How to clean the bag of suede: the secrets of fashionistas

Soft suede bag looks very stylish. Those women who are not indifferent to her and often like to carry with them, it will be interesting to learn how to clean the suede bag using the simplest means.

Time-tested methods

The SOS signal usually comes in at the moment when we want to leave the house, and we understand that the bag is dirty. Cleaning something in a hurry is not worth it. It is better to take a replacement instead, and after returning home, slowly and thoroughly carry out the thing in order.

There are various ways to clean a suede bag, and they are all associated with the features and properties of this material. In any case, in order to update the bag at home, you need to inspect and clean the lining, remove stains, completely refresh the surface.

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  • It is no secret that suede can be cleaned with an eraser. If you see a spot on a bag, then pick up the usual clerical gum, which erase a simple pencil, and start cleaning her bag. The eraser must be clean, otherwise it will stain the suede even more.
  • We advise all lovers of suede clothing to buy a special rubber brush. She can very quickly clean the dirt and return suede velvety.
  • Any suede perfectly cleans and refreshes a weak solution of vinegar. So, if you decide to clean your bag of general pollution, then wipe it with acidic water with a clean sponge or cotton swab.
  • If you have pumice stone at home, you can use it to clean the bag of dried dirt.
  • You can clean the suede bag with salt. It is poured on the surface, and then brushed off.
  • A more gentle way to clean things involves using steam. Stale room should be held over a stream of steam and only then cleaned with a rubber brush.

If your bag accidentally fell into the mud or was sprayed with water from a puddle, then do not rush to start cleaning. We must wait until the dirt dries, and then clean it with stiff bristles.

If the stain is left by the dye( wine, paint, juice, ice cream, berries), then it must be dealt with immediately. First, blot it with a dry paper towel. Then wipe with detergent, and when dry, brush. Can be used for cleaning at home soda solution or stain remover designed for suede.

The solution for removing oily stains is simple: a large spoon of ammonia in a glass of water. This solution will help clean the soiled suede bag, removing grease and a nasty polish.

Is it possible to wash

? You can wash chamois, you only need to do it carefully, using slightly warm water and not squeezing the bag. If you see that ordinary cleaning at home does not help, that the entire bag both outside and inside needs general cleaning, you can wash it directly in the washing machine. Mode select with a temperature of 30-35 °, without soaking and without spinning. As a detergent, use a liquid for washing wool items.

It is even better to wash the thing with your hands in a basin of water. Strongly wet the material is not necessary. Just rinse the suede in soapy water with some effective emollient.

You can not completely erase the entire suede bag, but only individual places. To do this, prepare a mixture of shampoo and water, churn it and put a sponge.

In the same way, you can wash the lining separately, and then take it directly for suede.

How to dry the

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If you need to dry a wet suede thing, never use hot hair dryers, heaters and batteries, and do not squeeze it hard. Let the water flow naturally. Wet bag can be stuffed with paper, to give shape, and leave to dry away from any hot appliances.

In an ordinary warm room, suede dries, if not very quickly, but correctly. She will not warp and sit down. The bag will retain its original appearance, which will give you a lot of joy. After all, you were able to wash it with your own hands without spoiling it.

After washing, suede becomes coarser and less attractive, but it is easy to fix. It is necessary to clean the entire surface with a brush with very stiff bristles, you can even use sandpaper with the finest grit, and better - a metal brush created specifically for suede.

Features of cleaning bags in different colors

Suede bag of dark brown or black color can be cleaned with a brush, which was previously moistened in coffee grounds.

Let's take a closer look at how to clean a suede bag at home, if it is light. In this case, helps soda. It softens the water, washes away fat deposits, and small grains of soda scour the dirt. If you add a little milk by making a milk-soda mixture, then we get a great tool by which suede is updated at home.

Once there was a well-known method of cleaning colored suede with a crust of bread. If you decide to try it and clean the bag with bread, then we must remember that not every variety will do.

They say that rye bread works best. Try this method, your bag won't make it worse, that's for sure.

Among other things, do not forget about the special skins, which are sold in order to bring suede in order to clean it and protect it from new stains. They are usually sold in the same stores as bags. There is also a shampoo designed to wash suede material.

If necessary, worn and faded spots can be tinted with spray paint for suede shoes. If there are stubborn stains, then repaint the material in a darker tone. That's all the tricks to get the updated thing.

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