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It is difficult to meet someone who has not used a modern electric kettle at least once. Electric kettles practically supplanted their traditional counterparts. Just press the button and literally in 1-2 minutes you can enjoy your favorite hot drink.

Correctly finding such a seemingly banal electrical appliance is in fact not easy. In appearance, a beautiful model can disappoint with unpleasant odors, long heating, unsuccessful design of the handle or spout and other shortcomings. In order not to have to guess, we have prepared a short rating of the best electric kettles. In our review, we divided all the electric kettles, depending on what material their body is made of.

. Plastic case.

The most budget models are made of this material. They look quite good, but their quality depends on what kind of plastic they are made of. In total 2 options are applied:

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  • polypropylene;
  • polycarbonate.

The first is quite dangerous. When heated to more than 200 degrees, formaldehyde is released - a very hazardous material. The second is much better. However, such a plastic is significantly more expensive.

Philips HD4678

One of the most decent plastic electric kettles. The “chip” of the device is the presence of a stepped thermostat. If desired, you can independently set the temperature of water heating: 100, 90 or 70 degrees. An additional advantage is the automatic shutdown of the device when removed from the stand. It is no longer necessary to repeatedly press the shutdown button. In this case, the appliance is not too big. Its flask holds only 1.2 liters of fluid. For a large family, this may not be enough.


  • step thermostat;
  • nice appearance;
  • built-in filter;
  • fast heating;
  • good value.


  • small volume;
  • smells like plastic for a long time;
  • after boiling off not immediately, but after a few seconds.

Bosch TWK 3A011 /3A013/3A014/ 3A017

Excellent model from a reputable manufacturer. The kettle, although not equipped with a thermostat, is in fact captivating for its build quality and ease of use.

The model has a swiveling, fully removable cover. So there will be no problems with washing the inside. The volume is quite traditional - 1.7 l, the spout is comfortable, when tilting the water flows where it is needed and does not spread to the sides. For lovers of design innovations, 4 colors are available. You can choose the option for any interior. To protect against overheating, a special lock is provided. It will not allow the device to turn on when there is no water in it.


  • wide selection of colors;
  • power - 2.4 kWh;
  • lock on without water;
  • large flask volume;
  • fully removable cover;
  • cord storage compartment;
  • attractive price.


  • smells like plastic at first;
  • works quite noisy;
  • power cord short.

Tefal BF 9251 Silver Ion

Modern technology from a popular manufacturer. The kettle attracts with an interesting solution - it contains silver ions for additional protection against germs and bacteria. Excellent power - 2.4 kWh, sufficient capacity - 1.7 liters. To prevent accidental opening of the cover, it can be securely locked.


  • capacity;
  • blocking the cover from accidentally opening;
  • design;
  • fast heating fluid;
  • ergonomic spout for water;
  • price.


  • is noisy;
  • can bounce on the stand at the time of boiling.

Philips HD 4646

Completes the TOP-best electric kettles with plastic flasks model from the company Philips.a fairly powerful( 2.4 kWh) unit will quickly boil the desired volume of water. At the same time you do not risk to overfill too much, the device has a two-way indication of the level. The lid is not removable, but it opens wide enough. TEN flat, traditional. The stand supports rotation angle of 360.

Positive qualities:

  • no plastic smell;
  • quickly heats the water;
  • convenient inclusion;
  • normal price.


  • not too large flask volume( 1.5 l);
  • case is not solid( inserts to determine the level may leak over time);
  • no built-in backlight.

Electric Kettles made of metal

Such devices are a bit more expensive. But they are much stronger, do not carry foreign smells and are much safer for the body. The only exception is the teapots with aluminum housing. In the process of boiling, such models saturate water with oxides, which should not be eaten. Of course, this will not cause significant harm, but you should not leave water in aluminum kettles for a long time.

Philips HD9358

If you decide to buy a metal appliance, pay attention to the Philips company electric kettle. A 2.2 kWh power makes it possible to warm up the available volume( 1.7 l) quickly enough. The body is a beautiful blue - very unusual. The unit provides a good protection system: the cover is blocked + protection against switching on without water.

The device switches itself off when removed from the stand. There is a built-in filter, an indicator of inclusion and water level indicator.


  • interesting design;
  • does not leave fingerprints on the surface;
  • beautiful and functional lights;
  • cord storage compartment;
  • is fairly quiet;
  • comfortable wide nose;
  • build quality;
  • water indicator.


  • walls get hot enough.

Bosch TWK 1201N

This is one of the best-selling electrical appliances for last year’s estimates. The kettle has an attractive design and is quite democratic. It does not have too much power - 1.8 kWh, but the volume is enough for a family of 3-4 people( 1.7 liters).

The kettle heats up quickly enough, the lid is locked. The model does not provide for water level control. This fact can be attributed to both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, in order to see the amount of fluid, you need to look inside. On the other hand, it is the “windows” of control that often become sources of leakage.


  • solid metal bulb;
  • lack of extraneous odors;
  • strength;
  • excellent capacity;
  • budget cost.


  • fastenings of a cover "walk" a little;
  • polished surface "collects" fingerprints;
  • cord is not long enough.

Delonghi KBOV 2001

Powerful metal kettle with a standard volume of 1.7 liters. There are no special extra features. The model impresses with its simple, reliability and build quality. Kettle very quickly and without boiling water boils. The difference is a very interesting look in the style of "retro".


  • nice design;
  • wide range of colors;
  • quality and reliability;
  • good capacity;
  • comfortable grip;
  • curved nose;
  • no odor;
  • removable cover;
  • matte case.


  • walls heat up;
  • is expensive.

Tefal KI 150D Good Value

A great option for those who are used to minimalism. There is nothing superfluous in this device. Durable metal body is not afraid of falling at all and is perfectly protected from leakage. The lid is completely removable, because the device is very easy to clean the inside. Standard volume - 1.7 l.


  • robust case;
  • lack of extraneous odors;
  • removable cover;
  • capacious flask;
  • leakage protection;
  • reasonable price.


  • a bit noisy;
  • there is no power indicator;
  • there are no "windows" to control the water level.

Metal-plastic case

Combined-case kettles are also quite popular. The only thing you should pay attention to is exactly where the metal and plastic join. When heated, these materials expand in different ways. So with long and improper use of these kettles can give a leak.

Bosch TWK 8611 /8613/ 8617

Begins the review of a popular German manufacturer. Different numbers in the model name only indicate the presence of a wide range of colors. The kettle successfully combines stylish design and thoughtful functionality. Well, the traditional German quality does not require comments.

The device is equipped with a filter for the prevention of scale, a locking lid, indicators of inclusion and liquid level. The walls are double, so burn will not work. In addition, such a device provides additional noise insulation, so the kettle is very quiet.

For ease of use, there is a 4 position thermostat. You can independently set the temperature from 100 to 70 degrees. Even if you are very busy, the kettle will “wait” and keep the set temperature for half an hour.


  • thermostat;
  • heating system;
  • double wall flask;
  • silent operation;
  • cable storage hole;
  • optional filter;
  • beep.


  • fixed cover;The
  • signal is very loud.

Redmond SkyKettle M170S

A wonder device for those who love the latest technology. This kettle can be controlled using an application on a computer or smartphone. In order to warm the water, you do not even have to get up from the couch.

The device has a built-in thermostat for 6 positions, that is, you can set the desired water temperature. There is a transparent window for visual determination of the fluid level. Inside is an additional filter for cutting off scale.


  • beautiful appearance;
  • electronic control;
  • thermostat;
  • cord compartment;
  • sound indication;
  • LED-backlit keys.


  • squeaks very loudly;
  • does not turn off on its own, only when the “Stop” button is pressed;
  • is very expensive.

Tefal KO 371 Safe to touch

Electric kettle with a very interesting design. The combination of plastic and metal in the body of the device makes it as easy as possible and at the same time practical. When using this model, your tea will not smell like plastic, because the inner flask is metallic and has no extraneous odors.

Double walls will protect against burns and provide additional sound insulation. In addition, this design is allowed to retain heat longer by analogy with a thermos.


  • interesting appearance;
  • high quality and fast heating;
  • metal flask;
  • quiet operation;
  • proven company;
  • excellent build.


  • not very large volume - 1.5 liters;
  • no thermostat;
  • is above average.

Galaxy GL0307( 2016)

This kettle also has double walls, which provides good thermal and noise insulation. Its heating parameters are fairly standard: power - 2 kWh, volume - 1.7 l. Among the popular features, you can note the lock when trying to turn on an empty device, as well as the light indication of inclusion.


  • one-piece flask( will not flow anywhere);
  • wide nose;
  • silent operation;
  • double walls;
  • there is no extraneous odors;
  • lock with empty flask;
  • there is a button to open the lid( snap);
  • various colors.


  • very short cord;
  • cover is not removable;
  • missing scale filter.


A chic choice for aesthetes and gourmets. Such a kettle will not only decorate your home, but also make tea drinking long and enjoyable. Due to its heat-conducting properties, ceramics itself keeps its temperature for a long time. So if you often forget that you were going to drink tea and boil water several times, this may be the best option. True, such a kettle will heat up a little longer than the traditional ones.

Gorenje K10C

An excellent kettle for a family of 2 people. Heats up quickly enough in about 4-5 minutes. Noise at the same time produces a minimum. Water boiled in such a kettle will not have any extraneous odors. The lid and handle do not heat up, so you do not risk getting burned. Thanks to the original colors, this device will become a real decoration of your kitchen.


  • on indication;
  • lack of extraneous odors;
  • nice design;
  • lock operation with an empty flask;
  • easy to clean;
  • long keeps the temperature.


  • small volume - 1 l;
  • heavy;
  • there is no filter for cutting off scale.

Kelli KL-1450

A very beautiful and roomy model. The kettle has a volume of 1.8 liters and a rather large capacity( 2 kWh).So it’s not a long time to boil.

The protection system is represented by a light indication of switching on and blocking from dry operation. You can rotate the kettle on the base in any position. The device works almost silently, and the scale in it forms very little.


  • good capacity;
  • power;
  • quiet operation;
  • keeps its temperature for a long time;
  • high-quality protection system;
  • there are no smells;
  • normal price.


  • heavy;
  • does not turn off for a long time after boiling;
  • there is no thermostat;
  • cover is not removable.

Zimber ZM-10988 /10989/ 10990

The rating continues a much less powerful and roomy model. This kettle "eats" only 1 kWh of electricity and has a bulb capacity of about 1.2 liters. But parting pleases with quality materials, good assembly and durability of use.

Like all ceramic kettles, the appliance keeps its temperature for a long time. Due to this, it is quite realistic to save a little on electricity.



  • is eco-friendly;
  • is quite light as for ceramics;
  • reasonable price.


  • slightly slides the base;
  • small volume;
  • missing built-in filter.

Polaris PWK 1731CC

Completes the review of ceramic models with a powerful and voluminous teapot from PolarisA distinctive feature of this model is a fully removable cover, which greatly facilitates the care of the device. For a snug fit, a special rubber insert is provided on the cover. The kettle is quiet, does not slide on the table thanks to the silicone legs. The case is integral, the level scale is located inside. Instead of a protective filter for removing scale, a ceramic mesh is used.

Positive aspects:

  • decoration of any kitchen;
  • quickly heats the water;
  • cools down for a long time;
  • no smell;
  • reasonable price.


  • heavy;
  • missing thermostat;
  • no external fluid level.

Glass Enclosure

Glass is the most inert material on the planet. It does not absorb odors, melts poorly. He is unable to "eat" no acid, except hydrofluoric acid. This kettle will be the most environmentally friendly and safe.

If the first glass electric kettles were rather fragile and were easily broken during careless handling, then modern models are made of high-strength heat-resistant glass. Such devices can survive even a fall from a small height.

Rommelsbacher TA 1400

The cost of this appliance is quite high. However, this is more than offset by a wide range of functions. First of all, it is a multistage thermostat that offers 5 heating modes: from 100 to 50 degrees. The base is an information display on which all set parameters are clearly visible.

The model is able to maintain heat for a certain time. There is also a liquid level indicator. For convenience, the device is equipped with a teapot. The device can be placed on the base as you like. This feature especially pleases left-handers.


  • wide functionality;
  • normal volume - 1.7 liters;
  • stylish design;
  • virtually silent operation;
  • brew maker;
  • informative display;
  • beautiful lighting;
  • removable cover;
  • rubber feet.


  • not very high power - 1.4 kWh;
  • heats up for quite a while;
  • high price.

Clatronic WK 3501 G

Continues to review a powerful unit from the company Klatronik. Standard volume( 1.7 l) warms up literally in 5–7 minutes. The spiral is closed, the water level indicator is provided.

The cover of this model is also removable, so that its washing and cleaning will not be difficult. Since the flask of the device is made of heat-resistant glass, you will not feel any extraneous odors. In general, the electric kettle is quite reliable, durable and has an attractive appearance.


  • average power - 2.2 kWh;
  • no odors;
  • heat resistant glass flask;
  • nice appearance;
  • automatic shutdown when boiling;
  • silent operation;
  • removable cover;
  • good price.


  • there is no filter for cutting off scale;
  • there is no backlight;
  • does not provide a thermostat.

Bosch TWK – 70A 03

An even more powerful electric kettle( 2.4 kWh) with a standard capacity( 1.7 l).Beautiful glass case looks just great, easy to clean. There is a protection against the inclusion of "dry".The model turns off automatically when it is lifted from the base, the device can “boast” with a convenient handle, weighs a little.


  • powerful;
  • auto power off;
  • volumetric flask;
  • power indicator;
  • build quality;
  • is provided with a scale filter;
  • blocking system without water;
  • is beautiful, stylish.


  • there is no compartment for storing electrical wires;
  • glossy body collects "fingers";
  • cost is above average.

Scarlett SC-1024( 2013)

The Scarlett beautiful low-priced electric kettle completes the rating. Hostesses appreciated the pleasant blue backlight of the water when turned on. There is a built-in level indicator. The device can be placed on a stand with a handle in any direction. If the water level is insufficient, the kettle turns off automatically.


  • beautiful;
  • has a built-in backlight;
  • level indicator;
  • normal power and volume( 2.2 kWh, 1.7 l);
  • budget cost.


  • short cord;
  • fixed cover;
  • not very high quality filter;
  • the first time you can smell the plastic from the cover.


We hope that our ranking of the best electric kettles will help you make the right choice. When you are going to buy, determine for yourself the most important criteria to which you will pay attention. So, you will be able to resist the persuasion of consultants and acquire exactly the device that will meet all stated requirements.

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