Overview of technical characteristics of air conditioners

We decided today to deal with the parameters of Yandex Market. Let's look at the values. At the same time, readers will choose air conditioning for purchase. Installation, repair, refueling were discussed. But there are unexplained moments.

Split-system device

Today we are talking about split-systems - about indoor units. The device gave the name to the type of air conditioner. Divided into two parts - external, internal. It works on the principle of a heat pump, pumping energy from one point to another. We describe what internal blocks are - knowledge will help you choose air conditioning.

Both modules are combined with copper tubes for the exchange of freon. The electric wire carries current outside so that the compressor can operate. The efficiency of split-systems is above 100% - this will allow to call them a profitable purchase. There are disadvantages: the complexity of installation. Need a spider. If you exceed the length of the communications, you will have to buy copper pipes for air conditioners in addition, the work will go to the category of non-standard ones - organizations will be charged an additional fee.

Split system

Split systems are in most homes. There are still candy bars. Share on window and floor - choose. This type of design could not shake the separate systems consisting of two blocks. Let's talk a little more.

Varieties of indoor units for air conditioners

Duct indoor unit air conditioning

You need to understand the organization of ventilation. The first is the price. What we pay for:

  1. The number of channels. The unit is built in as a segment of the ventilation passage, designed for 2-5 rooms. Air ducts run over ceiling tiles, like Armstrong. As a result, the indoor unit is sometimes located many meters from workplaces, bedrooms. Due to this, the noise level is low, quietly fits into the acceptable limits. In addition to the multiplicity of the channel, the function is also considered a virtue.
  2. In a complicated entanglement, it is foolish not to envisage a forced ventilation system - there is in some models. It is logical to read more in the instruction manual. Restriction: the fence does not work for heating, cooling. Plus: free to take the air everywhere, SNiPs will not be prohibited. In winter, you can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance, operation. You need to understand the place of the air intake.

    Operation Range

  3. Most duct-type indoor units still filter the air. If the fence is from the street - cleaning becomes a necessary measure. This reduces productivity, but leaves room for optimization of the system as a whole.
  4. In the case of a channel indoor unit, the length of communications is increased - the cost rises.

Duct indoor units have increased power: they are designed to serve several rooms at once. Equipment for firms, enterprises, rather than for apartments. An example of power - 20 kW( no limit).Blocks are divided by the generated overpressure in the channel:

  • up to 40 Pa;
  • up to 100 Pa;
  • to 250 Pa.

In the reviews they write: there is no possibility to regulate the temperature in each room separately. We consider this an exaggeration. If necessary, install thermostats in place, close the channels with adjustable flaps, which change the flow area according to the signal. There should be an emergency shutdown when closing the moves, then restarting automatically. An experienced engineer will master the task without difficulty.

Generated overpressure will assist ventilation. Air is taken from one place, enters many. A well-thought-out technical solution can also help with ventilation. The fact is important, as well as the fact that the channel unit provides for the drying of air. Moisture settles on the evaporator - in a separate case, you need to look at what is meant by the process.

All high-power ducted air conditioners: 6 kW for heating when consumed from the mains is less than 2 kW.It is clear why instead of heaters, some are trying to buy air conditioning. The benefit is obvious - the difference in the payment for electricity is 3 times due to the principle of the heat pump. Limit notice: at lower temperatures outside the window, the air conditioner will not work well. Calculated a certain lower threshold - the functioning is impossible at all.

Cassette indoor unit air conditioner

Cassette indoor unit is designed for installation on the ceiling. It is assumed that the type of hinged, tile, for example, Armstrong. Designed for use in the office, but the iron is collected immediately. From the noise you can not get anywhere. The air goes into the same room where it is taken from. Good or bad - depends on the needs of the enterprise, the architectural features of the building, planning.

Cassette Air Conditioner

The design resembles a monoblock from the times of the USSR: there is a pair of handsets through which there is a connection with the second part outside. Typical heat pump design. Controlled from the remote - the remote control device is attached to the air conditioner.

In expensive models you will notice the possibility of additional ventilation of the room. The air conditioner has additional features like ice control.

Column indoor air conditioner unit

When the weight of the equipment is large - it is more convenient to put on the floor. This was demonstrated in the case of gas boilers. When power is too high, manufacturers make the indoor unit in the form of a column. The capacity of the systems is enormous: 33 cubic meters per minute. Power for heating or cooling reaches 30 kW at a consumption of two to three times less.

The form is a distinctive feature of the column indoor unit. Due to the presence of such a strong air movement, the equipment is located far from workplaces. Many people know how to ventilate, self-diagnose, dry if necessary air.

Column split-system

Of the various options invented, I liked the built-in additional 3 kW heating elements. The conditions for the correct operation of the external unit are not always created in winter - an excuse for a technical solution. Efficiency immediately drops at times.

Floor-ceiling indoor unit air conditioning

A distinctive feature of the variety consider the possibility of mounting on the floor and on the ceiling. In a typical case, the unit is similar to a convector. The streams enter at the sides, the exit is from below, above.

Allowed for installation even place the device on the floor, horizontally. Traditionally, the indoor unit air conditioner replaces the convector in the corner, or hung on the ceiling. Output streams regulate. If you want heat to the legs, and the device weighs in place of the battery - close the upper valve. Condenser energy rushes to the footsteps of the owner of the air conditioner.

The same applies to the ceiling installation. It makes sense to trace the convection currents in the room, let the air conditioner help by adding thrust. Due to the fact that the warm ceiling air will go down, you get a considerable gain. You know: winter is good in the second tier.

Wall-mounted indoor unit air conditioner

The purchase of an air conditioner often involves the purchase of an indoor wall unit. If you do not take into account multisystems - it is he who costs 99% of every home. The list of functions is widely reviewed on the portal, there is nothing to add. Try to take products that purify the air of formaldehyde, smoke.

The difference between the devices mainly in the assembly, reliability. We note in particular the inverter models, which work quieter than ordinary ones, which serve longer. They told about the choice of remote control for the air conditioner, maintenance of installations, and exit from problematic situations.

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