What is the difference: blender and grinder?

  • What is the difference: blender and chopper
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The modern kitchen is full of various appliances, but some devices, despite the difference in names, are in many ways similar. Many ask questions about this similarity when planning the purchase of kitchen appliances. What is better - a blender or chopper, which will be more convenient for everyday use, what is the functional difference and similarity, in what situations which of the devices will be better: the answer to these questions will be given in our article.

What is the difference: a blender and an

shredder Before making a decision, it is worth finding out what the functionality of each of the options is. Let us consider in more detail both units. The blender allows more thin cutting, easily creates mashed potatoes, emulsions, mousses, beats up drinks and creams. Using a blender, you can not only grind, but mix and beat the ingredients of the dish.

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The grinder carries out cutting of products by means of a knife. The size of the cut pieces can be adjusted by replacing the nozzles, choosing options for larger and smaller cutting. The general principle of operation is similar to a regular grater, but the result is much neater and more efficient, in addition, it helps to reduce the time spent on cooking.

Among the useful functions of a shredder are the following:

  • Fast cutting of products for soups or frying.
  • Preparation of products for salads.
  • Chopping fruit and nuts for dessert.
  • Cooking pasta from products for mayonnaise, hummus, pate.
  • Making ground beef.

Some nozzles have additional attachments for whipping or mixing food. In fact, the grinder can replace the blender if you use additional nozzles.

Design and principle of operation, the functionality of

. After reviewing the design of each version of the device, you can make a choice in favor of the most optimal one for you and your needs. Let's take a closer look at how a blender differs from a shredder: what types are there, how the units are arranged, what opportunities they give and which device is better to choose for the house.

Types of blenders

Blenders are divided into two types: submersible and stationary.

The classic stationary version consists of two parts: the body, reinforced on the base, and the bowl, in which the grinding and mixing of products is carried out. Inside the tank is a knife. Actually, with the help of this knife and grinding products. Capacity is made of plastic or glass. There are options that are equipped with one knife, come with sets of nozzles of different types. The advantages of this option include the fact that it is not required to hold it in your hands during work, you can mix batter in it, prepare different types of drinks and immediately pour into dishes.
The blender of the submersible type is compact, it has interchangeable nozzles, and products can be mixed or crushed in any dish: it is best with high walls, because high walls save from splashing. It is also more convenient to prepare small portions with an immersion blender.
Submersible blender, despite its compactness, has a powerful motor, and can grind any products, greens, ice. It takes up little space in the kitchen. Often, a mixer and chopper are included with the immersion blender. The disadvantage is the need to constantly hold the device in hand, it is also not suitable for making drinks, but is ideal for cream soups or omelets.

Types of shredders

These kitchen appliances provide cutting of products of different shapes and sizes. The device looks similar to a blender, but the difference lies in the location of the food container — the stationary blender has a bowl on top, above the motor, and a chopper below, and like a blender, it can be made from any material — both glass and plastic. Thanks to the additional nozzle-whorl, you can mix the pancake batter or beat the eggs.

In addition to food shredders, there is another type: food waste chopper. With the help of such a device, you can quickly, easily destroy cleaning, stubs and stuff in the kitchen sink. The most difficult stage in use is the installation in the sink, after which the device helps to get rid of unpleasant odors from the trash can, insects. At the same time the grinder is convenient in use and safe even for children.


What conclusions can we draw from a brief overview? First of all, the choice should depend on your own desires and goals. If first of all you are interested in salads, fried vegetables and stews, desserts, and all this from beautiful pieces of the correct form, then your choice is a chopper. If you need cocktails, mashed potatoes, food for a small child or a batter, then a blender is more useful for you.

However, one should not forget that modern equipment can also offer combined models, which combine the functionality of both a blender and a shredder.

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