Ventilation of roof space: the device attic

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Often, a stylish living space suit in the attic storey country house, turning it into a kind of two-storey. Pre-insulated loft, flashing, a vapor deposited layer.

And that requires a good ventilation of the roof space, overlooked, considering it a waste of time and money. As a result, at best, get the room uninhabitable.

The content of the article:

  • Do I need a ventilation space under the roof
  • Attic: What happens ventilation
  • The subtleties of the design of ventilation in the attic
    • The project, when it should create
    • How to design a ventilation?
  • Instruction on installation of ventilation systems
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Do I need a ventilation space under the roof

Cold attic of a country house converted into a comfortable extra floor. From the attic out a great study, bedroom or art workshop with fancy geometry of the walls and ceilings.

One problem - many customers such alterations refuse to equip ventilation there, considering that the builders want to cheat and get more money. Part of the domestic craftsmen involved in the construction site without attracting professional builders believe that the attic ventilation is not required, because it is part of the extra costs.

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From the attic residential

From the attic space can suddenly get a great living room, if intelligently arrange

This decision is argued that 50-70 years ago, no one has mounted all there aerators, spotlights and other elements, is now sold in large quantities in all DIY stores. And at home, despite the lack of ventilation in the attic, still stand and look better than some modern cottages.

Indeed, many old houses have been preserved perfectly, but not because of lack of ventilation. All just the opposite - they are well organized natural ventilation of the attic space.

In such houses no one equipped in the attic of an additional room for permanent residence. Yes, and insulation materials are not used - cold attic has dormer windows, additional gaps and openings for entry and exit of incoming and outgoing air flow.

Attic converted into a nursery

Conveniently convert attic space into a nursery, especially if the family has been refilled, and the purchase of new properties not included in the plans for the near future expenses

If the attic does not provide ventilation or she is, but does not work, then soon this fact becomes known to all family members.

The main problems that arise due to lack of ventilation of the attic, the following:

  • stale air;
  • the unpleasant putrid aroma;
  • mold on the ceiling and on the walls of the attic space;
  • rotting roof structures;
  • condensation;
  • icicles and ice hanging from the roof in winter.

Unhealthy microclimate at all occupants of such signs is provided. As a result, instead of a light and comfortable space is obtained hotbed of bacteria, odors and mold coloniesDestroying everything that comes in its way.

But this is far from the worst. Such manifestations are harbingers of imminent repair the roof, which will occur in 3-5 years because rotten wooden structures, wet insulation and the inability to use the attic for its intended destination.

Rotting wooden elements of the roof

Rotting wooden elements of the roof can lead to their complete destruction and the collapse of the roof. Especially if the inside everything is hidden, and the owner just did not think about the problem

To avoid large expenses after the arrangement of the attic, it is important to immediately develop a draft of its ventilation. This will protect all the inhabitants of the house from health problems and save the family budget. That only is the problem with suddenly collapsed roof - well even if nobody in the house of the household will not appear.

Ventilation of roof space provides a range of devices and activities:

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Ventilation through the picture window

Properly organized space under the roof ventilation provides full removal of condensate and household fumes and discharge it into the atmosphere

ventilation ducts device - produhi

To under the roof does not accumulate condensation roofing system is necessary to arrange properly. First of all, it must be organized channels for the removal of moisture, which forms a crate

Perfectly matched the insulating material

Equally important is the proper selection of the insulating materials and waterproofing vapor barrier for thermal insulation systems, for waterproofing cold attics

Ventilated roofing soffits

Unrestricted air flow into the roof space should provide a ventilated soffits or eaves plank filing with ventilation gaps

Ridge element with aeration properties

The output air flow from the roof of the cold attic or garret is made through the equipped ridged aerator or conventional skate with air gaps

Aerators on roofs with a solid crate

Roofing systems, arranged on a continuous sheathing made of a board or plate materials, various designs equipped aerators

Hearing and ventilating skylights in

Drying of building structures and the bottom of a roofing cake is carried out by a conventional ventilation through auditory and skylights

Ventilation windows on the gables

In the creation of a stable air flow, prevents the formation of moisture and fungus, are also involved in the window pediments

Ventilation through the picture window

Ventilation through the picture window

ventilation ducts device - produhi

ventilation ducts device - produhi

Perfectly matched the insulating material

Perfectly matched the insulating material

Ventilated roofing soffits

Ventilated roofing soffits

Ridge element with aeration properties

Ridge element with aeration properties

Aerators on roofs with a solid crate

Aerators on roofs with a solid crate

Hearing and ventilating skylights in

Hearing and ventilating skylights in

Ventilation windows on the gables

Ventilation windows on the gables

Attic: What happens ventilation

Given that the attic - a dwelling that is settling in the attic of the house, and the requirements it must be presented to the relevant. Firstly, it must be safe. Secondly, there must be mounted a few layers of insulation to be able to use the premises all year round.

Third, you need to think carefully under-roof attic ventilation to ensure a comfortable environment and good conditions for a stay of all inhabitants of the house. Stale and fetid air does not fit into the requirements for living rooms.

In the attic bathroom

In the homes of a large area often in the vast attic space equip a bathroom, toilet, bedroom

The ventilation system for the attic is a must, if there is no desire to pay for the repair of the roof. Moreover, as the required ventilation room, due to repair of the attic and the roof itself, to ensure the long life of roofing materials.

Ventilation, used in the attic, is:

  • natural;
  • compulsory;
  • mixed.

The first option is to use natural draft arising from the correctly fitted vents and ducts.

This is the cheapest option possible. For its arrangement will require a minimum set of ventilation materials - grids, aerators, ceilings, ventilation ducts and other elements.

Condensate and frost in winter

The natural option is best depends on the weather conditions. As a result, instead of fine operating the ventilation system can be obtained condensation and frost in winter

Forced system works by mechanical intervention. It uses fans for inflow and removal, additional equipment for the heating of cold outside air.

This is an expensive option for attic ventilation, especially if you purchase climatic equipment with rich functionality - temperature sensors, humidity, humidification function, ionization and heating the air.

Mechanical method of venting

In the mechanical ventilation of the attic space method, the main element is a fan

Mixed attic ventilation assumes that the mechanical process will be one - influx or air removal. Most often, an exhaust system made compulsory, letting in fresh air by gravity.

The subtleties of the design of ventilation in the attic

Before attempting to install diffusers and exhaust mechanisms in the attic, you should calculate everything and choose the most suitable option. To do this, you need to take into account the area of ​​the room and its purpose. After all, if here, for example, will make the bathroom, then without exhaust fans do not exactly.

The project, when it should create

One of the most important moments everything ventilation - design. It should take place at the stage of construction. Otherwise, all be much more expensive - have to hire another gang, or to go into all the intricacies of the process.

Separate sewer ventkanal

When the attic is equipped with a separate bathroom, kitchen or shower, be sure to display a separate sewer ventkanal

If all the construction work is already finished, and there is no ventilation, so it can not all leave. Be sure to take care of its creation - now it is still cheaper than in 2-3 years, when it would be impossible to use the attic. And the first signs appear already after 6-8 months after the start of operation of the premises.

Entrance to the attic can be located inside the house and outside. But this fact does not affect the need to equip the ventilation system. This is not a process where you want to save.

The more that a reasonable approach all cost much cheaper than buying new materials for thermal insulation of the atticRepair or replacement of the rafter frame and the surface is new.

Fitted attic

Fitted attic may serve as a full second floor, only the floor area will be smaller

How to design a ventilation?

thinking about converting the atticImmediately need to consider the system of its ventilation, choose the best option and to develop a specific project.

When designing the under-roof ventilation is necessary to consider the purpose of the future premises and its area. It should be remembered that it is necessary not only the room but also the under-roof materials. Therefore, it is important to stack all the layers of the roof, carrying out the recommendations given by the manufacturer of various materials roofing "pie".

Kontrobreshetka ventilation

Ventilation of the roof structure provides kontrobreshetka. The gaps between the layers of insulation, and moisture vapor impermeable film must act air

The first step includes an option to fresh air. For this very important the correct design of the roof, so that you can make a ventilation gap provided by kontrobreshetkoy. Its total quantity should be 1/100 of the roof area. For forming the gap bar is used with the sides 30, 40, 50 mm.

Sometimes kontrobreshetku do not continuous and discontinuous - in the form of individual segments. It is constructed from the eaves to the ridge in order to better the washing system elements airflows.

For optimization "ventilation" made of wood roof framing system on the side of rafters further drilled holes Ø 2 - 2.5 cm across. Drilling is carried out at 30 - 50 cm.

inertia aeroturbiny

Often used for roofing fans. Very effectively put inertial aeroturbiny. They rotate from any breath of wind and good pull all

Another element providing a constant flow of fresh air - spotlights under the eaves. Here feature - diffusion film or microperforated film are not brought to the edge of the eaves. It must immediately break off the wall, so that fresh air quietly penetrated.

soffit binder

Soffit filing is convenient to use, easy to install. They combine the benefits immediately and decorative effect

Another method for the inflow - gap across the plane between the waterproofing of the roof and by the coating. The height of the air holes may be from 3 to 5 cm.

size of the hole should be equal to the input, output, and throughout this air duct. These rules are made to comply with the building insulated roof systems and roofs without insulation.

The gap closed bars

Be sure to close the gap a special grille to prevent insects, birds and other unwanted visitors in the ventilation system

When designing with the influx could be defined, are beginning to develop the most suitable air removal.

The most frequently used:

  • at the top of the roof - air ducts, dot aerators, aeration turbines which operate from a low wind gust;
  • a waterproof film on the entire length of the ridge runs along the gap formed to the free output air mass from the roof;
  • if the long valley, it is necessary to provide air flow along the entire line into the lower ventilation gap, making a continuous vented contiguity;
  • They aim to make continuous ventilation skates and ridges.

The total cross section ventotversty coupled with dormer windows and aerators must be approximately 1 / 300-1 / 500 square attic space.

ventilated skate

The ventilated skate - some portion raised above the main roof, which provides the necessary clearance. It sold the finished element, or it can be done with their own hands

To count how many and which elements need ventilation is necessary only on the basis of the area of ​​his attic room. All this is very individual - for homes and cottages have a very different shape of the roof, which should also be taken into account when designing the ventilation system to equip the attic.

Instruction on installation of ventilation systems

Installation of ventilation system can do by yourself or invite experts having outstanding experience of roofing. Refer to cheap masters should not be - the quality of their services can not meet even the most minimal cost.

Installation of ventilation specialists

If contact with the would-be masters, you have to pay three times - for their work, with the roof spoiled for error correction real experts

In the case where watching and installation works will be a team of builders, can voice their preferences and check out a project that they will provide later. We need to pay attention, if satisfied with the proposed version of the inflow and discharge of air masses.

Effective version of the influx in the attic - valves built into the design window. They are arranged so that they can ventilate the room even when the sash is closed. Manufacturers offer a model for vertical and inclined (roof) windows.

Windows with flaps

Windows valves provide a reliable supply of fresh air in the right quantity in the attic

For the installation of windows is better to use the service of installation, especially if it is large. If you do it yourself, you can void your warranty. In case of any problem to bring a claim will be nobody.

If you decide to engage in self-assembly of the ventilation system in the attic, it will have to follow the instructions for those elements that need to be installed.

Most often their hands are mounted spotlights and ventilated skate. Depending on the type of the Mother will be different, and he set of tools to carry out their installation. usually turn to specialists with equipment for breaching the respective holes to put on the roof aerators.

 Aerators for ventilation

Aerators release a variety of sizes, shapes, colors. This allows them to fit perfectly, not a loose colors roofing

For installation air ducts use sealant to isolate the joints well. The exhaust system is often put a fan or aeroturbinu. The exhaust fan will be placed directly in the air duct, fixing and connecting it according to the instructions.

With self-regeneration of attic ventilation is important to remember that the total area of ​​the suction holes should be 20% larger than the air supply. Otherwise, there is a problem with the traction.

Fan shape for roofs

Color and shape of the roof ventilators to allow them to be used for installation in any type of coating

If there is any doubt in their own abilities, it is better to turn to professionals who will design and equip properly ventilation of the house and an attic room. This will guarantee a long service life of the attic and around the home, as well as provide a healthy atmosphere in the room.

 The favorable climate of the attic

The favorable climate of the attic will be a real gift to the next 20-30 years. Ventilated roof with proper care will last longer

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In the video, consider the space under the roof ventilation issues and problems that arise in its absence:

Space under the roof safely ventilated, you need to properly mount all the components of the system. About this video:

To learn how your own hands can make a ventilated roof space:

Having considered the reasons for arrangement of the ventilation system in the attic and features of its installation, it is possible to design and implement all their own. This will require more free time during the construction phase.

If the construction of the house builders engaged in a team, the question of ventilation can trust them previously to include the item in the contract. It is important to remember that after the completion of the ventilation organization will cost much more expensive.

Tell us about how constructing a ventilation system in the regeneration of their own attic. Share useful technological nuances, not noted in the article. Please write comments in the block located below, insert pictures, ask questions.

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