How to wash boxing gloves: 10 effective ways to eliminate the unpleasant smell


  • 1 Why dangerous water?
  • 2 Basic literacy washing: 6 Rules
    • 2.1 Getting rid of odor: 5 folk remedies
    • 2.2 Getting rid of odor: 5 chemical means
    • 2.3 How to dry the gloves?
  • 3 Summary
Leather Gloves for sports require very careful treatment during readingsLeather Gloves for sports require very careful treatment during readings

Boxing Gloves - irreplaceable thing and expensive. And after a few workouts you have to think, how to remove the smell of boxing gloves. The case is laborious, because the skin is afraid of water and chemicals. But I know a few ways to solve the problem - they are to you and tell you!

Why dangerous water?

The first question that should be considered before cleaning it is possible to erase the boxing gloves at all. In fact, washable leather things do not recommend. This is for a number of reasons:

Photo Description
table_pic_att15020451821 Cause 1

Improper drying or aggressive washing lead to the hardening of natural leather and leatherette just cracked.

table_pic_att15020451882 Cause 2

When wet low-quality filler, most likely, tangled, which will lead to the final product spoilage.

reason 3

Gloves for sports, usually dried for a long time, since they are dense and full of filler. This in turn causes the active dissemination of the bacteria, which can give off an unpleasant odor and cause irritation to human skin.

Basic literacy washing: 6 Rules

Boxing gloves can not bear water, so it is best to wash their own hands, or rather, to wash. Precision washing technology is not, I can only give some guidance.

Remember, using water, you do so at your own risk - low-quality leatherette can easily crack.

Basic Rules:

  1. Soak inventory can be not more than 4 hours water at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees.
  2. Try to avoid water from entering inside.
  3. Soft sponge to rub stains out, not with a stiff brush - inside.
  4. Do not remove and squeeze the glove, and whisk the water, tapping them against each other.
  5. Do not forget to wash the bandages boxing separately, preferably after each workout.
  6. If you decide to send equipment to the washing machine, set the mode without spinning and with a temperature of no more than 30 degrees.

Wash the car does not kill the bacteria, so the addition should be disinfected gloves.

In the check response of the material to the selected means the washing of leather glovesIn the check response of the material to the selected means the washing of leather gloves

Getting rid of odor: 5 folk remedies

How to get rid of the smell of boxing gloves - the most exciting problem during cleaning sports equipment. I will talk about troubleshooting techniques soak up "flavors". But first let us turn to the care recommendations:

  1. Before putting on gloves, wrap bandages on hands for boxing - they absorb sweat.
  2. Wear gloves in a separate plastic bag to avoid the absorption of foreign odors.
  3. Be sure to dry the equipment after each workout.
Photo instruction
Method 1. Salt
  1. Dissolve in warm salt water in a ratio of 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.
  2. The solution soak gloves at night.
table_pic_att15020451984 Method 2. low temperatures
  1. Wrap the gloves in the package.
  2. Remove the bundle in the freezer for 2-3 days.
  3. After extraction, thoroughly dry the equipment.
table_pic_att15020452005 Method 3. Vinegar
  1. Moisten a cotton ball in vinegar.
  2. Put the cotton wool inside - vinegar will destroy bacteria and odor.
  3. After the procedure properly ventilate the thing.
table_pic_att15020452046 Method 4. tea bags

Immediately after training put into each glove for teabag.

Instead of tea, you can use dried plants - mint, lavender, oak bark.

Method 5. Hydrogen peroxide
  1. Pour the entire bottle into the gloves.
  2. Shake well.
  3. A minute later, pour peroxide.
  4. Ventilate for 2-3 days.

Getting rid of odor: 5 chemical means

Prevent odors help correct care of boxing gloves. To eliminate smell, enough to use special deodorant or antibacterial sprays throughout the entire time of operation.

Instead of expensive products, designed specifically for the gloves can be used for shoe care products - their composition is almost identical, and the shoe means more available and cheaper.

Photo Description
table_pic_att15020452067 Means 1. Collonil

Price: 1200-1500 rubles

Features: Universal spray for all materials. It has the unique ability to remove any odors with high efficiency. One bottle is enough for a long time, but the result will not take long.

table_pic_att15020452078 Means 2. Hatch

Price: 120-150 rubles

Features: spray neutralizes odor. Its antibacterial components retard the growth of microorganisms process causing the unpleasant odor. It has antiseptic properties and pleasant natural odor.

Means 3. Salamander

Price: 200-300 rubles

properties: Antibacterial spray having fungicidal action, reliably preventing the occurrence of odors for a long time.

Recommended for use in a couple of hours before the operation of the shoe or glove - it takes time to absorb it.

table_pic_att15020452139 Means 4. Cliven

Price: 180-250 rubles

Features: Italian cosmetics brand for leather and leather substitutes. A spray bottle has a liquid consistence, has antibacterial and antimicrobial effect.

To eliminate the smell of the product is recommended to leave at rest for 5-6 hours.

table_pic_att150204521910 Means 5. NO STINK

Price: 750-850 rubles

properties: Deodorant in the form of pads to be placed after each workout in the boxing gloves. The natural properties of natural charcoal to absorb moisture inside the gloves, as well as kill bacteria.

How to dry the gloves?

The material from which made boxing gloves - thick, and a layer of filler within the product contributes to its long drying - about seven days. During this period gloves bacteria can multiply, it is desirable to speed up the drying process.

The ideal option - it is a dryer for boxing gloves, which can be purchased at any sporting goods store. An alternative to this device are:

  • Crumpled newspaper;
  • dryer for shoes;
  • hair dryer.

It is not necessary to dry the gloves on a hot radiator or in the sun - it will damage the material.

Dryer boxing gloves provide complete drying, pulling moisture from the insideDryer boxing gloves provide complete drying, pulling moisture from the inside


I told him about all the ways that I could try. All of them really work - try it yourself! All your questions and additions will be glad to read in the comments.

For information on how to take care of boxing gloves to wash them had as little as possible, you will learn from the video in this article.

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