How to wash cashmere: 2 ways and 6 rules of washing


  • 1 Washing rules
    • 1.1 Method 1: Safe Handwash
    • 1.2 Method 2: Delicate Machine Wash
  • 2 Conclusion
Careful washing with special products in warm water will protect soft fibers.Careful washing with special products in warm water will protect soft fibers.

Expensive cashmere products require special care. I will talk about how to wash cashmere things to ensure their long term use and to maintain the initial quality.

Washing rules

If indicated on the “dry clean only” label, use dry cleaning services.If indicated on the “dry clean only” label, use dry cleaning services.

So, is it possible to wash cashmere? If there is no warning on the label, the answer is yes. But this material is not easy to care for, which means that breaking the rules of washing will lead to shrinkage of the product and the formation of pellets, that is, damage to things.

What to do to keep the quality of the material:

Picture Washing rules
table_pic_att15042289502 Rule 1: follow the directions on the label.

Proper care of cashmere and safe washing methods are indicated on the product label. Follow them, and the delicate thing will not spoil.

table_pic_att15042289503 Rule 2: Clean the stains before washing.

Use any of the 3 cleaning methods:

  1. Rinse contaminated area under cold water.
  2. Process soda - rub on the surface and remove with a brush.
  3. Impact steam, that is, hold it over a boiling kettle or steam it with an iron. Then wipe the stain with a tissue.
width = "442" Rule 3: Use only cashmere detergent.

Special agent preferred:

  • does not contain aggressive chlorine, phosphates:
  • retains the shape of the product and the intensity of color;
  • prevents the formation of pellets;
  • protects cashmere fibers during washing;
  • gives softness.
table_pic_att15042289524 Rule 4: Heat water to 30 ° C.

Try to maintain this temperature in the process of washing and rinsing, as drops will lead to shrinkage of the product.

width = "296" Rule 5: Only a careful wash of cashmere.
  • Do not scrub the product, wash it with gentle movements.
  • In the car, set the mode without spinning. Otherwise, the fiber will fail, and the thing will decrease in size.
table_pic_att15042289565 Rule 5: dry in a straightened form on a horizontal surface.

Place a dry cloth under the wet cashmere product and change the bedding periodically.

Drying outerwear on a hanger will cause the material to stretch.

Cashmere things can be washed in two ways: in a washing machine or manually.

Method 1: Safe Handwash

The mechanical impact of the washing machine can spoil the delicate fibers, so it’s better to wash it by hand:

A photo Sequencing
table_pic_att15042289576 Step 1

Before washing a cashmere sweater, remove the pellets from it.

Use the clothes brush - remove the lumps of the fibers.

table_pic_att15042289597 Step 2

Dissolve cashmere detergent in 30 degree water.

Make sure that the liquid gel or powder is completely dissolved, and whip the foam.

table_pic_att15042289608 Step 3

Soak the product for 10 minutes.

During this time, the pollution in the fibers will soak and then quickly be washed, and the thing will not have time to stretch and increase in size.

The way how to wash a cardigan: gently fold the jacket and place in a basin for soaking. So free-cut clothing will not stretch.

table_pic_att15042289679 Step 4

Wet and lightly squeeze the material.

Your hand movements should be neat, as if squeezing the sponge.

You can not rub cashmere products, otherwise spoil the soft threads.

table_pic_att150422897210 Step 5

Rinse the cashmere thoroughly.

Rinse, without squeezing the product, changing the water several times.

At the last rinse, add a teaspoon of glycerin to the basin with warm water. So return the softness and do not allow the shrinkage of things.

table_pic_att150422897311 Step 6

Dry cashmere on fabric:

  • Prepare a well absorbing fabric. Suitable 2-3 towels.
  • Lay the cloth on a table or floor.
  • Place the washed thing on top, blot it with another towel. So remove the moisture.
  • Next, replace the fabric, straighten the cashmere product and leave to dry.

Method 2: Delicate Machine Wash

In the modern washing machine there are modes for delicate cashmere things.In the modern washing machine there are modes for delicate cashmere things.

Wash cashmere can be in the car. But for regular care it is better not to use this method, but to use this household equipment only occasionally, with strong contamination of the material.

Use only liquid products (the price is about 100 rubles) - they are easier to rinse out.Use only liquid products (the price is about 100 rubles) - they are easier to rinse out.

Observe a number of nuances, how to wash clothes from cashmere:

  • Turn inside out. So the front side will not rub against the drum, which means that the pellets are not formed.
  • Set the delicate mode (wool, silk).
  • Extra rinse required, because the tool is badly rinsed out of thick fluff.
  • Turn off spinotherwise the material will shrink!

If after washing the thing has changed in size, I suggest ways to remedy the situation:

Picture Instruction
table_pic_att150422897814 If a cashmere sweater has sat down:
  1. Soak the product in the air conditioner (10 minutes). The fibers will soften and become ductile.
  2. Stretch the wet thing and spread it out to dry on a terry towel.
  3. While the product dries, stretch it a few more times.
table_pic_att150422897815 If cashmere stretched out:
  1. Heat water to 60 ° C and immerse the stretched thing in it. After 10 minutes, squeeze and put to dry.
  2. Set the washing mode at 50 ° C and spin 500 revolutions.

The product is guaranteed to shrink when rinsing and spinning in the car, but you do not control the process. Therefore, it is better to use the manual method.


Now you know how to wash cashmere, and careful care of it is not a problem for you. Apply my simple recommendations, as well as visual advice from the video in this article, and your favorite soft things will last a long time without losing a neat look. There are questions - ask them in the comments!

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