Is it possible to wash anti-stress toys with balls inside

Anti-stress toys should be washed once a month. Especially if they are used by small children. If the toy just lies on your couch, you can do it 3 times less.

machine Preparation for cleaning

Pre-inspect the material for the presence of stains. If they are present, you can not immediately put a toy in the machine, you must first get rid of stains. Also look at the fabric for minor damage. Perhaps somewhere a button comes off or a seam is diverging. In this case, with a machine wash, you risk finding filler or other parts in the drum, and this may cause it to malfunction.

Fillers for anti-stress toys are made from buckwheat, flaxseed, bamboo and polystyrene balls. The method of cleaning depends on which of these materials was used. Carefully read the fabric tag before proceeding with the cleaning, so as not to damage the toys.

To get rid of stains, use liquid soap, dishwashing detergent, or for washing delicate fabrics. Apply it on the problem area and rub it thoroughly with a sponge, and then leave it for 10-30 minutes, depending on the contamination.

After that, simply rinse the material under running water. To carry out this procedure, pour the filler, if it is buckwheat or flax.

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How to wash

The cleaning method does not depend on the material of the cover. Most often it is made of polyester, and this fabric perfectly tolerates any cleaning. The possibility of washing in a typewriter depends on the material of the filler.

If it consists of flaxseed or buckwheat, then it can not be cleaned at all. In this case, you should pour out the filler and carefully dry it in the sun, and wash the cover by hand. These fillers absorb moisture too well, so they cannot be wetted at all.

If the inside of the product is bamboo or polystyrene balls, it is possible to wash the anti-stress toy either manually or in a typewriter.

Manual method

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Pour into a large basin of warm water( no more than 40 degrees) and dissolve detergent in it. Powder for this purpose cannot be used, otherwise it may be deeply ingested into the fibers of the material and not washed out to the end. It is better to take a special liquid remedy for delicate fabric and mix it thoroughly.

Now lower the toy into the resulting solution and remember it with your hands. Do not overdo it, let your movements be soft and massaging. If you notice that the water immediately became very dirty, drain it and proceed to re-wash with the addition of detergent.

After finishing the procedure, rinse the toy under running water or in a basin and squeeze the material gently. Be careful to twist it while it is prohibited. To maintain the brightness of the paint on the case, add a few drops of ammonia in the water.

After washing, you can use one trick. Apply a little bit of perfume or scented oil with the smell of lavender or sage on the toy. These substances have a soothing effect, which makes the anti-stress thing more effective to use. Yes, and the aroma in the room will be pleasant.

Use the

typewriter. The filler tends to fall out of the cover through small holes in the seam. To prevent this from happening, remove it and wash it in a special bag or a sewn pillowcase or place the entire toy there.

As a detergent, use liquid to clean delicate fabrics, wool or silk. Set the temperature to a level of 30 degrees, and the number of revolutions - no more than 500. The mode should be delicate or manual. Bleach is prohibited.

After washing, wait until the excess water flows into the drum, and proceed to drying. To do this, place the toy in a horizontal position and wrap a clean towel. It is best to spend it in a bright, well-ventilated room. Automatic drying or heating devices are prohibited.

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