12 best home heaters according to buyers

  • What are heaters for home use?
  • Heaters - quick heating of a small room.
  • Oil radiators - a combination of mobility and productivity.
  • . Convectors - quiet and inconspicuous.
  • .Especially dank in autumn or cold winter. In such a house you want to rush after work, in such a house you can relax and unwind, removing all the troubles of the day and a ton of warm clothes. But what to do if the heating system - centralized or autonomous - does not heat your home sufficiently? What additional heat source will be the most rational? Let's see together - which heater for the house is better in the 2018 rating.

    What are heaters for home use?

    Today we consider only 4 of the most basic types of heater:

    1. fan heaters;
    2. oil heaters;
    3. convectors;
    4. infrared heaters.

    They differ in appearance, device and method of heating the room. Each type of instrument has its own distinctive characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. All this, as well as the rating of the best models, we will definitely consider in our review, and will be able to figure out - what are the best heaters for the home?

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    Fan heaters - fast heating of a small room

    This type of device is distinguished by its low cost and simple device. The heating element is placed in front of a powerful fan and heats the air. At the same time, the fan accelerates the flow of warm air around the room and takes cold or cooled air from the other side.

    Positive sides of this device:

    • allows you to quickly warm the entire room;
    • takes up very little space;
    • can also be used in the warm season - as a fan.

    As a rule, for an hour of work fan heaters consume from 1 to 2.5 kW.Practically in all models there is a heater control for heating elements and a fan intensity regulator. It is convenient when the device can be controlled remotely or set the on and off time. Also, pay attention to the system of protection against overheating and the quality of the network cable.

    Negative sides:

    • Fan heater dries the air;
    • Accelerates dust and microparticles through the air;
    • Enough noise at work.

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    We reread a huge amount of consumer reviews and identified three of the most interesting by the ratio of functionality and technical characteristics of the model.

    1. Ballu BFH / S-03 - the easiest and cheapest home fan heater. In fact, inside this device there is nothing to break. Control - mechanical, with excessive heating of the heating element or the body - is disabled. The power is not high - 900 watts, but this is quite enough for a uniform warming up of a room of 20-25 sq.m. Air heating comes from the incandescent electric spiral. The device is low noise, lightweight, mobile. But, the owners call for careful use of the model in homes where small children live - because the body of the device heats up very strongly during operation and may even burn when touched.
    2. Timberk TFH T15XCZ - a stylish representative of the middle price segment, boasts a rational combination of the simplicity of the device and some useful options. Let us consider in more detail - inside the model - a metal-ceramic heater with a multitude of cells for quick and effective heating of air, the maximum power is 1500 watts. Can work to the floor power - consuming 750 watts. Designed for heating premises of 20 sq. M.Externally - a compact and inconspicuous black and white triangle, mounted on the floor or on the table. When tipping over - immediately trips the device. There is a function of protection against freezing - if the temperature drops below + 5 ° - TFH T15XCZ automatically begins to heat and disperse the air around the room.
    3. Electrolux EFH / W-1020 is a practical and reliable fan heater with a wide range of options. Fastens on a wall, so - does not threaten to burn the child. In addition, you can direct the flow of heated air in the direction you want. It has two modes of operation of the fan heater and the ability to work without switching on the heating element. By the way, the heating element is made of ceramic, power - 2.2 kW.In addition to heating, the model provides for the possibility of air ionization. Management - pushbutton, electronic. The user can independently set the temperature of the heater with an accuracy of 1 °.Reviews of the model state that the EFH / W-1020 quickly heats the room 20-27 sq.m., there is a timer and control panel.

    Oil radiators - a combination of mobility and productivity

    Externally, this type of device resembles a conventional sectional cast iron battery. However, in fact, the case of such a radiator is made of lighter steel, which heats up many times faster. Most often, oil radiators have wheels for easy transportation. All seams are sealed. Inside - mineral and environmentally friendly oil, which is heated almost to a boil.


    • affordable value;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • device reliability;
    • noiseless;
    • is easy to install and use.

    Often, such devices become drying for barely wet items of clothing - socks, gloves, handkerchiefs. But be careful - the device is heated to such an extent that it will easily leave a burn on the skin.


    • slow warming up;
    • hot body;
    • takes a lot of space.

    Nevertheless, if such a device suits you, let's find out which oil radiators buy most often?

    1. Ballu BOH / CL-07 is a convenient and productive model that is available to any wallet. Mechanical control, there is an adjustment of the heating temperature, when turned on, the indicator light is activated. Designed to warm the room in 15 - 20 square meters, has 7 sections, power - 1500 watts. Effective assistant in the offseason, you can safely choose for home or apartment, for safety net.
    2. Scarlett SC-058 - a thoughtful and reliable radiator for convenient use and quick warm-up. Two power modes - 1500 watts and 750 watts, 7 sections. Of the bells and whistles - the chimney effect and the timer for 24 hours. Serves for a long time, does not leak, settings are set easily, control is not buggy. In general, the device works properly and efficiently. The air humidifier is provided in model SC-056, which makes the use of such a heater more secure. Both models are turned off when overturning and overheating. There is a compartment for winding network cable.
    3. Electrolux EOH / M-3221 is a good radiator from a reputable manufacturer. The updated model range, which combines the compactness of the device and high heating efficiency due to 11 sections and an accurate thermostat. Sealed and super-durable case, however, the device is turned off when overturning. The control is blocked from accidental clicks, there is a shutdown when overheating. Three modes of operation - with a power of 1000 watts, 1200 and 2200 watts. EOH / M-3221 is heavy and massive, but it can be easily transported from place to place - after all, the manufacturer supplied the device with wheels. In general, it works without any complaints. Fast and uniform heating of large spacious rooms( 25 - 28 sq. M.), Convenient operation.

    Convectors - quiet and inconspicuous

    The principle of operation of this type of heater is based on a common physical phenomenon. A brief excursion into the school course of physics — convection — is a phenomenon, as a result of which hot heated air rises up to the ceiling of the room, while the cold or cold remains below, near the floor. Inside the device is a powerful heater, as a rule, from ceramics. Such a device heats the air, and it rises up, and the cooled air smoothly settles down, where it is again heated by the floor convector. As you understand, convectors are absolutely silent, except for those models that are equipped with a fan. It is convenient when a precise temperature controller is provided on the convector - this is how you yourself can set the preferred parameters of the device.


    • quiet operation;
    • heating productivity;
    • compactness;
    • attractive design;
    • availability;
    • economy;
    • easy handling.


    • dries the air;
    • heats the room locally;
    • better cope with small spaces.

    Let's find out which heater is better to choose among various convectors. Three best devices.

    1. Electrolux ECH / AG-1500 The MFR is an inexpensive but well-built and safe convector for space heating and air purification from dust and odors. Inside the convector there is an x-shaped ribbed heater, which guarantees an extremely high heat transfer. Also, air flows through several filters for high-quality cleaning. Power - 1500 watts, can work with half power - 750 watts. It turns off when overheated, the case is protected from moisture. Reviews indicate that in its price segment it is a normal device with standard functionality and useful options. True, the case gets very hot, and it becomes quite problematic to transport the device.
    2. Ballu BEP / EXT-1500 is a stylish and modern, practical convector. It has everything you need for safe and productive work - remote control, timer, protective functions that work when overheating, freezing. The model can be mounted on the floor or hung on the wall. Occupies a minimum of space, pleases the eye with a beautiful appearance. Great for rooms of 15-20 square meters, has two power modes - 1500 watts and 750 watts. The owners mention that the relay is loudly clicking, sometimes you can hear the sound of iron being bent on cooling the device. But in the majority of reviews it is said that the model is reliable, efficient and well made.
    3. Nobo C4F20 is a powerful and productive convector. Can be used in wet areas. Power - 2000 W, designed to work in a room with an area of ​​20 sq. M.Precise electronic control, the ability to set the desired operating temperature, up to 0.5 degrees. This device is praised for its efficiency, fast heating, and the absence of relay switching clicks. Serves stably and for a long time, even with intensive loads. It does not fail even after long work without supervision.

    Infrared Heaters - Home Sun

    Infrared heaters have been in use recently. Like everything new and completely misunderstood, infrared heaters are often blamed for the negative impact on the human body. However, this is not at all the case. The principle of operation of this type of heater, though different from all previous types of device, but still nothing revolutionary. In fact, buying a home heater, you buy a little technical sun. Like the sun, the device creates streams of heat rays that are absorbed by various objects in the room. Then, these objects themselves begin to give off heat rays to the surrounding space. It's simple!

    Instrument Features:

    • lowest power consumption;
    • absolute noiselessness;
    • reliability;
    • fast heating;
    • does not burn oxygen in the room.


    • heating for the most part occurs locally;

    Let's get acquainted with the most optimal models of infrared heaters for home use. So that you know what and from what to choose.

    1. Ballu BHH / M-09 - absolutely budget and efficient compact heater. Designed for 15-18 square meters, the power of one lamp is 450 watts, and there are two of them in the device. The heater inside is halogen, it will work for a long time and flawlessly. The manufacturer has provided protective devices inside the device - from moisture, from overturning and shutdown when overheated.
    2. Polaris PKSH 0508H - designed for heating 20 sq.m. Power - 800 watts. There is a timer for 3 hours. Judging by user reviews, it is perfect for directional heating - drying laundry in the bathroom, warming up the beds before bedtime, heating the person sitting at the desk. At the same time, the heating occurs very quickly and comfortably, there is no dry air and tightness of the skin. High-quality carbon heating element will ensure the productivity of heating and low energy consumption at the same time.
    3. Almac IC11 is a reliable and stylish device. Designed for ceiling installation - that is, it can be safely hanged in the bedroom or children's room - there is no risk to earn a burn when touched. High power - 1000 watts, heating rooms of 20 sq. M.In the absolute majority, users could not identify a single significant drawback, in fact - this is the best heater for the home among infrared devices. Provides pleasant warmth, does not burn oxygen, heats the objects themselves - bedding on the bed, clothes nearby, etc.

    So we considered all types of heaters, which are safe and convenient to use in everyday life. I am sure that now you know - which house heater is better according to the 2017-2018 rating, surely answered all your questions and dispelled doubts about the acquisition of any model from the list. We will only be happy if this information helps you make a reasonable choice and you will always be warm and comfortable in your home.

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