The narrowest washing machine

Washing machine Vestel gain for 6500 rubles - superuzkaya. Do not understand the enigmatic epithet, we decided to try to find out what is the narrow washing machine, find out the cost, to understand why the buyer.

Washing machine is narrow: the physical meaning

What are the current narrow frontal washing machines?

The answer turned out to be difficult to figure out. Superuzkaya term meant: the depth of the washing machine is 37 cm. Width, height remained traditional - 60 and 85 cm, respectively. Weighing 56 kg baby is able to wash 3.5 kg dirty laundry. With front loading type model Vestel BVM 3260 has a removable lid for installation. Efficiency class lame spin: E. But no, experts vying say, above 800 rpm drum must not be twisted, resulting in premature aging of the linen. Only linen, terry towel dry them at a higher rate. Little outputs 600. It fits in the Recommendation.

But there are protection against children, imbalance control, guaranteed by extending the life of the product. The car consumes 39 liters of water per cycle, with energy efficiency class and washing A. The housing is protected against leaks (no hose), 23 programs for all occasions, the most valuable is to prevent creasing.

The advantage of a narrow washing machine

Washers get through at any angle. You think this superuzkaya washing machine really narrow? Just an unfortunate epithet selected dealers. Candy GO3E, yes! 33 cm. 13000 rubles asked not to savings of 4 cm depth:

  1. 1000 revolutions for linen, towels.
  2. The maximum load of 5 kg of dirty laundry.
  3. -Class and energy consumption, C, and A +.!
  4. Water consumption per cycle 45 liters, four! I think it's a minus, because the previous was spending 39? Not at all! Laundry and a half times more than 5 / 3.5 = 1.42 * 39 = 55. Ten liters of savings!
  5. Weight 60 kg! The product weighs more, therefore, it is worth twice as durable.

Never mind that 12 programs, preventing crease there, there is protection against leakage the body. Remember, all things being equal, experts advise taking a narrow washing machine, which has greater loading: saves detergent. Total:

  • It takes up less space;
  • savings, quality is obvious.

Sorry for 6,500 rubles to pay for 4 cm - take the model Indesit, unfastened 7000 rubles. 500 rubles overpayment, 33 cm deep drew off pocket. Loading, however, 4 kg. On Yandex-market talking about 3.5... the experts are wrong - Eldorado rights! Official website of the store instruction supplied. Is a load value. Yandex-market lazy lay.

Classes Energy and laundry A and C, respectively, the number of programs - 16. The worst way? Protection against children deprived! But is there a removable cover for installation.

The compactness of the narrow washing machines

Mathematics narrow washing machines

So, before the eye passed three budget example narrower machines, the thickest is classified as "superuzkie washing machines." 46 cm depth from vendors considered compact size. Located less than 45 passes in the category "narrow washing machines." To figure 45, both of the epithet used (the dealer decides). Finally, a model similar in a depth of 60 cm, called full-size.

Maths! Therefore, the road to the store better to grab a centimeter. Authors encountered instances depth of 48 cm, referred to as "narrow washing machines." The findings do yourself.

In conclusion, the present classification of e-shop:

  1. Superuzkie - 32-38 cm.
  2. Narrow - 40-46 cm.
  3. Full length - 50-60 cm.

We noticed the word "compact" list at all forgotten as the depth of 39 cm. The number 48 does not fall under any classification.

Most-most washing machine

It is easy to see: washing machines present a depth of 32 cm above the figures. Theoretically available almost on the counter look a little chance. Atlanta found a depth of 32.8 cm. Overview of the prize and the title "The narrowest washing machine" awarded products of this little-known brand.

At an average price of 8,000 rubles 35M102 model weighs 54 kg, consumes 39 liters per cycle of 3.5 kg of dirty laundry. Vestel smallness yield, size 2 mm smaller, the price of 1000 rubles above. But the spin speed up to 1000 rpm.

Recall, the experts advised to choose a washing machine with a parameter equal to 800. Like most devices manufactured Commonwealth countries, a winner is provided with protection against power surges, actual domestic grid.

The best of the best

Especially for our readers assembled top 5 best washing machine for the period 2013-2014. Surely the creators creations have paid for the promotion of certain brands, choose wisely, soberly assess the dubious list. Certainly include popular models, so staying on this top, throwing a few targeted advertising is clearly rubbish. Thus, the rating narrow washing machines:

  • C. 6 kg load model Aristo posses AQS63F code mark 29 has a depth of 45 cm, falling into the category narrow. The first thing that attracts attention, classiness:
  1. Consumption A ++;
  2. A wash;
  3. Drying B.

Excellent without exaggeration, even strange that Yandex Market does not sell a single copy. Rumor: a narrow washing machine worth 16,000 rubles. Devoid dryers 1200 drum revolutions would be enough to relieve excess moisture from the laundry before hanging on the balcony. Washing machine is equipped with a full program of useful options, such as foam control, imbalance, leakage protection. The delayed start allows the product to wash at night. Although the rate of extraction of noise is 75 dB, we believe manufacturers have focused on lower cost of energy during the night hours. RF is not yet valid.

Narrow washer

  • Model AWE 7515/1 under two firm Whirlpool number provided with vertical loading, size classify the product is asked to narrow. At a height of 90 cm, the washing machine has a width and depth - 40 and 60 cm, respectively. Loading 5 kg 1000 spin speed makes the machine a worthy competitor to the front narrow washing machines. Klassnost: power, washing, drying - A +, A, C, respectively. Like the previous brand, washing machines and dryers demonstrates a host of options give some:
  1. Ability to stop water;
  2. Weighing of laundry;
  3. Half load;
  4. Foam control;
  5. Protection against leaks;
  6. unbalance control;
  7. Delayed start.

Worth 12,000 rubles.

  • Samsung WF0400N2N for 10,000 rubles load 4 kg, has a depth of 34 cm. In five of the narrowest washing machine. Almost absolute minimum. With a weight of 55 kg unit will provide energy efficiency class, wash, spin - A +, A, C, respectively. Unit operating cycle spends 43 liters. It is worth paying attention to the ceramic heater. In previous models TEN steel, this machine is coated with a protective layer. If properly understand the equipment does not threaten scale, particularly relevant to residents with hard water areas. Limescale leads to an increase in energy deposition as a thickening layer. Steel drum formed by called cellular technology. The holes are arranged in special cavities, less wear underwear, including spin modes.

Narrow washer in the interior

  • WLG 20260 model from Bosch is worth about 13,500 rubles. At a depth of 40 cm will load 5 kg of laundry. Cycle spends 45 liters of water. Classiness: energy consumption, washing, drying - A, A, S.
  • In fifth place again a model with vertical load, dimensions do not differ on the size of washing machines narrow frontal type. 85h40h60. The manufacturer Indesit, codenamed - WITL 861. I am glad that a limit number of rotations, 800 coincides with the number recommended by experts. Spin class is lame: D - not the best indicator. Experts advise to pay attention to the parameter last. At a cost of 12,000 rubles washing machine attracts greedy buyer decent set of options:
  1. Protection against creasing.
  2. unbalance control.
  3. Protection against leaks.
  4. Foam control.

Foaming is controlled to avoid an overdose of detergent. Option directly saves powder.


Briefly considered the possibility of the typical representatives of the class. Now the reader is available to select the best washing machine is narrow. Price determines the number of options, domestic products significantly cheaper. Note: widely presented an overview of the German washing machines assembly, narrow model, Germany is able to do.

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