What to do to make jeans fit

buying things, we hope that they will always keep its good looks, but after they put on several times, they are stretched and do not look attractive. Today we look at ways to reduce the size of your favorite stretched jeans.

Why jeans are stretched

When we come to the store and the purchase does not suit us, the seller often says: "The thing will stretch, you need to be a little like it."Therefore, experts advise to buy jeans for 1-2 sizes smaller.

Why are they stretched? Because it is their natural property, try to tear off the cotton thread while sewing. Immediately this will not work, it will drag on for some time for your hand.

Jeans also consist of cotton threads, but more dense. No wonder that the status of the sock item of clothing has been attached to them. This is because the cotton, though not immediately, but after some time stretches.

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But natural jeans, unlike synthetic fabrics, which either do not stretch at all, or have rubberized fibers in their composition;they cannot return to the opposite state independently. So after a while our favorite pants or shorts become baggy. They no longer have that form, and they do not sit on the figure like that.

Tip: if you want your pants to always sit on you just like in a store, buy a product of the same model, only 1 size smaller.

In fact, there is nothing terrible if the jeans have lost their shape, because there are enough ways to return it to its former look!

What types of jeans exist

Before you wash your favorite pants, you need to know which fabrics are affected and which are not. There are quite a few options in the stores now.

  1. The main thing is that under no circumstances should we boil or wash clothes made of synthetics in hot water. Since it simply loses its appearance, and not only does not change the size, but also becomes simply unsuitable for socks.
  2. Shrink to fit. This is a certain type of fabric that shrinks only during the first wash, so the subsequent ones, unfortunately, will not give any effect. Such a product can only be reduced by suturing.
  3. Stretch. This pants or shorts that sit on the figure. And in advance, they should "pull" on you. If they become big for you, there are two options: either you have lost weight, or the fibers of the stretch have burst and cannot be restored. If you erase them, it does not help.

In any other case, all the options described below will suit you and help your thing return to its former appearance, making it fit.


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The very first option that may come to mind is to wash a thing. After all, every housewife knows that the fabric after washing at a high temperature sits down. This is especially noticeable on jeans. Every time we put on freshly washed trousers, it seems to us that we have recovered a bit, although this is not so. In order for your stretched shorts or pants to return to their previous form and they sat down, you just need to wash them in hot water. There are two ways:

  • wash manually;
  • do it in the washing machine.

But the second option will be more effective. And all because your hands are unlikely to be able to withstand washing at a temperature of 90 degrees. That is why a washing machine would be the best option. To do this, you need:

  1. Download denim product in the washing machine.
  2. Choose a temperature of 90 degrees or higher.
  3. Select intensive spin.

After you run this algorithm, the thing you need will be one, or even several sizes smaller!

Wiping by hand will also be an effective method, however, such a result, as after a typewriter, cannot be achieved. But if you don’t have an electrical assistant, then you shouldn’t despair, you can remove a few centimeters by hand too!

Tip: in order not to spoil the fabric, use products that do not contain bleach.


Our mothers and grandmothers used this method. It is quite simple to use, for this you will need to find a large bucket or pot and be stuffy in the kitchen.

In order for jeans to sit down after boiling it is necessary: ​​

  1. Mix the powder with warm water so that the solution turns out to be concentrated.
  2. Put the necessary thing in the solution.
  3. Bring to a boil.
  4. Boil for about 30 minutes.

If you have heard what boiled jeans are and you don’t really like them, this option is not for you. As a rule, after boiling the product changes its color and moreover, unevenly. Therefore, if you are not prepared for such sacrifices, it is better not to risk it.

Tip: so that the pants do not change color, before washing them - dissolve the powder in water, and do not pour on separate sections of fabric.


Also another fixing method for jeans to wear is proper drying. It will not only help reduce the size of the product, but also keep its shape.

  1. The first way is to hang up the pants for drying or a clothesline, without straightening them or pulling them. But they must be well wrung out so that the flowing water does not pull them down.
  2. Another way is to put your pants on a cloth. It will absorb all the moisture, and pants dry out without the influence of gravity, which will keep their shape.
  3. And the last is hot drying in a washing machine. If you have such a function - it is perfect to keep the resulting size. If not, then an alternative would be a battery - just do not forget to put a towel or any other cloth under your pants so that there are no yellow streaks. Can be dried on a hot summer day in the sun. If the weather is cloudy and the batteries are cold, you can use the laundry service, which has specialized drying machines.
Tip: So that the product does not deteriorate during washing, turn it on the wrong side.

It is impossible to say with certainty which method is the most effective, and which is not; all of them will help you to make your favorite products fit in one or even several sizes.

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