Proper wash fur collar

Fur collar on outerwear heats and decorates. But like any thing, sooner or later it gets dirty and loses its attractive appearance. Let's see how to wash the fur collar and return it to its former beauty.

Type of fur

Before you start cleaning at home, you need to figure out whether the fur is natural or artificial. If the collar is removable, unfasten it for convenience. Look carefully at the fabric of your jacket. Stiff, slightly wrinkled skin at the base of the hair speaks of naturalness. The faux fur fabric base.

Having determined the type of fur, you can decide on the method of cleaning. Natural leather products can not be washed, but you can use other methods, such as dry cleaning. And for artificial materials, there are more ways to eliminate pollution.

Delicate methods for natural collars

The described methods are suitable for delicate cleaning of natural fur. But for the artificial collar, they are applicable.

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You can do dry cleaning at home in the following ways.

Cereals Sprinkle the fur of your jacket with either a handful of semolina, or a small amount of potato starch. With gentle movements, as if rubbing the croup, and then shake out the collar and comb. So the original whiteness will return to it.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a fairly safe ingredient, suitable for cleaning clothes. Just a teaspoon in combination with two drops of ammonia in a glass of warm water will help to transform the appearance of the fur. Spray this solution with a spray bottle and leave to dry in bright sunshine.

Gasoline or Alcohol

A good degreasing and cleaning agent is high purity gasoline. It is great for cleaning the fox collar. It is enough to wipe the fur with a sponge dipped in gasoline, and after a few minutes, wipe it with a clean cloth so that your clothes have a second life. Instead of gasoline, you can use another solution. Mix water, alcohol and vinegar in equal proportions. The effect will be the same.

If the collar is made of fur with a long pile, then it should be wiped by hair growth. And if he is short-haired, then against the pile.


This method is great for this type of fur, like rabbit and astrakhan fur. Pour a mixture of crushed bran into a frying pan and heat a little over the fire. Then scatter the hot flakes on the collar and leave for 10 minutes. Remove the bran with a brush, and just shake off the remaining dust. Then just comb the fur well.


With the help of sand, you can clean the collar of beaver, arctic fox or otter. To do this, heat the dry sand in the pan. Then sprinkle it on the fur and wipe it with a hand. All dirt will be shaken off with sand. Repeat the procedure several times until the sand and palm are clean.


As with any alcohol, ammonia easily removes fatty stains. It is enough to mix a teaspoon of alcohol and 3 teaspoons of salt in a liter of water. Moisten a cotton pad in this solution and wipe the collar. Then walk on the fur with a clean cloth.


You can wipe the fur of the jacket with a simple vinegar essence. It will give the dress a shine and an attractive look. Especially well this option is suitable for the fox collar.

Cleaning methods for artificial collars

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As already noted, natural leather can not be erased. But artificial can be, though also carefully. If you are lucky and the collar was removable, you can use the delicate wash in the washing machine( if it has such a function) or do everything manually at home, which is safer and safer.

How to wash a fur collar outerwear depends on the type of clothing: whether it is a leather jacket or a down jacket.

Leather Jacket

If the leather jacket, then wash the fur at home should be manually and carefully as possible so as not to soak the skin. The action algorithm should be as follows:

  • dilute some liquid detergent in warm water;
  • soak the collar, leaving the jacket dry;
  • comb the fur with a soft brush so as not to damage the pile;
  • pour out the soap solution;
  • pour pure water with vinegar;
  • rinse, shake off water;
  • put the jacket on a towel so that the water is glass, and then hang the jacket so that no drops fall on the skin;
  • comb the fur when it dries.

Down jacket

It’s not easy to wash a down jacket, and in order not to risk it, it’s better to dry it. After all, the filler can deteriorate during washing, lump in lumps. Therefore, if we are talking about a collar, then it is better not to put the entire jacket in the car, and only clean it manually.

The principle of washing the collar is the same as for a leather jacket. Well, if you decide to wash the whole down jacket, then do it in cold water on a special mode in the washing machine with a couple of tennis balls in the drum to maintain the fluff in its original form.

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