How long can you keep champagne

In preparation for the holidays, many stock up on alcoholic beverages and other provisions. In this regard, it will be useful to learn how to store champagne, because it is very popular. Glasses with him raise on his birthday, New Year, Eighth of March. At the same time, expired wine can cause great trouble to the body.

Storage rules

If you compare wines of different varieties, it turns out that champagne among them spoils the fastest. This is due to carbon dioxide, which is formed in the drink due to the processes of natural fermentation. Always pay attention to the expiration date of champagne and do not store for a long time in the refrigerator. From this taste of the drink becomes much worse, and you can not enjoy all its shades.

Store champagne necessary: ​​

  • in a horizontal position;
  • in a dark place;
  • ventilation should be good;
  • temperature should be 8-14 ° C;
  • humidity should not exceed 75%.

Now, notice how champagne bottles are sold in a regular supermarket. Often they are on the shelf in the public domain. Only specialized elite stores can afford to create the conditions under which storage will be ideal. So how long can you keep a drink after you buy it at home?

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First you need to decide on the concepts. The shelf life is the period during which sparkling wine does not lose its taste. And the shelf life is a specific date, after which the drink can not be consumed, because it becomes dangerous to health.

Real champagne made in France, which is stored according to the rules, can last up to 20 years. Most types of other sparkling wines have a shelf life of less than 3 years.

As it is not always possible to maintain the humidity and temperature at the right level, as well as to protect the drink from sunlight, some manufacturers reduce the shelf life to 1 year and even 6 months.

From all this we can conclude that champagne, bought in a regular store, should be drunk as quickly as possible. Keep it for long and buy in reserve does not make sense.

Before you buy a bottle of brut, look at the production date and expiration date. A store cannot sell a drink if the expiration date is overdue. Such champagne is dangerous for health and even for life. They can be poisoned.

In order to feel all the nuances of taste, the champagne is cooled before serving. To do this, it is placed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or in a bucket with ice. If there is no time for cooling, then several ice cubes are thrown into the glass and shaken. When the glass is slightly sweaty, the ice is thrown away, and sparkling wine is poured into the glass.

It happens that an open bottle is not drunk to the end. How long can it be stored after this? The bottle must be tightly closed and put in the fridge. In this state, champagne can be stored for 1-2 days, not more. Gas will come out of an open bottle, and the drink will lose its beautiful properties.

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