Built-in electric oven: which one is better to choose?

  • Electric oven - principle of operation and interior arrangement
  • How to choose: key parameters
  • The best oven manufacturers
  • The best models of built-in ovens

Modern home appliances make your daily life and household management great. With high-quality technology nice to deal with. A striking example is the electric oven - a device that is increasingly preferred by our housewives. With him, the process of cooking turns into an exciting and uncomplicated exercise, and the food turns out to be appetizing and harmless. But how to choose a really reliable, functional and convenient wardrobe? The answer to this question can be found in our review. We also prepared a ranking of the best electric ovens in 2018 and did not forget about the recommendations for choosing the most optimal model.

Electric oven - principle of operation and interior arrangement

The electric oven is heated with the help of internal heating elements. As a rule, these heating elements are located on three sides in the walls of the cabinet, which allows for uniform heating and baking of the dish. Modern models are equipped with a convection fan, which constantly mixes streams of cold and hot air inside the oven. This makes it possible to speed up and improve the cooking process, as well as steam cooking, which means to please yourself and your family with a healthy and dietary meal.

A grill is located at the top of the electric ovens. Due to this, our dishes turn out to have a ruddy crust, and the meat acquires an incomparable aroma, but retains its richness and texture density.

Modern ovens have such convenient devices as a spit and a temperature probe. Skewer is traditionally used for cooking large pieces of meat, but, as practice shows, in everyday life it is rather an excess.

Temperature probe helps to control the temperature inside the dish. With such a device you can avoid serving raw dishes - undercooked pies or undercooked meat.

A good oven has telescopic guides for the pan. With such "telescopes" you will not turn over your food container and will not "aim", trying to get into the groove of the oven.

You can not ignore the oven door. In the classic version of electric ovens, the door opens traditionally - from the top down. But a more convenient option is the side opening of the oven door - then nothing prevents you from coming close to the oven and comfortably grabbing a heavy and hot baking tray.

Well, when the oven door is made of heat-resistant glass - so you can visually control the cooking process inside the oven. However, we advise you to purchase a model with double glass, and better - with removable glass - so that they are easier to wash. After all, the thicker the glass - the better the insulation.

The electric oven can be controlled using electronics or mechanical controls. The latter are simple and reliable, there is simply nothing to break. This model also hit the rating of the best-selling ovens for 2017.The electronics are more sensitive, but at the same time they provide more opportunities for adjusting and controlling cooking — temperature, working time, etc.

How your oven will be equipped depends on your personal preferences, material capabilities and tasks your device will have to perform.

How to choose: main parameters

Technical indicators that will help you choose one model from many others are:

  1. Dimensions .Electric built-in ovens can be full-size, compact or narrow. Often, the difference in height and width. The standard oven has parameters of about 50-60 cm. In smaller versions - 5-10 cm less.
  2. Oven scope .From the dimensions of the oven depends on the working volume. The full-size oven holds 55-65 liters, but the compact and narrow ones are about 35-45 liters. If you cook a lot and often - it makes sense to allocate more free space for the device. If you have a small family and have no time for culinary delights, you can save money and buy a small built-in oven.
  3. Energy Efficiency .There are generally accepted standards - the most economical appliances belong to Class A and B. But in general, it should be noted that any selected electric oven consumes from 2 to 4 kW.
  4. The degree of protection .Advanced models have auto-shutdown functions in case of overheating, blocking and protection against unauthorized clicks, tangential cooling technology is also used - removal of hot air and intake of a cold bottom door.
  5. Cleaning .It can be traditional manual or catalytic, when the pollution is removed during cooking, steam - during the evaporation of liquids and detergents, pyrolytic - the burning of dirt and grease at 500 °.
  6. Temperature modes .For normal use, an operating temperature limit of 200-220 ° C is sufficient.
  7. Remote control .Ovens have become so "advanced" that they can be controlled remotely - from a smartphone or tablet. It can be considered an unnecessary function, but on the other hand, it is convenient.

So, which recessed electric oven is better to choose - economical or full-sized, with many additional functions and devices or simple, and which is the most reliable option? Sure, after you read our rating of the best manufacturers and the most optimal models, the answer to this question will become obvious.

The best manufacturers of ovens

Perhaps the most discussed on the Internet were Bosch ovens. Over the past couple of years, the developers of this company have offered a lot of interesting solutions - an improved thermal probe, steam convection, the use of residual heat and much more. The vast majority of buyers are pleased with the purchased electric ovens and are happy to write out positive reviews about this technique.

According to experts, more productive and reliable ovens belong to Whirpool, durable and high-quality ones are from Miele and Siemens, it is better to look for budget options from HANSA, stylish and multifunctional ones are made by Gorenje and Hotpoint-Ariston.

We continue our rating review of electric ovens and consider specific models that are actively buying online and discussing on forums.

The best models of built-in ovens

The most budget built-in electric oven - Zanussi OPZB0110X( volume in 58 l, A-class energy consumption, separate lower and upper heating), Siemens HB23AB620R( 67 l, child protection, 5 cooking modes).

Novelty on selling sites - Whirlpool AKZM 8380 IXL: spacious, but economical, 73l volume, A + energy consumption class, baking modes, defrosting, heat preservation, turbogrill, etc.

The best classic ovens - Gorenje BO 87-ORA-W( 8 programs, three levels of one-time cooking, touch control), Bosch HBA23BN21( 62 l, grill, 7 heating modes).

In the category “ price-quality ”, the model Hotpoint-Ariston FT 850.1 OW hit the rating: 56 l, sound timer, backlight.

Electrooven + microwave - Zanussi ZKC 54451 XA: 43 l, automatic protection against overheating, electronic control.

Steaming - Zanussi ZOS 35802 XD: 74 l, A-class, 3 cooking levels, cooling fan.

The most popular oven with mechanical control. - Samsung NV70H3350CB: 70 l, catalysis cleaning system.

Popular hybrid model - Bosch HGN22F350: 60 l, gas bottom heating, electric top heating, three glass on the door.

Closes our rating of the best small electric oven BOSCH HBC 34D553: A-class, 32 l, steam cooking.

We told everything we knew about the built-in electric ovens. Now you are aware of what to look for when choosing such an appliance, and also, you know and can tell friends-relatives, which models were in the rating of the best electric ovens of 2018.

With a quality oven, your dinners will be tastier, and the homely atmosphere will be cozier and warmer. Enjoy your meal!

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