What fabric is better for choosing bed linen

Sleep is one of the most important physiological processes in human life. He helps us to rest after a hard day, to gain strength for the next. Therefore, during sleep, it is important to feel most comfortable. And what helps us to make night dreams more pleasant? Of course - bed linen!

Types of

fiber First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the types of fibers used in the manufacture of sleep accessories. The main mistake when buying a bed set is the assurance that if we buy packaging with the words “Cotton” - this gives us a guarantee of the naturalness of the materials used in the manufacture of the set. This is not true.

Tip: when buying linen, read the fabric composition on the package, then you are 100% sure of the quality of the product.

The following fibers are most commonly found on the market:

  • cotton;
  • flax;
  • silk;
  • bamboo.

Let's talk more about each.

. ..


Cotton fiber is very much appreciated by buyers, as it is well breathable, easy to care for, it is durable and with all its advantages it has a reasonable price. However, if your choice fell on cheaper materials, then do not be surprised that the pillowcase may soon break or not fit into your favorite pillow. The more expensive the cotton thread, the less it wears out and shrinks.


Another popular type of fiber. Moreover, the status of durable material was assigned to him. Even after many washes, the material does not lose its gloss, but becomes only softer and more tender. Due to its properties, flax passes oxygen well. In the summer under a linen blanket is not hot to sleep, because when you touch it, it is slightly cool. And in the winter such material can warm you even in the most severe frosts.


This is an expensive fiber, but its value lies in luxury. In films where expensive houses are shown, silk sheets are always lying on the bed. They are pleasant to the body and give a certain touch of romanticism to the atmosphere of the bedroom. At the same time, silk is strong enough, of course, if it is of good quality, but it requires a certain attention and care. And although some people refuse to buy fabrics from this kind of materials, writing off everything for a price, in our depths each of us at least once dreamed of lying on silk sheets!

Tip: so that silk underwear does not lose quality and appearance, take care of it according to the package instructions, or rather, go to the laundry room, where you not only wash it carefully, but also iron it on special equipment that does not damage the fiber.


Another material that is becoming increasingly popular. This kind of underwear is not only pleasant to sleep, it is also environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. For softness is not inferior to cotton, and for wear resistance to flax. So this is a worthy alternative!


A cloth made of synthetic fiber is not very popular because it does not allow air to pass through and is not comfortable sleeping under them. In a dream, you can wake up in a cold sweat, moreover, do not warm up, since the thermal conductivity is also minimal. And if you bought multicolored sheets of bright colors, do not be surprised that the whole palette will be on your skin in the morning. Thanks to its properties, described above, synthetics perfectly sheds.

However, adding synthetic fiber to fabrics made from natural materials will make them more durable. Therefore, do not be afraid of the minimum content of synthetic materials in the composition.

Types of fabrics

A fabric web is completely different. It all depends on the type of weaving. Sateen is not a material, but definitely woven fibers into a single piece. What types of paintings are there?

  • Satin;
  • coarse calico;
  • percale;
  • calico;
  • batiste.

and others.

We will examine each fabric in more detail so that it is clear which one will be better and longer to serve, which one is easiest to care for, and it is more pleasant to sleep.


In its structure, it is a bit like silk. This is done by double weaving a thin cotton or mixed yarn. This method allows the sheets to be strong, while not losing the delicate structure and smoothness. It is simple to care for such a cloth; it maintains many washes, and it is ironed easily.

Tip: when choosing between satin or silk, if the main factor for you is price and method of care, it is better to choose the first option. It is cheaper and easier to care for sateen.


One type of fabric that is found on store shelves most often. Almost every house has a set of coarse linen. However, it is not of good quality and wears out fairly quickly. Why is this happening? The fact is that for the manufacture of calico used quite cheap, not very strong cotton thread, which is woven in a simple way. Therefore, on the sheet, you can find some small seals, then completely “baldness”.


Such fabrics are recommended for pillows made of feathers or fluff. The weaving of the percale is so dense that it can not miss a single feather. Accordingly, the fabric can withstand many washings.

Printed Cotton

Popular fabric used in the manufacture of bed linen. Its advantage is lightness - it is almost not felt on the body. However, chintz has a disadvantage - ironing it is quite difficult.

Tip: To make it easier to smooth out a cotton sheet, use a steam iron or iron the canvas with a damp cloth.


Also popular with consumers. This is the best fabric for lovers of lightweight materials. Batiste allows you to portray small details on yourself due to the special weaving of the threads. This allows bed linen designers to go for a walk and make it very colorful and elegant! However, cambric bedding wears out pretty quickly, so it is usually bought for guests or special occasions.


A type of cotton fabric that is rather dense and, at the same time, very smooth to the touch. This result is achieved thanks to a special type of weaving. However, the disadvantage of this type of fabric is that after washing it immediately sits down. Therefore, the demand is small.

Some more types of

loading. ..

Nowadays non-standard solutions for bed linen are becoming more and more popular. For example, demand is gaining such types as:

  1. Terry cloth. It is better to buy for the winter season. She is very pleasant to the body and warm enough. Terry sheets and blankets are very easy to iron and long serve their owner.
  2. Microfiber. Enough new material to use as bed linen. It absorbs moisture well and lets air through. It is easy to iron and care for it is not difficult. There is only one drawback: microfiber is a rather “tenacious” material, therefore, if you have scratches on your skin, you will immediately feel that you have touched it on the sheet.

What to choose

Returning to our main question about the choice of bed linen, we can say one thing: it all depends on your preferences and tastes. But there are several factors that can be identified:

  1. The most durable bed linen will be one that uses thick cotton yarn, linen or bamboo.
  2. Satin and silk are pleasant to the touch and durable enough, the differences are only in price and methods of care.
  3. If you use down pillows and blankets - buy a percale - it does not allow the feathers to prick you at night.
  4. And if you are a fan of light sheets, then your choice is calico or chintz. However, remember that the durability of their socks is quite low, so the sets will have to be changed often enough.
  5. Well and, of course, never buy synthetic bedding. Synthetics can be present in the composition only minimally so that the canvas is more durable.
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