Visor for air conditioner: protection options, overhang arrangement

The outdoor unit and the compressor - the most expensive part of the air conditioner. They are located in an area most prone to mechanical damage. To protect the external module and interconnect communication from falling icicles, shedding the old plaster, or other problems, you need reliable protection.

We will talk about what is and how it is set visor air conditioner. In our proposed article thoroughly understand the specifics of design, provides guidance on how to install. Recommendations on use, compliance with which will help to extend the service life of the equipment and the canopy.

The content of the article:

  • Briefly Device conditioner
  • canopy design for the air conditioner
  • And you can do without a visor?
  • How to arrange a protection against noise?
  • What is the anti-vandal protection?
  • Step by step installation of a canopy over the air-conditioned
  • Features of the instrument work on the heating
  • an external unit for Care
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Briefly Device conditioner

Appliance conditioner consists of two units - both indoor and outdoor. Between them clearly assigned functions condenser and evaporator. A condenser outdoor unit and an evaporator - internal. Combining these two parts together by means of lines, comprising control wires and tubes for the circulation of the refrigerant.

TO the indoor unit connected to the drain pipe, diverting the condensate. According to the instructions it must be connected to a sewage system. There are designs with multiple indoor units, then they are called multi split systems, but they are arranged on the same principle.

module device

The outdoor unit has a rectangular shape and includes in its design: a fan performing air cooling condenser (1); a capacitor that provides cooling and condensing the refrigerant (2); a compressor, which serves for the movement of the cooled refrigerant circuit (3); a control board (4); 4-way valve that is included in the design of split systems operating both for cooling and for heating (5); Nipple attachment (6), the filter (7), a cover (8)

Mounted outdoor unit in compliance with the horizontal position in all planes. It is essential that it blew in the wind - when the protection device is necessary to consider this point. The ideal case where the outer part of the device is in the balcony or under weightless.

If the apartment is located on the top floor, the outdoor unit is sometimes placed on the roof. This is possible when the line length of no more than 1-15 meters.

when you install condensing unit on the wall a minimum distance of 100 mm, or in hot weather, possible failure of the compressor due to its poor airflow. To be protected from all sorts of negative influences not only the part of the air conditioner, but the highway that unites the two parts of the device.

Arguments and air conditioner selection guidelines for decorating apartments listed here. Recommended reading useful material.

canopy design for the air conditioner

The design of the cap is simple - on a support assembly made from the corners, at an angle is welded or screwed with screws steel sheet thickness at least 2 mm. All these anchors are fixed to the wall.

Visor for air conditioning

Furthermore galvanized steel for use profiled visor, polycarbonate, safety glass and other materials. Metal painted in bright colors. In the case of polycarbonate, the selection is much reduced noise level from falling drops, but he will not be able to withstand heavy loads

Dimensions visor is chosen depending on the individual size of the outdoor unit of a split system. The optimum size of 100 x 55 cm. The height of the support - 25 cm, inclination - about 70⁰. A popular material for protection is galvanized steel.

And you can do without a visor?

On the need for shelter, there are mixed views for split system. Often, even by experts, you can hear that its installation is not necessary. Really, assembly instruction, Attached to the air conditioner does not provide for the mandatory presence of the guard.

The very structure of the external instrument module takes into account that it will constantly experience the atmospheric effects. Taken into account and the time that the heat exchanger and the fan blades are cleared from the settled dust on them in the rain. It is essential to maintain an effective heat exchange.

Visor prevents washing of heat exchanger and it gradually accumulates dirt, and sometimes settle poultry. On the other hand, falling from the roof of the pieces of ice actually damaging the outdoor unit.

In older homes threat to the outside of the module and are crumbling brick parapets and trim elements. Therefore, the right and those who believe that installing air conditioner, you need to take care of the protection of its outdoor unit.

Canopy over an external unit

Although the metal casing and the outdoor unit designed to be installed from the side of the street, but if it falls from a great height of ice build-up, it is unlikely to survive such an impressive size attack

Outside module itself may not be damaged by exposure to heavy ice fragments or loose trim, and communication tubes are likely damaged.

Repair and refilling of refrigerant requires considerable investment, so it is best to install protection for outdoor unit of your air conditioner and periodically clean the housing - it will be cheaper. the specifics of self maintenance of split systems in an article, which we encourage you to read.

How to arrange a protection against noise?

opponents visors installation of air conditioning often leads to the argument that in contact with him raindrops generated noise discomforting as that of the owner of the technology and its neighbors.

This problem has a solution - on the surface can be glued rubber. It is an excellent noise absorber.

Some craftsmen satisfied with vibration isolation by sticking roofing felt or acoustic system tape. To do this, use silicate glue. The surface before the procedure, degreased.

What is the anti-vandal protection?

If the apartment is on the ground or top floor, it becomes more urgent question of the protection of the plug from the attacks of vandals. Embezzlement often it just does not make sense - it is not universal, that is not fit for any split system.

Therefore, most damage is simply for fun. But there are cases when destroying the outdoor unit, the tube is removed, which is made of copper.

To acquire new parts to replace damaged, it is better to install when installing the air conditioner and anti-vandal protection, which is a metal box with latticed walls. It protects the outdoor unit and makes it inaccessible to outsiders from the street or from the roof.

Make a lattice of steel wire with a diameter of 6 to 8 mm. Strict size requirements no cells, but it is better to do them no more than 30 mm. The ideal solution - to build a frame made of galvanized wire, which does not corrode and long retains the aesthetic appearance.

Perforated facade protection

Several companies manufacture facades vandal-proof protection of the perforated sheet. Such construction is well breathable, does not prevent its circulation and makes the outdoor unit is almost invisible

Due to the secure connection by unauthorized persons can not be dismantled as a canopy for the air conditioner and anti-vandal protection. Such a construction can be ordered by individual designs, cover it with a polymer coating.

If the outdoor unit is placed on the facade of the building and needs to be hidden, a good solution is a decorative panel that has no attachments.

Step by step installation of a canopy over the air-conditioned

Produce visor is quite simple. Much more difficult is the process of installation. It is better to entrust this work to specialists, but if this is the first floor, you can perform all the most, using a ladder and taking himself for someone as an assistant.

Crucial moment - marking chalk attachment points, there should be at least six. Carry out this operation using the measuring tape and level.

After executing the markup taking the following steps:

  1. Take a hammer and drill bits for concrete and metal of the required diameter and drilled deep enough hole in the support structure of the cap and into the wall.
  2. Chopyk inserted into the holes.
  3. Hammer the anchor bolts with a diameter of 0.8-1 cm.
  4. Don visor holes on the threaded portion of the anchor so that there are about 1 cm for screwing the nut.
  5. Tighten the nut.

For manufacturing and installation of the cap will require an average of 5 m corner rolled steel 25x25x4 mm, 1 m steel sheet, 4-6 pcs anchor bolts.

The protective canopy served for a long time, for its facilities need to purchase high-quality material and the finished product is painted in a lighter tone. For normal heat leave a gap of at least 100 mm.

Mounting hood

Set as visor and himself at the height of the unit can only professionals. This is best done in parallel with the installation of a split system itself

Canopy over the air-conditioned, located above the second floor, it is better not to put yourself. This applies to high-altitude work, which requires a special approval. They usually have industrial climbers.

There are cases where the outdoor unit after installation, forget to remove the transport grid to the back wall. Gradually fluff gets into her cell, dust - they remain there, creating a strong layer. When installing the hood all of this must be removed.

Protection from birds

If the unit is located on the building is high enough, the birds can sit on its outdoor unit. To avoid this mount spikes

Some firms are made to protect the outdoor unit from mild cases of mosquito netting. They protect against dust and poplar fluff, but not from mechanical damage. In addition to them, and will require installation of a canopy.

Features of the instrument work on the heating

Modern split systems have high efficiency. In some models, spent one kilowatt generate cold or heat in a volume of 4 or more times greater.

Use air conditioning to heat only up to -5 degrees. At a lower temperature and decreases its thermal performance can drop to zero, while units issued by Japanese companies Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric, working in the heating at - 25 degrees.

Since the switching rules conditioning system for heat generation acquaint next articleAnd read that we strongly recommend.

Icing outdoor unit

Outdoor unit air conditioner running on display, be sure to protect the shelter from strong winds and icing, otherwise he would not be able to function

In any case, the unit will not function without an efficient snow-windscreens outdoor unit. Therefore, it is mounted on a solid canopy. To the snow does not enter the gap between the wall and the back of the module with a strong crosswind, and sew sides.

an external unit for Care

The outer part of the split-system needs to be periodically cleaned at least 2 times a year. Conditioners, located between the fourth and eighth floors almost impervious to dust and fine organic debris. They can be cleaned with a time interval of several years.

The easiest way to use a powerful vacuum cleaner for this procedure. It removes the dust from the filter and external to the heat exchanger tubes. So how to perform maintenance on the air conditioner needs to access, safety grid do not continuous, but with the door in the front or side of the structure. Its close to the castle, but the key is stored only in the host.

To clean the need to open the door of a box of anti-vandal protection, and then open the module enclosure. If there is a large debris is removed with a brush, and even more - a vacuum cleaner. Brushing with a soft bristle brush to clean the filter grille.

When positioning the outdoor unit at a low altitude cleaning is carried out with conventional ladders. In the case where a simple device does not provide convenient access to the outdoor unit of the climate system dismantled lattice treated inner content and vacuum cloth.

If a significant height does not allow for the outdoor unit self-cleaning, have to call professionals.

There is another way, but this requires a compressor or a cylinder filled with compressed air. Purification was performed as follows: the housing is pushed hose and then spun include a compressor or valve. Thus, outside of the condensate trap housing will and debris and dust.

Cleaning the outside of the air conditioner

Outdoor split-system module is located to the fourth floor, the most exposed to pollution, so needs to be cleaned every three months

That the external unit in urgent need of cleaning, indicated by the appearance of the characteristic tapping. This may indicate that the fan blades are rotated with difficulty due to fouling or foreign objects, for which they cling during rotation. There may be a condensate drain from the exterior of the device.

Very often clogged radiator outside module poplar down, which reduces the cooling efficiency of up to complete failure of the machine. Purification was performed in this case water jet. It washes away all debris from hard to reach places. Immediately after this procedure, the unit can be incorporated into the work.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The process of assembling a protective canopy:

Snow, wind deflector for outdoor unit:

After weighing all the pros and cons of installing a protective canopy, the owner himself has to decide whether its construction. As shown, the installation of a split system in this element should not be neglected. If you intend to use the unit and for heating, the need still snow-foam windscreen on the sides of the module.

And what shade you prefer to protect the outdoor unit's own air conditioner? It is not excluded that your version was not described in the article provided by us. Leave, please comment in the below section, share useful information and pictures, ask questions.

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