How to clean a wallet made of genuine leather

Every day in contact with our hands, a leather wallet wears out and is salted. How to clean the leather wallet, so as not to damage and give him a neat look? For proper cleaning you need to pay attention to the features of the skin. You can use traditional methods or buy a special tool.

General cleaning

Before you clean your wallet at home, get all the contents out of it. Carefully fold the cards, business cards and money in one place so that they are not lost, or put things in another wallet. Shake out from the inside all the garbage that usually accumulates there. Then inspect the accessory, check if it has any complicated dirt or only light surface cleaning is needed.

Stains from ink and traces of a ballpoint pen can be removed with an alcohol-containing agent. Put some alcohol, vodka or lotion on a cotton wool and wipe the surface. The same composition will help cleanse the skin of fat and dirt accumulated in the seams. You can not rub hard, otherwise you can damage the top layer of the product, tear off the paint, or remove the protective impregnation.

From home, you can clean the purse at home with a soft cloth and liquid soap:

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  • dissolve some liquid soap in warm water, beat it into foam;
  • soak a cloth in a solution and squeeze;
  • wipe her wallet;
  • then rinse the solution with clean water;
  • remove residues of moisture with a dry, soft cloth;
  • it the same polished product.

If you do not know how to clean the leather wallet of a famous brand, you can ask your sales representative. Most likely, there are special cleaners that help gently remove dirt and grease without harming the skin's surface.

Several tricks

  • Brown leather wallet can be cleaned with a mixture of finely ground coffee and water. Dilute ground coffee with a small amount of water and wipe the outer surface of the product with the formed paste. When the paste dries, its remains clean with a soft brush.
  • To soften natural skin, it is wiped with glycerin or castor oil.
  • Patent leather should not be wetted. Wipe it daily with a dry, soft cloth, fleece or wool cloth.
  • Never dry a wet wallet on a battery or other heater. When strongly heated, the skin deforms and the expensive item will be irrevocably damaged.
  • An accessory made of nubuck or suede can be cleaned with soapy water with the addition of ammonia, but you cannot wet the skin very much. Stale sites try to remove with acidified water or clean with an eraser.

How to prevent pollution

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To protect the wallet from heavy pollution, moisture and sweat, you need to buy a spray for the skin. The processed accessory retains its color longer, and greasy stains and abrasions are less formed on it. When buying, pay attention to what type of skin the product is intended for, whether it is possible to treat the varnished surface with it, whether it will cope with suede or nubuck protection.

If you are afraid to use any tool for cleaning, then try its action on an inconspicuous area of ​​skin. Use the composition only if it leaves no residue.

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