How to wash eco-leather in a washing machine

Eco-leather is a new generation of high-quality materials. Clothes made of it are comfortable, durable, well breathable and do not cause allergies. An additional advantage is that this material is not subject to strong contamination and is quite easy to clean. However, from time to time there is a need to refresh such a thing, and then the owners of fashionable dresses from eco-leather ask themselves: can they be washed without harm to the product?

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care. Eco-leather is a material with a cotton base and a layer of polyurethane applied on it. The coating is waterproof, it does not let in moisture and does not accumulate dirt. In this regard, it is very easy to care for him.

In the case when any contamination appears on the surface of the clothes, it is enough to wash them with clean water. This can also be done with a wet wipe. But sometimes there is a need to wash such a product.

Dress belongs to the body of objects that are in direct contact with the skin. As a rule, eco-leather clothing of this type has a lining that, when worn on a daily basis, absorbs secretions of the human body( sweat, sebum, etc.).Therefore, despite the fact that the outer coating can remain fairly clean, the entire product as a whole needs thorough cleaning.

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Many models of dresses may not consist entirely of ecological material, but have inserts of it, combined with a fabric cloth. Such clothes should also be washed.

In order to find out whether it is possible to wash a similar product in a typewriter, you need to examine the label with information from the clothing manufacturer. It indicates in which mode it is allowed to wash this thing, and whether it is possible to squeeze and dry it in the washing machine. It depends on the material and model of the dress.

The manufacturer can specify the following types of cleaning dresses from eco-leather:

  • wash by hand;
  • machine wash, with possibility of spinning;
  • chemical cleaning.

Generally recommended manual method of washing such products, a ban on machine spin and drying in the open air. But there are also such models that can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate mode and pressed at low revs.

In order to eliminate the deformation of the material in the process of washing, exactly follow the instructions of the manufacturer on the label.

As a rule, the water temperature for both types of washing can be no more than 30 degrees. Wash dress from eco-leather need with the use of special detergents. It is better to get a liquid or gel product for skin with a mild effect. Powder is not recommended, as it contains aggressive substances.

It is also prohibited to use detergents containing chlorine and bleach. They will inevitably spoil the material. Carry out the washing process with caution, without exerting additional effort and not twisting the product. Pre-soak thing out of eco-leather is not necessary.

Before you begin to wash the product, make sure that there are no unnecessary things in the pockets of clothes that can interfere with the washing process and accidentally damage the coating. Decorative items that are on the dress, such as brooches, rhinestones, pendants, etc., must be removed.

How to wash by hand

In order to wash the product manually, dial cool water( not more than 30 degrees) into the basin or bath. Then dissolve in it a mild detergent. Put the dress in the container and clean the surface with a sponge or cloth.

This should be done with light movements, trying not to rub the coating, otherwise it may be damaged. In the case when the material is perforated( it has slots and holes), it should be handled with extreme care. If the dress has a lining, turn it on the wrong side and carefully lock the lining.

Then rinse the dress well. It is necessary to wring out a thing carefully, not twisting a covering. After the main part of the moisture is removed, hang the clothes on a hanger and flatten.

Machine washable

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You can only wipe the product from the eco-leather in the washing machine if the manufacturer allows this process. Put the item in the drum, put the mode knob on delicate or manual. Pour a mild detergent into the powder hole and turn on the machine. If spinning in a centrifuge is allowed, it must be done at low speed.

At the end of washing, remove the dress, shake it and smooth it well. If the manufacturer does not allow machine spin, carefully remove the product and carefully press it out manually. Hang on a hanger and straighten the material so that it does not have folds.

Drying and care

Dry the dress at room temperature by hanging it on a coat hanger. Make sure that the coating does not stick together, forming folds, from time to time straighten it. In the warm season, clothes can be dried in the open air. In this case, do not allow the sun to hit the surface of the product.

Near heaters( batteries, convectors, etc.), as well as near the stoves, eco-leather clothing cannot be dried. This will lead to its deformation. Do not use dryers or fans to dry the product.

After drying, the coating of the dress can be treated with water-repellent and skin care products. It is better to store such a product in a hanging position so that no creases form on it.

Removing stains

If you accidentally put a small stain on a dress made of ecological material, in most cases it is enough to just remove it locally, without having to wash all your clothes. It is necessary to moisten the sponge in warm water and wipe the contaminated area well. If the stain is old, it is recommended to put a damp cloth on it to soak off the dirt. Then wipe this area with clean water.

Never rub the contaminated area or use hard brushes for cleaning. You can ruin a thin coating.

If the contamination is strong or there is a greasy stain, you can use a soap solution. You can also scrub off dirt with a little alcohol. Stains on light and white things are often cleaned with milk. This product removes impurities and refreshes the look of eco-leather. After using cleaning agents, wipe the area with clean water.

In order for your eco-leather dress to stay beautiful and fresh for a long time, take care of it in a timely manner. Remove stains as they appear, periodically wipe the coating with a damp cloth. To care for clothes, use the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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