How to wash bed linen in the washing machine

A new set of bedding, bought in the store, pleases with its bright and fresh look. Often it has a shine and a pleasant smell, and the touch is quite smooth. Many housewives think about whether to wash new linens?

Why do we need washing?

Experts believe that it is necessary to wash new linens. This applies to all sets: for children, and ordinary, and expensive designer. The lack of pre-treatment of linen can adversely affect the general condition of the person. There are several reasons for this:

  • the possibility of the presence of bacteria on a tissue;
  • laundry treatment with drugs that may cause allergies;
  • the use of dyes to create a pattern on the fabric;
  • before washing clothes more rough and tough.

Despite the fact that sometimes you really want to immediately use a new crisp bedding set, it is better to first treat it in a washing machine to avoid unpleasant consequences. Before going to the store, it takes a rather long way, as a result of which dust and various bacteria can appear on the fabric.

Fabric rolled into rolls enters the factory from warehouses where it can be stored in inappropriate conditions. In the process of making a set, the material passes the way through different shops of sewing production, where it comes into contact with the mechanisms and hands of workers. At least every production has dust, which inevitably falls on linen.

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Some manufacturers of expensive linen claim that their sets are stretched and processed by air conditioning before packaging. However, they can also be treated with special compounds that give the fabric shine and smoothness. This is done to ensure that the buyer is convinced of the good quality of bed linen.

In many stores, consumers are offered to unfold a kit before purchasing to touch the fabric. Perhaps the set of linen that you bought lay on the demonstration stand and was touched by many people. In this case, on its surface is a large number of microbes.

Natural materials, unlike synthetic materials, have a favorable environment for the reproduction of various insects. If the tissues were stored in inappropriate conditions, there is a certain risk of getting them on the laundry.

Some manufacturers produce bedding sets with bright patterns printed on it. In this case, the paint is applied on top of the material and, when rubbed, may leave marks on the skin. In addition, the fabric with printed prints often has a peculiar smell of paint. Such kits need to be washed with powder or gel for colored laundry using an air conditioner to fix the color.

New satin kits made from long staple cotton can be quite hard and tough. After washing, satin linen, which has a high density, softens and becomes more tender.

Laundry, processed in a washing machine, will be clean, soft and pleasant to the touch. You will be assured that it is completely safe for you and your children.

Features of washing

Before proceeding with the processing of the kit, it is necessary to examine the information on the label. Perform the following actions only in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. The label indicates the allowed washing mode( hand or machine), water temperature, the possibility of machine spin, etc.

Usually, the manufacturer indicates the permissible temperature level of washing - no more than 40 degrees, but in some cases it can be 50 or 60 degrees. Also, most of the sets can be washed in a washing machine, the manual method is rarely indicated. It is recommended to wash by hand-made bedding made of natural silk, as its fibers are very delicate.

To avoid deterioration of bed linen, follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly! Do not increase the temperature, it may adversely affect the state of the fabric after washing.

Use detergents suitable for linen according to the type of fabric( for cotton, synthetics, etc.).It is better to use liquid or gel-like preparations, as they have a milder effect. Products containing bleach are not used for the first wash.

If you wash more than one set of laundry, then colored and white fabrics should be processed separately. Natural and synthetic materials are erased separately from each other.

In order to wash the kit manually, take a large amount of water at a specified temperature into the bath, then pour in detergent and wait until it is completely dissolved. Before washing the set must be turned on the wrong side. Then put the laundry in the bath and gently wash. It is not necessary to rub the fabric so that the rubbed areas do not appear.

After washing, rinse the laundry in plenty of clean cool water. If it is colored, then to fix the color, you can add a few tablespoons of vinegar to the water. This will give the fibers extra shine.

In order to wash the new bedding in the washing machine, turn it inside out and load it into the drum. Choose the appropriate mode based on the type of fabric( cotton, synthetic) and the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. If the kit contains a trim( ruffles, lace, etc.), you can use the delicate mode.

If there are rhinestones, various decorations and other decorative elements on the duvet cover and pillowcases, they are stripped off before washing to avoid damaging the fabric. The decor is sewn at the very end, after drying and ironing.

To wash the satin bedding in the washing machine, set the desired mode on the controller. Usually cotton satin linen is recommended to wash at a temperature of not more than 40-50 degrees. For sateen made of bamboo and silk fibers, the manufacturer can specify a mode of about 30 degrees.

Keep in mind that after washing a set of natural material may be less by a few centimeters( up to 10).Shrinkage is a natural process and is laid in the dimensions of the kit.

Ironing and Drying

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When drying a bed set in a washing machine, you need to select the delicate mode. If you dry it naturally, it is necessary to dry it on the wrong side. In the warm season, you can do it in the open air so that the laundry is better ventilated.

Ironing fabrics should be in accordance with what material they are made of. Select the desired mode on the iron( for linen, cotton or synthetics) and iron it well. If there is a drawing or embroidery on the duvet cover, it is stroked from the wrong side. Silk, bamboo and viscose materials cannot be sprayed with water, this can lead to staining.

Ironing clothes after washing is necessary, since you neutralize the effects of harmful substances as a result of the use of detergents. In addition, ironed set looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

Follow all recommendations for the care of bedding in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Properly washing and ironing fabrics, so you will increase the life of the kit and keep it beautiful appearance.

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