Rating of the best washing machines with drying according to consumer reviews

  • What is a washer / dryer?
  • Types of Drying
  • Power Consumption of Washing Machines and Dryers
  • It helps to save a lot of time and energy for modern hostesses, working or sitting on maternity leave. But nothing stands still and more and more new washing machines appear on the market - with a large number of additional washing modes and wide functionality. And today we want to tell you how to choose a washing machine with a dryer so that this purchase is truly effective and useful. In addition, we offer you a rating overview of the best-selling models of washing machines with a dryer 2017-2018 year.

    What is a washer / dryer?

    A washing machine with a drying function is a device we are used to with an increased number of cycles. In addition to washing, rinsing and spinning, this machine is complemented by the ability to dry clothes.

    In addition to heating elements that increase the temperature of the water, additional heating elements that heat the air are built into such a machine. With the help of a small fan, heated air circulates inside and passes through the washing, drying the products. In this case, the drum rotates in different directions at low speeds, so that the drying was more uniform.

    But there is a small nuance - with a loading capacity of a washer tank of 7 kg, it is possible to dry only 3-4 kg of linen at a time. If you overload the tank, the device may fail.

    Let's consider by what criteria a kind of casting or selection of an optimal model of a washing machine with a drying function can be carried out. In parallel, we will consider the position of our ranking of the most popular erasers for the 2017-2018 year.

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    Types of drying

    Initially, washing machines with a dryer were designed primarily for high-quality washing, and the drying function was only a small pleasant addition. In such machines, the drying mode was set in time. You yourself, at your own discretion, programmed the timer, and at the end evaluated the result - wet, dry, or dried laundry was pulled from the machine. An example of such a device is the Ardo WD80L.

    But over time, home appliance manufacturers have paid more attention to the drying function, and modern appliances can boast of setting the percent moisture of linen, you can not dry things up to 100%, but get them a little wet, to facilitate ironing.

    Some devices are equipped with thermometers-sensors and have specified software installations for determining the humidity level and estimation of the laundry temperature. When these parameters reach the set ones - the heating elements are switched off and drying stops. The most widespread drying of linen with three program modes - "slightly damp underwear", "for the iron", "in the cabinet".

    We advise you to pay attention to the machine from the company Indesit, model IWDC 6105. It occupies one of the top lines of the 2018 ranking of the best-selling washing machines with different versions of different resources and marketplaces. It is a reliable and functional device that erases 6 kg and dries almost 5!All the necessary washing modes, 1000 revolutions per minute are quite enough for high-quality, but gentle spin, three drying programs and a delayed start make this machine a versatile and effective au pair.

    However, the most advanced models can process linen not just with hot air, but with steam. So, your washing is disinfected and gets rid of unpleasant smells. Often, such things do not even need to be ironed - we immediately dress or hang them in the closet. This technology is implemented in the machine AEG L87695WD, which dries and strips up to 7 kg of dry linen and belongs to the C-class of energy consumption, which is quite significant. By the way, it's time to talk about energy consumption.

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    Power consumption of washing machines with dryer

    Modern household machines very often belong to the class A energy consumption. It is possible to purchase even A + and A ++ categories. But machines with a dryer have much more irrepressible appetites - class C and D, sometimes - B and only last year class A models began to be produced. This is logical, because in the dryer it is also necessary to heat the air and produce steam, and these are energy-consumingprocesses. But in 2018 three representatives of the “wash-dry” appliances met in the sales leaders, for which they need several times less electricity. These are Electrolux EWW 51685 WD, Candy CDB 475D and LG F-1255RDS7.We will mention the last two in our rating, since they are record holders in other indicators as well. But the machine brand Electrolux is a multifunctional and durable device of the middle price segment, with all the necessary levels of protection and thoughtful modes of washing and drying clothes.


    As already mentioned, it is possible to wash and dry in a combination of appliances a different amount of linen. As a rule, an average machine dries two times less laundry than does laundry. And this is inconvenient, especially if you have a large family. What is the solution - to dry clothes in two steps and get a huge bill for the light? Or part of the wash dry on a rope? But if there is no such possibility?

    No panic, if the size of your living space allows - just buy a separate tumble dryer. In size and price, it will come to you as another washing machine, but time will save a lot. If you live in a small apartment or you do not have the necessary finances, then there is an opportunity to buy a spacious washing machine. For example, a standard machine washes 7-8 kg of laundry, and dries only 3-4 kg. But the machine from Electrolux( model EWW 1697MDW) washes 9, and dries 7 kg of linen, Hotpoint — Ariston AQD 1070 D49 also dries 7 out of 10 kg of washing, and the leader of this rating of roomy devices is the LG F-1255RDS7, which washes as much as 17 kgand dries 9. Such a unit is able to serve a large family and wash and dry various articles of clothing or home textiles without fail.

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    Naturally, the larger the machine, the more space it takes. And this is not always good. Some buyers have already encountered the problem of installing a standard machine with a dryer in their bathroom. Moreover, the problem surfaced where no one expected it - a narrow door to the bathroom became an insurmountable obstacle. In some apartments, this opening is only 49 cm, and the width of an ordinary typewriter reaches 60 cm. It would seem a trifle, but rather annoying. Exit, buy a narrow washer-dryer, for example, LG 12 А8СДР, LG FH296CDP3 or Samsung WD 806U2GAWQ.The first from LG are very small and dry only 3 kg of laundry, the second is more productive - it can dry 5 out of 8 kg of laundry. And at the same time corresponds to the B-class energy consumption. As you may have guessed, the Samsung brand is also represented in our “hit sales 2017-2018” rating.

    Additional Options

    Not all washing and drying machines have a delayed start function or protection from children. However, sometimes these options allow you to make the operation of the washer more comfortable and safe process. Gorenje WD 73122, Candy GVW 264 DC, Siemens WK 14D541 OE have such a convenient feature as the delayed start of washing.

    Electrolux EWW 1685 SWD, Hansa WDHS 1260 LW, Beko WDI 85143 are equipped with a system for protection against unauthorized interference with the workflow - that is, protection against children. A good choice is complete leakage protection, which is in LG F 1496 AD3, Beko WDW 85120 B3, Indesit XWDA 751680X W EU.

    These are the models most often bought and ordered from online stores and selling sites in the 2017-2018 year. The reviews, which were left by the buyers, were in the absolute majority positive, and this gives every reason to believe that these devices are reliable, efficient and easy to use. What kind of washing machine and dryer will give you preference - it's up to you, we tried to tell you about the distinctive features of modern appliances for washing and drying clothes.

    Now you also know how to choose a washing machine with a dryer in order to find a really high-quality and efficient appliance that will delight you for a long time with its work and a huge amount of clean and dry things. Unhindered homework to our readers!

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