What to do so that the cast-iron pan does not stick

If a cast-iron pan burns, it means it is not properly prepared for use or washed incorrectly. How can I fix the situation by returning the functionality of the dishware? It is necessary to ignite it on the fire and lubricate with oil. Nothing better for cast iron has not yet been invented.


Cast iron cookware is highly valued for its durability and reliability. Thick porous material keeps heat for a long time, which allows you to slowly weary and, if necessary, fry quickly. But it happens that after an unsuccessfully cooked dish or improper cleaning of the product, the products start to pester. What to do, how to fix the situation? It turns out that there is one simple method that will help return the pan to working condition.

  • Clean it, remove all visible burns so that the inside surface is clean.
  • If there is a stable burn-in, then pour water into the pan, add soda and boil for a few minutes.
  • Rinse dishes with clean water.
  • Put the pan on the fire, put salt in it and pierce for 20-30 minutes on the fire.
  • When the pan is cool, remove the salt and pour in a little sunflower or linseed oil. It must be distributed so that the entire inner surface is oiled.

The oil forms a thin film on the iron surface and penetrates into the pores. This does not allow food to burn, and you easily fry potatoes, scrambled eggs, simmer vegetable or meat stew. Even pancakes do not stick to the cast iron skillet, so you can toss and turn them over like a real cook.

A few nuances of

Some housewives ask how much salt to pour? It is necessary to pour it without regret to close the whole bottom. A layer with a thickness of 0, 5-1 cm should be formed, after heating it must be mixed. Salt will pull out of the pores of the iron irrelevant moisture and pollution.

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To free the pan from salt, you can use a soft napkin or cloth. A hot pan is better not to take it in hand. Wait until it cools down naturally, and only then take it with tight tacking.

You can perfectly heat the pan on the fire or in the oven. In this case, the oil is treated with both internal and external surfaces. So that the oil does not flow down to the bottom of the oven, aluminum foil is underlayed.

Pancake pans require special treatment. How to make them not burn? Before you start frying pancakes, they are heated and smeared with pork fat or vegetable oil. Food does not stick on a well-heated, oiled surface.

How to care for a cast iron skillet

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The answer to the question of why food began to pester the cast iron skillet is improper care of the product.

After cooking, the cast iron should not be washed with aggressive substances and rubbed with hard metal brushes. What to do with fat residues? They are removed with a paper napkin, which is then thrown into the trash.

. If something is burnt, then the dishes are soaked in hot water for 2-3 hours and then washed with a sponge. You can add a little soda or ordinary detergent for dishes. To dry cast iron cookware is best on the fire, because it should not be kept wet. Moisture residues can cause rust.

Try to cook more often on a cast iron pan. The more you use it, heat it up, lubricate with oil, grease, the better its surface will become. If the pan has been gathering dust on the shelf for a long time, then rinse it and heat it as described above.

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