How to wash a pleated skirt in a typewriter or by hand

Pleated skirts are back in fashion, but washing them can be difficult. After the first or second time, the corrugation usually comes off or turns into something incomprehensible. Especially for lovers of plisse, we will tell you how to prevent these troubles.


Look at the label thing. It indicates the composition of the material and detailed rules of care. It is highly desirable to wash the pleated skirt of synthetic chiffon, taffeta, silk and fine wool with a lot of folds only with your hands. Synthetics, including polyester, as well as knitwear and blended fabrics, to which a small percentage of natural yarns have been added, will tolerate both hand and machine washing. They crumple slightly and practically do not suffer from detergents and water.

But natural silk or chiffon is too naughty fabric. This skirt is difficult to put in order at home. It is better to take it to dry cleaning, or in extreme cases, very carefully wash it by hand.

And now a little secret for keeping perfect pleats even after washing. Take a needle with a thread of neutral color and fix the folds along the bottom edge. Sew them with large stitches and do not tighten. The result is a cloth cylinder, the top of which is equal to the bottom. This will prevent deformation of the folds and the formation of creases.

If there is strong pollution, soak the thing in lukewarm water with detergent for half an hour. Skirts with a very small corrugation leave a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Old stains can be removed with a stain remover. Find the information on the label, which tools are suitable, and proceed according to the instructions.

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Hand wash

In any method of washing, preference should be given to liquid concentrates or shampoos. Suitable powders for delicate fabrics or children's things. Focus on the material from which the skirt is made. Water temperature is about 30 degrees.

During the entire procedure, the thing can not be rubbed. Lift the skirt by the belt and lower it into the bath or basin, pressing it to the bottom. Then rinse thoroughly in the same way. During the last rinse, add a conditioner that will further facilitate ironing. No need to twist.

To dry, hang the skirt by its belt without removing the basting. Threads from the hem of dense things are removed after ironing, and from thin material - while it is slightly damp.

Machine wash

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Only an automatic washing machine is suitable. In the model of activator type, there is a high probability of spoiling the thing.

Set the delicate mode with a water temperature no higher than 30-35 degrees. Add conditioner to the detergent drawer. It is advisable to enable the option "additional rinsing."Squeezing and drying in a typewriter is not allowed.

Skirt with basting, put in a special bag for fabric. This will help preserve the shape of the folds and avoid puffs.

If you don’t have time to do your basting, the express method will do. You will need a narrow pleated bag or a clean stocking that fits the size. The skirt is placed along the entire length so that the folds are tightly pressed to each other, and in this form is erased in the typewriter. Stocking must be tied so that the thing does not fall out.

Drying can be directly in the bag. Hang it upright and place a container for draining water.

Just a few life hacking will greatly facilitate your life and help to keep pleated even after washing. Finally, the folds are formed already in the process of ironing.

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