How to wash, clean and dry a quilt

A procedure like washing a quilt frightens many. The filler is very capricious and if the manufacturer made the product poorly, then it will only have to be thrown out. Consider how to wash a quilt.

Automatic cleaning

If you need to wash a cotton blanket at home, it will easily fit in an automatic machine. With a large product everything is more complicated. Here you need to estimate in advance the approximate weight when it gets wet. Otherwise, household appliances may break.

If you still decide on an automatic wash, you need to use the following parameters:

  1. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  2. Preferably choose manual or delicate wash mode.
  3. Set only the lowest number of turns for spinning.
  4. It is better to replace usual laundry detergent with liquid analog. In this case, there will be no money left in the fibers of the fabric.
  5. If possible, it is better to turn off the automatic spin mode, and remove the excess moisture manually.
In order to roll up the cotton wool not so much, we recommend putting several tennis balls along with a blanket.

After the blanket has been cleaned in the washing machine, immediately give it a thorough drying. This will help avoid large lumps. It is better to do this in the open air in the unfolded form. In this case, the risk of inside mold and yellow stains will be minimized.

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Manual cleaning

If you do not trust the washing machine, you can clean the blanket with your own hands. And it does not matter whether it is a child or an adult. It is worth noting right away that for this you must have plenty of free time. To clean the home quilt prepare the following:

  • warm water;
  • liquid laundry detergent;
  • chopped laundry soap;
  • stain remover;
  • sponge or brush with stiff bristles.

If the pollution is large, then it is better to soak the product. To do this, pour water into the bath, add cleaning agent and put a blanket. In another case, we suggest to stay on the surface cleaning. Do everything according to the instructions:

  1. Before processing, be sure to shake out all the dust. Spread out on a hard horizontal surface.
  2. We dissolve the soap and laundry detergent in warm water.
  3. Take a sponge or a brush, dip it into the working solution and begin to rub the stain thoroughly. If necessary, treat the entire surface. For persistent organic contaminants, use stain remover.
  4. Remove cleaning agent residue with a clean sponge and cool water.
  5. Dry your bedding thoroughly.
Ideally, twisting a blanket filled with cotton wool is not allowed. All excess moisture should drain on its own.

Many experts do not allow the use of a quilt for several years. In its upholstery bed mites are easily wound up.

Alternative method

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You can clean the blanket at home with steam. This method is considered more benign. Not only stains are removed, but disinfection from various microbes also occurs. For this cleaning, a regular steamer iron or a special steam generator is suitable.

Using steam cleaning, you remove not only pollution, but also unpleasant odors.

All about drying

To dry a quilt you need strictly on a horizontal surface, which is located on the street under the sun. If weather conditions do not allow, be sure to use heating devices. Beat the filler thoroughly.

It is strictly forbidden to hang a quilt to dry on a rope. The filler is all lumpy and can only be thrown away.

Additional Recommendations

The following tips will help keep the cotton blanket properly:

  1. If you decide to wash the product, then do it only in sunny weather, which is favorable for drying. Humidity helps mold and bacteria in the filler.
  2. So that after washing there are no divorces left before you trust the washing machine, wash all the stains with warm water and soap.
  3. During drying, do not leave the blanket unattended. To avoid lumps, constantly beat the product with your hands and knead the filler.
  4. If you feel that you can not cope with washing yourself, you can use a professional dry-cleaner. But here, a positive result is not guaranteed. In some dry cleaners such products are not accepted.
  5. It is impossible to soak a blanket before washing, either in warm or in cold water.
  6. Constantly take out the blanket to fresh air under the sun's rays. This is prevention from the accumulation of ticks and germs.

Now you can not be afraid that the soiled blanket can only be thrown away. With our recipes and methods, you can try to remove any pollution at home and return the product to its original appearance.

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