How convenient to store packages in the kitchen

In each house, empty plastic bags take up a lot of space, mostly in the kitchen. The question arises how to keep the packages convenient and practical. Despite the fact that many people are accustomed to storing “packages in a package” or in boxes, which is not very convenient and takes up a lot of space, there are a lot of creative ways of storage, which is much more convenient.

Storage Containers from available tools

A basket, box or container is perfect for storing bags. It will be more convenient if you separate small packages of T-shirts from large, plastic from plastic - so they will not be confused with each other.

Packs of napkins. If you have run out of wipes, do not rush to throw out the dispenser, you can store there as usual packages, and for garbage.

A plastic bottle is a very convenient storage place in the kitchen - cut a hole in the middle so large that you can put a roll in there and pull it up to the throat, from there you can get it very conveniently.

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A tea box will serve as an excellent container for small packages. In the middle of the box you need to cut a circle from which the paper bags will fall, you need to fill the container on top of where the lid opens. It can be decorated as desired.

If you do not want to do something yourself, you can buy a dispenser for bags in the store. It may have a different shape and size, usually it is attached to the door under the sink. It is a leaky urn - from each hole you can easily get a package, but they themselves do not fall out.

Dispensers from old clothes. If you have an unnecessary jacket, you can trim the sleeve, put the laces on both sides and ready! Such a thing can be linked by yourself.

For creative and creative hostesses there are a lot of variations for storage: dolls, toys, fairy tale characters, but for such products additional materials and skills of cutting and sewing are necessary. You can engage the child in the process of creating such a bag. Such crafts are very practical and decorate the interior of the kitchen. To sew a doll, you will need: a piece of calico, colorful fabric and decoration for the dress, eyes for soft toys. Before sewing, you need to make a pattern - cut the doll's head and hands out of paper, sew it from a coarse calico and fill it with wool for volume. Then sew a blouse for a doll to fit the body, sew a skirt and a second layer of skirt covered with a rubber band - this will be exactly the place where you will get the bags.

There is a similar version of the doll, but much simpler. Take the usual bag of beautiful colors and at the bottom of a tight elastic band. It will look good despite its simplicity.

Any of these options can be placed anywhere: most often for convenience, they are mounted on the door under the sink, small organizers - on the wall near the sink or on the cabinet. If these are containers, select a separate shelf or drawer for them.

How to fold

packages The original container is small for easy storage of bags. It is important to choose the most suitable and economical way to store them. Consider a few of them.

  • "Corners" - the most common and convenient form of storage. Spread the bag, fold it in half 2 times. Then bend the corners from right to left and from left to right, continue to swap the corners to the handles. It turned out a pocket in which to stick the handle. Done! Very practical, suitable for bags of any size.
  • Bags from clothing stores also take up space, but they don’t have to be thrown away, they can be useful in the household. Fold them the size of an envelope and lay them on top of each other in a shoebox. If you have a lot of little things that you have nowhere to store - take a cardboard gift bag and fill it with small things. Put them in a closet or closet, they will not take up space and you will always remember where you put small things.
  • The next way, which will save a lot of space in the kitchen: you need to straighten the bag, then roll it in half 3 times, you get a narrow strip. Wind it up with 2 fingers, then twist the handles and put them on the folded bag. This method is more suitable for small packets of T-shirts.
  • We fold the bag with the cutting handle: fold it in half, turn the corners to the handles as in the first version, fold the handles on the corner and tuck the corner into a corner.

Having connected creativity and imagination, you can make excellent and functional containers for storing packages in the kitchen, the main thing is to find a suitable place. The above methods will help save space, time and decorate the kitchen with interesting products made with your own hands.

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