Pros and cons of glass infrared heaters

  • principle of operation
  • device Advantages of glass infrared heaters
  • Where better to place?
  • Are these devices safe?

For those who are looking for new solutions and ways to heat a room, an elegant type of heater has come to the rescue - a glass infrared heater. This is a novelty in climate technology, which has established itself as a device with high efficiency and a modern appearance.

However, most consumers are fearful of this type of heaters, because they have a number of questions regarding their technical characteristics and properties. In this article we will take a closer look at the principle of operation, the type of installation, the parameters and basic properties of these heating devices.

The principle of operation

Glass heater has the ability to virtually instantly heat the room. From the moment of switching on to the grid, the device starts up and turns electricity into heat.

The device operates according to the following scheme: produces long-wave IR, which are designed to heat objects( floor, furniture), and heat is generated from them, which heats the air. Thus, heating is considered more efficient.

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In connection with the radiation of long-wave IR, it requires installation at a relative height, depending on the purpose and power of the device. But in any case, its installation is recommended at a height of not less than two meters above the floor.

Heaters in this category consume little electricity, but are characterized by significant heat dissipation.


This heater in its structure contains a glass sandwich, which itself acts as a heat generator. The heater is built as follows:

  1. The front cover( facade) is a hardened glass, which has a high threshold of endurance to high temperatures and impacts.
  2. Special diffraction grating - scatters and lengthens( draws) infrared waves. The latter in turn carry a large amount of heat and have a high degree of penetration.
  3. Heating element - consists of sputtering from a semiconductor material, which itself converts a voltage of 100–400 V into heat.
  4. Thermal insulation layer - is a block( gas-air), which reflects and protects the downside from the flow of high temperature.
  5. The heat wave reflector, together with the heat insulating layer, concentrates the heat energy in the right( front) direction. And also help to ensure that it does not diverge in unnecessary directions.
  6. The rear panel( coating) is a special glass that inhibits the emission of infrared rays.
  7. Protective frame - enhances the function of the back panel.

As you can see, at first glance, a thin and compact glass heater is quite structured, and has a thoughtful mechanism of work. What in the complex ensures its smooth and safe operation.

Advantages of glass infrared heaters

During operation, this device has proven to be very efficient and cost effective. To summarize, the following advantages of a glass infrared heater can be distinguished.

  • Endowed with high efficiency. This means that the device emits 97% of the energy expended.
  • Has a temperature controller - it allows you to switch the mode of thermal modes. That is, no matter what the temperature outside the window - the autumn rain or winter blizzard, your heater is ready to provide you with a favorable temperature in the house. Tempered glass is normal to carry sudden changes in temperature, even by 200 degrees.
  • Easily mounted, and thanks to the reinforced version of the frontal screen, it can be mounted to the wall or ceiling at a distance of 50 mm.
  • Long serve, service life up to 25 years.
  • Almost silent - silently work.
  • Maximum compact, approximately up to 2.5 cm thick.
  • Large selection in appearance.

Economical in consumption, having full heat transfer. Easy installation and elegant design. All these advantages are taken into account in its price. The cost of such a device is higher than the cost of other types of heaters. However, it is fully consistent with the quality and style.

Where better to place?

As previously noted, this heater produces longwave rays, which have the ability to penetrate deeply. So, the higher the device is installed, the greater the radius of scattering of these rays. That is, among the installation options, the best is the type of installation - the ceiling.

It can be installed in the usual way or mounted in the ceiling. Different material manufacturing allows you to choose a heater that would be the best from the outside to fit the material and style of the ceiling.

In a vertical position, it can be attached to the wall - wall-mounted type of fastening. And the design and functionality of the device allows it. The only disadvantage of this would be less efficient distribution of heat, that is, the installation of the same device on the ceiling, would provide the best heat in the room.

However, there is a significant advantage of this installation method. Different models have interesting designs of glass heaters. Often made in the form of paintings or mirrors. Therefore, placing such on the wall, it is difficult to recognize in it the device of heating equipment.

Compact, modern design allows you to use them in interesting stylistic designs.

In addition, the devices are quite stable and not whimsical. Well adapted to wet and damp rooms. In this regard, the establishment of such a heater is possible:

  • In the room.
  • In the bathroom.
  • On the veranda.
  • In the warehouse.

The use of such devices is practiced not only for heating homes, but also for industrial premises. True, given this, they have their differences in technical indicators. The principle of operation is the same in all variants.

Depending on the area and needs, Glass heaters can be installed as a single option or be placed several in the same area.

Are these devices safe?

The overall performance is quite positive. The device is simple and affordable. The only question that concerns the consumer is whether they are safe to use. We open this question more deeply to dispel doubts and concerns.

  1. Glass IR heaters are considered environmentally friendly, do not burn oxygen in the room.
  2. Infrared radiation has a positive effect on the body as a whole.
  3. The principle of operation does not emit any emissions( combustion products).
  4. Made of durable material, durable and do not require special care. Despite the fact that it is made of glass, it can not be broken. It should be handled the way you would do with a heater made from another material.

In order to ensure safe and efficient operation, there are a few simple recommendations, namely:

  1. The heater should not be installed opposite a door or window. Since thus directed heat will literally leave the house.
  2. Mount the heater at least 2 meters high from the floor.
  3. Do not place it close to the curtain and tulle, or other items that are easy to do. After all, the device is heating up to a high temperature, and it is better to avoid risk factors.

Now, understanding how these relatively new types of heaters work, each consumer will make objective conclusions for the right choice. Technical progress does not stand still. Every time we get the opportunity to make our home not only warm, but at the same time stylish and beautiful.

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