rodents.

But to the air valve to cope with its task, it must be placed only in those areas where there is constant temperature of more than zero.

General recommendations for installation

The main rule when the system arrangement - the starting point is placed in the heated part of the building where the temperature is above zero and end at any time of the year - in the cold.

This solution allows you to provide the necessary temperature difference that creates the conditions for the smooth diversion "flavors" of the outside of the building.

Layout of the discharging portion

The outer portion of the draft tube must be positioned in a place where secreted sewer odors can freely diffuse into the air

Vertical riser should be displayed directly on the construction of the roof. Attic space is not suitable for this purpose, since the thrust will be weak, and the attic, "stinking".

When installing sewer pipe it is important to adhere to a set of basic principles:

  1. Conclusion riser equipped with a sewer pipe, must be placed separately. According to paragraph 17.19 of building codes and can not be organized in conjunction with the furnace chimney or ventilation system.
  2. In the derivation of a structural member for a pitched roof it is placed at a height of 500 mm, positioning it as close to the ridge. If the roof is flat and also unexploited, the height of the exhaust shall be 300 mm.
  3. Distance installed on the roof of the sewer pipe relative to the horizontal plane of the open windows and balcony in the building shall be the order of 4 meters.
  4. Do not place the chimney under the eaves. With this arrangement, the thrust decreases.

In the situation, if the roof is actively maintained and placed her other objects, the height of the riser output should be at least 3 meters. Provided that the channel is equipped with a modular ventilation shaft, it is placed, to withstand the distance of 100 mm from the edge.

The need for a vacuum valve

If the vent stack is located far away from the toilet, the vacuum valve is recommended to additionally put on yourself plumbing fixtures

Within a sewer pipe may combine multiple downcomer. But in any case, since in this arrangement is not that forced ventilation, and Gravity, it is desirable to avoid turns and all sorts of restrictions of the pipeline. Their presence can create unwanted airflow resistance.

If the exhaust of the slightly offset relative to the riser to connect the structural elements can be corrugated plastic sleeve.

Driving methods risers compound

Two variants of several bonding methods used in the common downcomer sewer pipe: in the serial form and a parallel loop into two separate discharge systems (+)

at settling on the roof equipped sewer pipe riser is not necessary to erect the auxiliary suction device in the form of the same vane or deflector and protective "mushrooms". This point is clearly stated in paragraph 18.18 of the current SNiP.

Engaging these devices may instead give the opposite effect produced when the ambient temperature decreases condensation will freeze and block the excretory orifice a. installation vents It would be appropriate only in that situation, if the building is located in an area with a warm climate.

How to connect the check valve

Connecting sewer pipe is performed in a pre-equipped ventkanal. If ventilation scheme presupposes the existence of too little diverting risers, the fans tube can separately output and through the nearest wall, placing the lifting element in its upper horizontal part.

To this end, its plant through the wall opening, bringing out of the building at a distance of 30-40 cm.

The vent valve is mounted to the free end of the pipe or socket. Important to the tube portion, which is a valve, located above the highest point of the drainage plumbing.

Placing in the tube valve

The check valve is allowed to mount two ways, by placing it inside a sewer pipe and setting the outside, having both horizontal and vertical planes

When placing the internal element must be cleaned pipe portion, wherein the valve is installed, and to treat it with a degreasing composition.

Inside the pipe deepened special insert, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Valve deepened in the box, placing it in the opposite direction of motion waste. It is positioned so that the device is folded petals towards the plumbing.

Detailed check valve assembly for sewage technology described in this article.

When mounting the sewer pipe having a section of 110 mm, a check valve connection is performed using an adapter.

One way to check valve installation

One way to install a check valve in the sewer pipe cavity followed by coupling it with sewage drainage system

An important point: all operations for assembling the sewer pipe should be performed on dry surfaces. At the stage of fixing the check valve is not necessary to use silicone sealants and any kind of grease.

Typical installation errors

Most often the situation to form a vacuum in the system occurs when pipes of different diameters are used in its arrangement. For example: the toilet is connected to the pipe D of 110 mm, bath to line D of 50 mm and a hole cistern - D 70 mm.

Unpleasant stench in the bathrooms often appear when the sanitary appliances are equipped with siphons, having insufficient. This arises from the fact that the irregular use of the devices in siphons dry the remaining water, removing gidrozaslonku and offering free access to the spread of "flavors".

When choosing a location for placement of the ventilation sewer pipe, many make the mistake of placing it under the eaves. This leads to the fact that the slipping and falling from the roof snow damage receding design in the winter.

, Structure necessary to insulate the ventilation duct is formed inside the condensate does not freeze at subzero temperatures.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How to design and make a sewer pipe:

How to bring the riser through the roof:

Correctly calculate the size of the sewer pipe and performing its installation in compliance with all installation instructions can be virtually eliminate the possibility of accumulation, and the likelihood of entry into the house sewer gases. And then the problems with the operation of the sewage system will definitely not occur.

Do you have practical skills in the installation of the ventilation sewer pipe? Share accumulated knowledge or ask questions on the subject - block for communication is located below.

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