Ideas for storing Christmas tree decorations

When the winter holidays are over, there is always the question of how to store Christmas toys. They will lie in a secluded place for almost a year, so you need to protect them from dust and moisture, and also try to lay them down so that they do not break and you can easily reach them for the next New Year.

. Storage location.

. Many toys are hollow inside. If moisture gets into them, a mold can start. It will be almost impossible to get this mold, therefore storage should be only in a dry place. Do not leave toys in a shed, garage, unglazed balcony or in a damp pantry.

Highlight for storage 1-2 large boxes in which smaller packages with garlands, rain, balloons and other decorations will be placed. You can use an old suitcase or a box of household appliances. Paint it with bright colors or write in large letters what is stored inside so as not to be confused with other things lying on the mezzanine and under the sofa.
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If you cannot find a suitable container, then buy a packing box from a hardware or furniture store. The choice of such goods is very large. There are different sizes, shapes and even material of manufacture, so you can always pick up the product at a price and organize the proper storage of things.


The most common packaging for balls and figures is a cardboard box. So that the objects do not fight and rub against one another, they are wrapped in soft wrapping paper, napkins or cotton wool and placed in separate cells of the box. The cells are made of intersecting strips of cardboard.

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And now let's see how to store Christmas toys in other ways:

  • The smallest balls can be stored in the egg tray.
  • Artificial Christmas tree should be folded and placed in an old gym bag or package that was originally.
  • Plastic containers are very roomy, have rigid walls, so you can place any toys in them.
  • Christmas wreaths, beads and rains stored in ordinary plastic bags.
  • Socks are used to store candles and various figures.
  • Convenient to use cardboard cups for drinks. They are lined up in rows and placed inside small-sized toys.
  • Christmas-tree garland is wound on a piece of cardboard or on a can.
  • A plastic bottle can be fitted for storing toys. Here the design of the idea depends on your imagination.

Since storage is long, it would be nice to sign each individual package if it is opaque. On the box they make an inscription, which toys in it, for example, “bells”, “balls”, “candles”, “garlands”.

Features storage of some toys

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There are toys that require special handling. Exclusive glass balls do not need to be placed along with all the tinsel. Allocate for each ball a separate box. If there are several glass balls, then you can put them in a shoebox, wrapping each piece of decoration with layers of soft paper. The balls must lie tight so that they cannot move.

Glass toys are afraid of sudden temperature changes, so it is undesirable to store them in a very cold place. Otherwise, getting from a frost into a warm room, they can crack in the spine. A hot room is also not a good place to store, because at high temperatures the paint evaporates faster, the sparkles disappear.

Any Christmas-tree decorations are best preserved at a normal room temperature of + 20 °. .. + 23 °.Moisture should not get onto toys, and boxes should not be overloaded by hammering to capacity. It is not advisable to store old toys in plastic bags and tightly closed plastic boxes. Things must breathe, in which case they will retain their shine and color longer.

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