Why the pan burns and how to fix it

Dietitians and doctors can talk about the dangers of fried food, but even people on a tight diet sometimes indulge themselves with potatoes with a delicious golden zazharka and onions. Unfortunately, the cooking process is often overshadowed by burning food to the bottom of the dish, which becomes a real problem to wash. Modern dishes with non-stick coating, designed to facilitate the work of housewives and save them from this scourge, does not always meet the requirements of the consumer. After all, dishes cooked in traditional aluminum and cast-iron pans often seem to us much tastier and more fragrant.

Why food burns to a frying panSo it was when such a miracle only appeared on our market, and we could not rejoice at the possibility of cooking dishes without oil and the ease of washing this kind of dishes. But, it turns out, the shelf life of such pans is much lower than the usual cast-iron and aluminum, and the food prepared in them is not so tasty.

Non-stick frying pans with Teflon coating, as well as ceramic ones, should be purchased only from the original manufacturer, well-known brands. But after 2-3 years of operation, they will also have to be changed, since the scratches and microcracks appearing on the upper layer will cause the food to stick to it. In addition, the violation of the upper layer makes the dishes unsuitable for use, as the food cooked in it is harmful to health. What to do - you have to change the dishes.

Microcracks and scratches appear during operation on aluminum and cast-iron frying pans, which makes the cooking process not particularly comfortable, and washing dishes is painful at all.

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What can be done so that food does not stick to the pan

During cooking, it is very important that the pan does not stick.

So what to do so that food does not stick to the surface while cooking and the pan does not stick? We offer several practical tips that will help make the cooking process more pleasant, and washing the pan less complicated.

Cookware with non-stick coating

A frying pan with a non-stick coating requires special care to extend the service life.

  • Undesirable contact with the surface of metal objects such as knives and forks. To stir food while cooking, use wooden or plastic spatulas.
  • Cleaning agents with ambrasive particles are not suitable for the care of such dishes, they scratch the surface, causing scratches and microcracks.
  • Do not use to remove burnt food and metal wool, especially scrape with a knife.
  • To keep the surface of the product as long as possible and keep the pan happy for its owner, do not leave empty dishes on the included burner. Also, temperature variations are harmful to the coating, therefore it is impossible to pour cold water into a hot frying pan.

Recipes for aluminum and cast-iron utensils

There are several old, but quite effective and proven recipes that were used by our grandmothers, who even had no idea about new technologies that allow creating non-stick dishes. Nevertheless, their simple kitchenware made of cast iron and aluminum was always in perfect condition, and the food did not burn and was amazingly tasty.

  • A hot frying pan should be heated over low heat and 3-4 tablespoons of salt should be placed on a hot surface( it is better to take large table salt).Salt is distributed in a uniform layer over the entire bottom surface and fried over medium heat for about 2-3 minutes. Leave the pan to cool, then remove the salt and wipe the surface with a dry cloth. As a result of this "grandmother's" recipe, you will get rid of burning food in the pan. It should be noted that this recipe is unsuitable for Teflon and ceramic surfaces, it can be used only for traditional cast-iron and aluminum frying pans.
  • Grilling the pan with salt is good to do before cooking pancakes. In this case, they turn out to be one to one and absolutely do not stick, even the very first pancake, which traditionally is supposed to be a lump.
  • There is another equally interesting and unexpected way to save the pan, where food always burns. It is necessary to throw slices of diced bread on it and fry them without adding butter until cooked on low heat. As a result, you will get to the first dish delicious croutons and a frying pan, which will not burn.

It is not clear why these recipes work, maybe someone will ever explain this phenomenon from a scientific point of view. In this case, the result is important for us, and it, as they say, is obvious, that is, in a frying pan, where you can now cook with pleasure.

Whatever power system we adhere to, it is unlikely to do in the kitchen without a frying pan. Tasty and healthy food is not only the basis of our life, but also a source of pleasure and even communication. Cookware, in which cooking brings real pleasure, deserves special praise. We are happy to share useful and practical advice, and if you have any special little-known recipes, we will be happy if you share with us.

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