How to choose a chandelier

Let's start with the actual things - the lamp in the bathroom. Readers probably noticed that the design of lighting devices is constantly changing. Now consider the reason for what is happening. We show that today it is easy to assemble a chandelier with 3 lamps and to win in comparison with the case when the device with a single lamp is hanging. This is not a paradox - just modern technologies for making light bulbs. Let's see how to choose a chandelier.

Chandelier variety in the

store Chandelier design: parameters and materials

Chandelier views are easy to see in the store. More interesting is the fact that a light bulb can cost as much as two lamps for a bathroom with a cartridge. True, if the source is LED, the cost is high. What is included in the price - now find out.

Power Consumption

Test Stand

LED chandeliers are extremely economical. Energy expenditure is much lower than in incandescent lamps. The authors tried to estimate the flow rate for the chandelier. The measurement process is indicative. The photo shows a stand for current mites. In a small carry, the power cord is bifurcated to see the readings. Ticks cover only a single core.

750 W Drill

Voltage measurement in the

socket Look: in the picture a drill with a 750 W collector motor. This is a certain maximum of power, at idle, as seen in the picture, only 1.1 A is consumed( 231 x 1.1 = 255 W).

Idling stroke of the drill

Acceleration current of the motor of the drill

When starting, the current is higher and amounts to 4-4.5 A( the picture shows 2.9, difficult to catch the apogee).Already 4.5 x 231 = 1 kW, which exceeds the nominal. Devices with engines capable of instantaneous power consumption, exceeding the average values ​​at times.

Oil heater power 2 kW

Heater consumption current

Unlike similar oil heater consumes 7.7 A( 1.8 kW) on both spirals, regardless of the moment of measurement. But accuracy is too small for chandeliers and light bulbs. On the site, in the dashboard are metering devices. The wheel turns at a certain speed( see photo).

The wheel of the metering device in the panel

It remains to calculate the turnover period to calculate the power of the chandelier and light bulbs. Let's say the time was 2 minutes. It is known that there are 600 cycles of rotation per 1 kWh. In an hour, the twentieth share of the amount( 60/2 = 30 r / h) accumulates. This means that the apartment consumes 50 watts of power. And now we will explain the long preface. It turns out that the denomination inscribed on halogen and LED type bulbs is rarely maintained. If the house is light, and consumption is less, this is an absolute plus. Below we show how the power factor affects the correct choice of a chandelier.

Light Temperature

It is well known that LED and halogen lamps differ in tone. Conditionally divided into warm and cold. The border is in the region of 4000 - 4500 K( Kelvin).The higher the number, the colder the shade and the stronger the working person’s mood. But! This effect is easy to emphasize or cross out, if you choose a chandelier to the interior accordingly.

Changing the brightness of the

dimmer LED lamps are on sale, the brightness of which is permissible to change within the specified limits. The measurement device is called a dimmer. Please note, not all LED bulbs are suitable. Brightness and durability are reduced, canted using inappropriate instructions. From this side of the bulbs look much more attractive.

Light control dimmer


LED lamps are powered by a voltage of 12 V. This is important for kitchens and bathrooms, where special requirements are placed on electrical appliances. For example, closer than 60 cm from the sinks and bathrooms are not allowed appliances with a power of 220 V( except for lamps with electrical protection class II and a cord hanging under the ceiling).As for the LED chandeliers for 12 V, apply without restrictions. Low supply voltage translates them into a fundamentally different, the highest electrical safety class. For example, this includes electric shavers on batteries and epilators of the same kind. This makes LED chandeliers indispensable in some cases.

How it looks in practice. For example, old-style chandeliers for bathrooms were made with a ceramic base, inert and durable, giving excellent insulation, withstanding decent temperatures. It was taken into account that the bathing procedure lasts for hours, if the family is large, the whole day. The ceiling was made of solid glass. Today the base is plastic. In times of incandescent bulbs, this was not possible; there would be a fire hazard.

From the LED light in the chandelier there is almost no heating. After 15 minutes of operation, the device remains cold. The incandescent lamp is called accordingly: despite the vacuum or inert gas inside the bulb, the design is very hot. As for the LED chandeliers, it becomes possible to greatly reduce the cost of the product. It turns out that light bulbs are much more expensive lamps. But at the same time saving electricity.

Ceiling lamps for chandeliers

For a bathroom it is not recommended to take a chandelier with a plastic base if the power consumption of the cartridge exceeds 20 watts. We will be able to save when using LED light sources. We will gain additional benefits using a 12 V power supply unit( converter).It will be possible to create a stunning illumination on the territory of the bathroom, count the number of lamps, make a pendant mount on the mirror and perform the work in the best possible way. And the approach does not contradict the legislation. But!12V painfully pinch in case of breakdown of isolation( for healthy people is not dangerous).

Similarly, let's say about the ceiling material. If the LED bulbs, difficulties arise. Otherwise, the situation looks with spirals of heat. Having bought expensive light bulbs, we will be able to save considerably on energy consumption and cheap chandeliers. As for the cartridges, today something new has appeared:

. Chandelier with shades.

  1. . Earlier, chandelier used carbolite insulation material. These black cartridges are seen by everyone.
  2. Today plastic is being actively replaced by carbolite. The cartridges are white and, by definition, not worse than the old ones, GOST is one( GOST R IEC 60238, etc.).But there remains the old taste of distrust of polymers. On an intuitive level.
  3. Metal cartridges are used for supply voltages from 12 to 24 V.
  4. Ceramics are now common. A minus - fragile and easily crumbles. But the other properties of baked clay are excellent.

Plinths and cartridges - earlier and now

It has been noticed that modern chandeliers are supplied with cartridges where old light bulbs fit. Reverse about the models of past years can not be said: LED and halogen light sources are often problematic to put. If you want to properly connect the chandelier of the Stalin era, either change the cartridges, or check each one individually and modify if necessary.

  • Screw the new light bulb all the way, do not push. If the rule is neglected, the metal part of the cap is easily torn, the metal is thin, not similar to the old Ilyichevsk.
  • If the light is off, the contacts do not reach the base. The voltage is cut off with a switch( if the phase goes to the cartridge, with traffic jams), then you need to unscrew the upper part of the cartridge. Be careful, with a sheer arrangement, the group of contacts will immediately drop out.
  • Center terminal screwdriver slightly lifted upwards. Side should be slightly rejected in the direction opposite to that which rest against the ceramic base. All contacts slightly zaderutsya, the light comes on( not always out the first time).

Mention what you should not do. About the screwing force has already been said, now we add that it is impossible to try to break off the edge of the cartridge so that “the light bulb has gone deeper”.It is useless, the base rests and is not limited here. Sometimes, the chandelier sizes( new or old) are different from the purchased cartridges. Then a revision of the size( drilling, turning).For ceramics, use drills on a decorative tile( arrow-like tip, spears).If it is difficult to aim, it is not possible to start work, because the point goes over the surface, use masking tape or a pharmacy plaster. In the right place glue, put a cross and forward.

Checking the supplied chandelier on the electrical contact

Please note that when installing the chandelier it is not often possible to use screwdrivers-indicators. Suppose we want to check a short circuit with the lights on, but the tester does not show. Possible causes:

  1. The ends of the wire are covered with oxide. Then even a file or small sandpaper will not be a panacea. If possible, crimp at each end of the terminal, combine on the bolts, get rid of twists.
  2. Avoid twisting primarily because they show a lot of resistance. The parasitic effect is much worse. Suppose new screwdrivers-indicators determine the presence of grounding( phase - the light is on, ground or zero - the light is on with a finger pressed to the button).But! If the resistance of twisting is greater than Ohm units, a screwdriver indicator will fix the absence of earth( neutral wire).This makes debugging more difficult. If the phase and zero on the switch are confused, the installation of a new chandelier will turn into torture.
  3. In the cases described above, even when the automata are turned off in the shield and the Ilyich bulb screwed into the cartridge, the resistance cannot be called. For example, for a constant current a 60 W filament bulb shows a resistance of 65 Ohms. But to find out the value of the ceiling in the old-style junction box is difficult. For the reasons described above. And energy-saving LED and halogen bulbs( not to be confused with fluorescent lamps) give a break. This greatly complicates the installation of new chandeliers, but is entirely compensated by the perfect modern means of wiring installation.

From what has been said, it is clear that today it is sometimes more profitable to assemble a chandelier than to look for something special.

How to hang an

chandelier. The store sells dowel hooks. Elements are used to hang the chandelier. Beginners will show that the plastic fixing dowels for chandeliers is extremely sensitive to the size of the holes. It should carefully choose a drill. In a properly made hole, the liner is clogged with a light pleasant effort, in a narrow one it bends and becomes unusable, it falls out of a large one. Be careful, the drill on the concrete head is much wider than the legs. Measure relies precisely on the widest part.

This is the old-fashioned method for chandeliers with a high movable base at the foot. Modern often put on the bar. For these chandeliers, the dowel-nails are already two - in the case of a concrete ceiling, and for the mounted one it is necessary to pre-assemble a tree bar in the right place and bring the power wires there. It is problematic to hang a chandelier with a strap on the hook. We believe that it will be technically possible to glue the mounting bolts along the edges of the base( imitation, false fasteners), and in the center to invent a way to dock with a hook. But it is better to hang the chandelier on the bar according to the instructions.

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