Stove gas bottle with his hands: diagrams, drawings + walkthrough

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Many private households there is an old bottle from under the liquefied gas. From this object, you can make a lot of useful things, such as a simple heater.

If you have the desire and the welding machine, the stove from a gas cylinder with your hands can be done without any problems. Of course, we need some additional materials.

The content of the article:

  • How it works
  • Recommendations regarding the production
    • How to select and prepare the balloon
    • Fabrication and filling of the housing
    • Doors, grate, ash pan
  • How to improve efficiency
  • Useful videos on the topic

How it works

Burzhuyka - primitive embodiment of the metal wood oven. It operates such a device is extremely simple: the furnace laid the wood they burn, the furnace body is heated and gives heat the surrounding air. Smoky gases are removed through the flue, and ash is poured through the grate into the ash box, which should be cleaned periodically.

One of the main advantages of stoves - simplicity of design. There are no strict size, as long as the body can withstand temperatures and chimney worked properly. Experienced master make this oven in just a couple of hours. A burn in it can be almost any dry tree: the logs and sawdust.

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Stoke burzhujku and other combustible materials: diesel fuel, coal, peat, household waste, etc. If desired, this oven can cook quite well. This point should consider before beginning the design manufacture, to make a smooth cooking surface.

Burzhuyka balloon
It represents stove combustor of thick metal from the loading door, a chimney, and podduvalom grate. As the housing can use the old gas cylinder

But it should be considered and disadvantages of such heating solutions. To begin with this is a high risk of burns and fires. For stoves need to choose a special place, trimmed with fire-resistant materials. It is desirable that she was standing on the side where no one accidentally touches the body and does not burn.

Hob stoves
If desired, the upper portion of the vertical burzhujki old gas cylinder may be converted into the cooking surface modest size

This steel structure weighs a lot, so about any mobile device are not talking. Move burzhujku for heating different rooms will be difficult. Such furnaces are usually heat storage room, where there is no electricity or where it is fed intermittently garage, shed, shop, etc.

The improved stove
Of the two gas cylinders connected perpendicularly, it can be an improved version of stoves, which can store more heat and have high efficiency in the combustion of fuel

Another problem - low efficiency, since part of the thermal energy of the combustion of wood literally flies in the chimney. There are various ways to keep warm and slightly modify burzhujku to make it work more effectively. Finally, you need to take care of a good ventilating the room in which stove is installed as a unit in the process of burning large amounts of oxygen.

So, stove consists of a metal body, which is usually the role and "invite" the old gas tank. In case you need to make two doors: large and small. The first is to load the fuel ash pit is needed as a second through chamber which is supplied with combustion air for the combustion process and traction.

Drawing-stove stoves
Drawing small stoves from the gas cylinder allows to make the device with specific parameters and calculated power, but such precision is not required

At the bottom, at a certain distance from the bottom of the structure to be welded grate. It can be made of thick wire or just take a piece of thick metal and cut a slit in it long. The distance between the bars of the grate must be such that the heating material does not spill down into the ash pan. If burzhujku will only stoke the fire wood, gap grate does more, but when the chips are intended to be used, it should make the bars more often.

Chimney for stoves
Bent metallic chimney, mounted on burzhujku from the gas cylinder, allows to retain more heat in the room and increase design efficiency

Drawer for ash can be welded from sheet metal or metal container ready to take appropriate size and stable to strong heating. Some people prefer to do without altogether ash, simply rake the ashes from the lower division as needed, although it is not too convenient. Chimney typically display up to provide the necessary traction.

Recommendations regarding the production

Burzhuyka balloon may be different: the capacity can be put horizontally or vertically. It is necessary to choose the suitable size of the housing, and then to use it properly. You will need a sheet metal of steel resistant to prolonged heating, thick wire grate, Area for legs, etc. some nuances should be considered in the process of manufacturing to the stove to get comfortable and effective.

How to select and prepare the balloon

Gas cylinders are very different. Stoves for best container for liquefied gas at 50 or 40 liters. If you need a furnace of small size, you can take a bottle of 12 or 27 liters. But it is a device for heating small outbuildings. Similar containers of five liters virtually useless. Such a small stove warms up quickly, but soon cooled down, so the heating effect of it will be very small.

An interesting option for homemade stoves - capacity out of freon. This balloon has a thick wall and the elongated body. Capacity should be cut to length of the body was about 70 cm. The thick walls, of course, heavier construction, but better retain heat. Stove will warm up for long, but it will be warm and longer.

Prepare the gas cylinder
Before starting work, you need to properly prepare the gas cylinder: bleed from his gas residues to drain condensate and fill the container with water, which then can be poured

When the balloon is selected, you need to prepare a welding machine and remember the safety rules. Even in a very old bottle will always be some remnants of flammable gas. If you immediately begin to cut it by welding, a life-threatening explosion is practically guaranteed.

For a start it is recommended to open the bottle and release the gas residues. Of course, this must be done on the street, not in the room. Then you need to drain fluid from the remnants of the balloon, the condensed inside. This substance is typically sharp and unpleasant smell, so it is best to prepare it for a small container with a lid to its immediately neatly packaged and discarded.

The design of stoves
By design of the furnace stoves is not shown particularly stringent requirements on the parameters. The greater the combustion chamber, the larger room will heat the unit

If moisture is accidentally spilled on the floor in the room, a specific flavor can be maintained for a very long time. After these operations, the balloon is still not ready for contact with the welding machine, because the residual gas vapors stay inside. It is necessary to fill the bottle with water up to the top to fully displace all of the gas from it. Then water is drained now balloon can be cut without any problem.

Fabrication and filling of the housing

Further it is necessary to select the type of balloon burzhujki whether the barrel is disposed horizontally or vertically. All other operations are carried out based on this orientation. If you select the horizontal position, one of the ends of the cylinder will serve as the back wall, and on the other you need to install the loading door and ash-pit.

Marking stoves housing
If the planned production of vertical stoves from the gas cylinder, will need to make two openings for fuel loading and ash from the ash pan

To grate can use a thick reinforcing wire. Not to cook from her lattice can be bent her frequent zigzag, the "snake". This construct is welded to the inner walls of the metal housing. The front wall is made of a metal sheet as follows:

  1. Metal must be applied to the front of the stove to apply markup.
  2. For marking round parts should be cut.
  3. It cause another markup: for rectangular doors and ash.
  4. Cut holes for the markup.
  5. Manufacture doors.
  6. Welded to the front wall of the hinges, locks and hang the door.
  7. Weld the wall with doors to the body.

Both doors must be sealed along the contour of asbestos cord, so that they adhere perfectly to the body. A back wall in a stove usually do not need, it performs the role of the container bottom. In the upper part of the body, close to the back wall, you need to make a hole for the chimney.

The pipe must be taken out of thick metal, since the lower part of the chimney will be in contact with hot smoky gases. Thin metal in this place quickly burned. Now the bottom of the oven is welded reinforcement of strong legs, pieces of metal or metal angle pieces. They must withstand the weight of the structure itself, and the fuel to be loaded into it.

Approximately the same technology used for the manufacture of a vertical cylinder stoves. The bottom of the cylinder becomes lower part of the structure, at the top you need to make cylindrical "roof" with a hole for the chimney. Usually the upper part of the container cut. After installation, it will be possible to weld it back. Door - to download and ash - made in front of the container body.

Such a stove will occupy less space than horizontal variant, but it will also be higher. If you intend to not only heat the room, but also cook the food, you will need to adjust the height of the stove, taking into account this point and to provide a smooth cooking surface. But usually the diameter of the container is not large enough to provide a full opportunity for cooking. Although boil kettle - a feasible task.

Drawing burzhujki balloon
This diagram gives an idea about the device from the horizontal cylinder burzhujki embodiment, the bottom of which is fastened to the ash box

Grate can be done in the same way as described above: from the armature bent serpentine tube diameter. It is welded between the openings for loading and ash. Some try to reduce the number of welding operations, leaving the upper part of the cylinder is practically untouched. But then the rest of the work will be more difficult to perform.

Horizontal grate burzhujki
The horizontal stove grate can not be welded, and in turn has a body portion drilling a hole of suitable diameter and has attached bottom ash box

For example, the grate have to insert than the top, and push through to the furnace door and somehow retained in the correct position. Now we need to make the door with hinges and locks and weld them to the chassis burzhujki, previously sealing the asbestos cord. It remains at the top of the chimney to install, and at the bottom welded legs.

Doors, grate, ash pan

Doors for stoves can be made of those parts of the body left after cutting out the holes. These welded hinges and latches. This simple elements. Loops can be done even from a thick chain links. The second, more expensive option - is to buy a ready-made designs of cast metal.

Installation finished door
To install the finished molded door on homemade burzhujku should be welded to the frame of the feeding tube metal angle

two separate doors, you can choose: a large feed opening and for narrow - for ash. But there are kits in which such doors are united in a single structure. Holes such doors need to cut to size. After that, the edges of the openings need to weld the frame of the bracket.

Hinges for doors
Several units thick chain similar to a bicycle, can be used as a makeshift door hinge for stoves made of container

The frame castings doors attached to the resulting framing with screws. It is recommended to weld a small ledge to avoid gaps, and the furnace was closed tightly. In small stoves and can optionally do without a grate.

Horizontal grate burzhujki
Left is inverted horizontal burzhujki casing with welded thereto ash pan, and the right - perspective view. Ash pan push to regulate the supply of oxygen, it is not necessary to do the ash pit in such a model

Find a place for it is difficult, if doing stove small size or low, for example, horizontal version. In this arrangement the ash pit do not, provide access of air through the loading door, which is just slightly open. Grate of the armature to make simple, but they are not particularly reliable.

Over time, the armature goes bust, it must be replaced. An alternative would be a piece of sheet metal, in which are cut slits or round holes. To collect the ashes, you can use a special box - the ash pan. The horizontal version of the stoves grate cylinder can be set at the bottom complete with ash pan, as the lower part of the body will have to be cut to facilitate installation.

How to improve efficiency

To make the work more efficient stoves, there are several simple ways. To begin to warm the chimney to keep the heat that goes with smoky gases. Various methods can be used to increase the area of ​​contact of the heated metal with the ambient air.

Some experts recommend to make the chimney is not strictly vertical, but curved. This will increase the path of the combustion of waste and will allow part of their heat back into the room. But we should remember that the chimney complicated structure can adversely affect traction, so you should not get involved in excessive bends.

Sometimes body burzhujki welded metal wings, e.g., made of corner or any suitable metal strips. If the stove dimensions allow, can be welded horizontal metal sheet on top and make it extra hole for the chimney is not, as for the pot or the kettle. The hole closing lid special composite of several concentric circles. Removing or adding circles, it is possible to regulate the degree of heating.

Another upgrade option stoves - brick box. Masonry perform around the stove, leaving a small gap between the metal casing and the brick. Brick will absorb the heat energy and then slowly release it to the surrounding air.

Chimney with stones for stoves
If the flue wrap metal mesh and put in a clearance formed stones can improve heating efficiency. Even after a burn through the wood, the stones would give off heat for some time

An alternative version of such modernization - a metal mesh around the chimney, which are placed pieces of brick or stone. It is a popular solution for furnaces installed in the bath, a variation of the heater. But we should remember that this is only suitable river "pebbles" of uniform color and no inclusions. If the stone is composed of layers of different types, it can rupture at high temperatures.

If you need a solid kiln sizes available master has two gas cylinders, you can combine them into a single structure. One of them is set horizontally and vertically as the second give pipe for chimney. Heating area increases, this stove will work more efficiently.

Stove with fan
Built into the body stoves, metal pipes in conjunction with the fan can increase the speed of warming up the room, but to achieve this effect will need electricity

Finally, it can be inserted into the upper part of the pipe body, which will circulate the air. If you put in the end of the pipe fan, air movement will be faster. This will allow the equivalent heater to warm the entire room for a few minutes and effectively distribute the heat.

Useful videos on the topic

Here are the guidelines for the safe dismantling of old gas bottle:

In this video, we talked about the stove manufacturing order from a gas cylinder:

Burzhujku original function of pyrolysis fuel afterburning can be made of two gas cylinders:

Stove - a simple device that is not difficult to build, and can be widely used. If the procedure works beforehand laid out and properly executed, this oven will last long enough.

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