Rules for the maintenance and operation of plastic windows

Plastic windows have a lot of significant advantages. But in order to experience all these advantages, it is necessary to systematically carry out high-quality care of plastic windows. If you know some secrets and follow the rules, then you can significantly extend the life of this design. And you need to monitor not only the cleanliness of the glass, but also the state of the handles, window sills, seals, mosquito nets.

Common moments

Each housewife wants to know how to care for plastic windows. And here it is important not only to use suitable means, but also to know how to use them correctly, and also to do everything in a certain sequence. Let's try to figure it all out.

Ordinary soap, water and alcohol - you can clean the glass with these simple means. Frames need special maintenance. A variety of abrasive additives, solvents and caustic substances should not be part of the means that will be used for washing the frame. Such additives and substances adversely affect the shade of the profile. Yellow streaks may appear.

Do not use a concentrated solvent for the maintenance of PVC windows. Even a short contact with this tool can soften the plastic frame. It is also recommended to refuse a hard sponge. She just scratches the frame and window sill. Scratches eventually get dust.

Plain warm water and a soft cloth - the best means for washing plastic windows. A simple laundry detergent dissolved in water easily removes dirt. However, ideally you should get special detergents.

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The locking accessories also need to be serviced. The movable sash should open easily and also close easily, and in all possible directions. Otherwise, the convenient operation of windows will be complicated. The tightness of the frame provide rubber seals. They must be elastic. Before starting to process all these elements with a special tool, they must be cleaned of dust and dirt.

The drainage channels available in the window construction are required to drain moisture. These channels are located at the bottom of the frame. They need to be cleaned up from time to time. To do this, it is recommended to use a soap solution and a sponge.

Maintenance rules

Any pvc construction needs maintenance. Not yet invented a solution that can do without this procedure. Rules for the care of such structures are very simple, and the effect of them is significant.

Rules for the maintenance of double-glazed windows:

  • Double-glazed windows should be protected from impacts and mechanical damage.
  • For their washing, you should use special cleaning products.
  • Wash the glass only with a soft cloth.

Profile maintenance rules:

  • The profile used in the production of plastic windows requires special care. From such natural contaminants as dust, dirt, rain, snow, the profile should be cleaned with the help of gentle cleaning agents.
  • In order for the profile to last as long as possible, you should avoid scratching and bumps on it.

Rules for maintenance of rubber bands:

  • In the pvc construction, sealing rubber bands are located along the entire perimeter of the frames and sashes. Once a year, these gum should be cleaned of dirt and dust with cleaning agents containing glycerin.
  • After cleaning or repair activities, all sealing gum should be lubricated with means that do not contain resin.

Rules for maintenance of fittings:

  • When in the pvc window the fittings start to dangle, it must be immediately tightened up. To do this, slowly lift the decorative strip, which is under the handle, and rotate it to a horizontal position. Next, tighten the mounting screws that fasten the handle to the frame.
  • Twice a year, all moving parts should be lubricated.
  • As lubricants, use those that do not have resin in their composition.
  • Preventive measures should be carried out once a year.

Rules for the maintenance of mosquito nets:

  • In winter, the net should be stored in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wash the screen once a year with warm soapy water.

As for the sequence of care, you first need to check the condition of the rubber bands, handles and other accessories, then clean the frame and, last of all, wash the windows and the window sill.

Care Tips

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Plastic window maintenance should be carried out not only according to the established rules, but also taking into account expert advice. Only in this case, all actions can be carried out at the highest level. Plus, it will extend the life of your windows.

  1. Twice a year, all moving parts of fittings must be treated with a special lubricant. These parts account for the main load. It is recommended to do this after washing the windows.
  2. All moving parts that are in the window construction must be lubricated at least twice a year.
  3. All seals must be treated with special grease.
  4. Caring for PVC windows, carry out in calm weather.
  5. In order for a PVC structure to serve for a long time, it should be systematically put on airing. This will avoid condensation or condensation. For high-quality ventilation perfect air conditioning and ventilation.
  6. Handle plastic windows as carefully as possible.

The unpleasant consequences of improper care

A couple of years ago, a construction boom began in Russia. All began to actively replace the old wooden windows with PVC construction. For many, the main argument for repairs was the statement that these structures do not need special care. Yes, and manufacturers of plastic windows made an emphasis on this, which also left its mark.

But after a couple of years, the owners of plastic structures had problems such as cracked rubber seals, loose accessories, yellow plastic, clogged drainage holes. All this from the lack of proper care. The owners of PVC windows understood that such constructions also needed periodic maintenance, but it was too late.

To solve such problems, money is required. Agree, it is not very pleasant to pay for the plastic construction, which is expensive, and then also to pay for the troubleshooting resulting from the lack of maintenance. Today, many manufacturers of these products already offer special care products. With the help of these tools you can truly high-quality care of plastic windows. Also, manufacturers inform their customers in this matter.

Thanks to quality care, you can maintain a great look of PVC windows and extend their service life. Giving the windows only 15-20 minutes a month, you will achieve that they will serve you for several decades. But it is also important to follow all the above rules.

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