How to store quail eggs

Quail eggs are a very popular product among fans of healthy food. They have many useful qualities, their nutritional value is much higher than that of chicken. In recent years, they have become very common. In this regard, many consumers are concerned about the question of how long this useful product can be stored and under what conditions?

Shelf life

Quail eggs have a fairly long shelf life. This is due to the presence in their composition of a particular amino acid, which does not allow harmful microorganisms to multiply. The shelf life of the product depends on the external environment and temperature.

The period of storage, regulated by the state, is about a month at room temperature, and in a refrigerator compartment - two months. In fact, they can lie and more.

Quail eggs can maintain their properties, being in proper conditions, up to several months. This requires a certain temperature and appropriate processing.

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The distinguishing feature of this product is that after the expiration date, it does not get rotten, but dries out and becomes very light. They have a very strong shell, so when they fall, they do not break, but are crushed.

How to choose

If you purchase quail eggs for long-term storage, you need to choose the right product. It is better to buy them in stores, as there are sold proven products, in addition, they indicate the time of packaging. You can only purchase homemade products from trusted vendors, to be sure that they are not overdue.

At home you can check the products for freshness in this way: put the eggs in a container filled with water. Fresh will sink to the bottom, and overdue float.

In addition to the shelf life, you need to pay attention to the integrity of the shell. Cracked shells need to be put off. You also need to get rid of those eggs that have small holes in the shell.

The shells of quail eggs for storage must be clean. Instances that are contaminated should be washed to prepare a solution of lime chlorine. To do this, five grams of lime diluted in one liter of water. Then dry the products well. In normal clean water, the products that you put off for storage should not be washed.

Contaminants are foreign matter, dirt, adhering particles, etc. Dark spots and a shade of the shell, other than white, relate to the specifics of the product and have no effect on its quality.

The color of the yolk also does not indicate the value of the product. Intense bright color appears as a result of food additives, which are put in food. It does not add benefits.

Due to the fact that an expired quail egg does not deteriorate, but simply dries out, it is possible to distinguish it by weight. Fresh should weigh about 12 grams. Dried will be weightless, like a feather.

Storage Methods

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There are several ways to store quail eggs for a long time. This can be done both indoors at room temperature and in the refrigerator.

In the refrigerator chamber

In the refrigerator, quail eggs can be stored for at least two months. It is not recommended to put them in the compartment on the door, as there they are subject to constant temperature changes when opening and closing the door. You need to fold the product in a plastic or glass container and place it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. It is advisable to put them with a blunt end up.

An important point is that other products with a rich aroma should not be placed next to them, it will be immediately absorbed by them. Make sure that raw fish, meat, game, etc. do not come close.

Washing quail eggs significantly reduces their shelf life. Washed in water, they will be suitable only for about 30 days. Therefore, they should be washed immediately before cooking.


The great advantage of quail eggs is that they tolerate storage at room temperature. At temperature conditions of 20-24 degrees, they can be stored for about a month. The room should be well ventilated, in addition, it should be dry.

At lower temperatures( 8-10 degrees) this product can be stored longer. Clean dry eggs are placed in the container with a sharp tip downwards. Humidity in the room should be in the range of 60-80%.

You can also save quail eggs for a long time, filling with salt solution. Prepared products are placed in a clean container of sufficient depth. Then make a saline solution, dissolving a tablespoon of salt in one liter of water. The container is filled with this solution and placed in a cool place. If the eggs deteriorate, it will be seen immediately - they will begin to emerge.

On farms where there are a large number of quail eggs, they are stored in this way. Fresh products are lubricated using vegetable oil or animal fat. The shell is under an impenetrable film, which allows for a long time to maintain freshness and valuable qualities. After this, the eggs are laid out in the cells so that they do not touch each other.

In addition to oil, paraffin or petroleum jelly can be used. They also form a protective layer on the surface. Thus, you can save quail eggs for about eight months.


Eggs are often boiled. Many people take them on the road, as this is a nutritious and light snack. The shelf life of eggs in this case is quite small.

In a refrigerator, hard-boiled eggs can be left for a period of not more than a week. This is if the shell is not cracked during cooking. Cracked specimens need to be eaten for three days. At room temperature, their shelf life is reduced to 12 hours.

If you decide to keep a large batch of quail eggs for storage, approach this issue seriously. To ensure that the product does not deteriorate prematurely, study all recommendations for proper storage. Purchase them only from trusted vendors or in stores to be confident in their quality.

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