How to choose air conditioning

Air conditioners spoil the appearance of the building, nowhere to drain condensate. A bill was passed in Moscow ordering the dismantling of external blocks on the main streets.

The choice of modern air conditioners

The development of electronics is growing by leaps and bounds like economical technologies like mushrooms. Before the introduction of superconductors, the attempts of scientists sin with impotence;when ohmic resistance drops to zero, mankind will remember the efficiency, methods of increasing the return on electrical equipment. Let's discuss savings. Pursued goals:

  1. Maximum efficiency in combination with small engine sizes.
  2. Reliability Management.
  3. Durable and low noise.

Just look at the Mitsubishi line of home air conditioners. The units consume little, almost silent:

  • Outdoor unit - acoustic noise level 46 dB.
  • Indoor unit - acoustic noise level 21 dB.

Modern air conditioning

Even at night, the work of the equipment fits into the standards and laws of the Russian Federation. The main thing - to place the outdoor unit away from the open windows of neighbors. At night( from 23 to 6-7 in the morning) the noise level should be a maximum of 30 dB.

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During the day - 40 dB, is punished mainly in the scientific centers of the Russian Federation, where silence is constantly observed. The internal unit of air conditioners Mitsubishi does not hurt anyoneAn interesting consideration is the Russian requirements for building regulations. Excerpts from the product card:

  1. The working limit of work for heating is from minus 20 to plus 21 degrees Celsius.
  2. The working limit for cooling from minus 10 to plus 46 degrees Celsius.

According to the standards, the indoor temperature is +18 - +22 degrees Celsius. Heating when exceeding the norm by street temperature is not required. Replace with ventilation if necessary.

In the Russian Federation, temperatures will rise above 46 degrees only in the southern regions.

Placing on the wall

Fuzzy logic in modern air conditioners

Fuzzy Logic( fuzzy logic algorithm) caught on in washing machines. Controls the concentration of the powder, monitors the rinsing. In English, the adjective has the meaning:

  1. Fluffy.
  2. Fuzzy.

There are associations with soft things, terry towels, silk. The term "fuzzy logic" describes the operation of washing machines. The behavior of the units depends on the nature of the load. Air conditioning analogy blurred.

Mitsubishi calls this a combination of I FEEL.Implied: the air conditioner CPU feels the desires of the owner. Equipment chooses the mode of operation:

  1. Heating.
  2. Cooling.
  3. Air Drying.

There is not enough air humidification option, often needed in winter. The consumer presses two keys:

  1. Too cold - Chilly.
  2. Too warm - Too warm.

Smart technology is controlled from the phone

Smart technology monitors modes, working to maintain a predetermined position. In the winter in the apartment steam room, cool does not hurt. Air conditioning should be ready to work in the winter for cooling.

Freon, installation types, indoor units of air conditioners

Most Mitsubishi air conditioners are charged with freon R410a. The manufacturer gives a lot of arguments, but one line goes to R22.Air conditioners are available, working only for cooling or in both directions. A distinctive feature is the presence of models with several internal blocks among the products, which adds flexibility during installation and purchase of an air conditioner. I had to see apartments with two or more appliances.

The manufacturer offers models with inverter control and without it. Some series come with variants of the indoor unit:

  • cassette;
  • channel;
  • floor standing;
  • floor-suspended.


Citizens are accustomed to wall indoor units. Near the ceiling hanging box conditioner. The name "floor" refers to the type of installation. The latter option provides the most extensive options for installation: suspended or placed on the floor at the request of the consumer. The device is convenient to clean without a ladder. It is simple to buy means for cleaning of conditioners. There is no bad smell, as in a car, but it is recommended to disinfect the internal device.

A cassette installation is not useful for an apartment - a type of device providing for installation in Armstrong's ceiling. The portal is square, decorated as part of the surrounding tile. Devices are popular in offices, have a capacity exceeding that required for an apartment.

Semi-industrial models accumulate a decent amount due to high throughput and water. It is necessary to buy a drainage pump for an air conditioner: some indoor units do not have a special capacity. The size of the nozzle is indicated, for example, half a inch under the pump connection. Manufacturers do not mention the rate of water intake from the air.

How to choose the power and air flow of the air conditioner

The airflow of the air conditioner is important if you can ventilate the room. The parameter is calculated from sanitary norms, subjective beliefs. Regarding the recirculation mode( the flow through is cooled on the evaporator of the indoor unit), the cooling and heating capacities are important.

At a latitude of Moscow, 120 W per square meter are considered sufficient for heating. A typical Mitsubishi air conditioner at 3 kW of heat generated, without taking into account the batteries, can heat a large room in an average apartment, even if the central heating is turned off. The only condition is that the weather parameters do not go beyond the limit of operating values.

Heat passes through the walls in both directions equally. If the room is +22, outside the window -10, 3 kW is enough to maintain heat - in the direction of increasing the performance is worse. Part of the power give the battery. At a temperature outside the window 22 +( 22 -( -10)) = 54 will not easily withstand 22 degrees of heat. Estimate the power of the battery at room temperature.

Losses through the walls in either direction linearly depend on the temperature difference. If the power of the battery is 3 kW, the devices total 6 kW.Withstand temperature differences on both sides of the wall at 32 degrees. The conditioner will counterbalance twice smaller loading, 16 degrees. In the sum on the street: 22 + 16 = 38 degrees of heat on the Celsius scale.

Cooling power is measured in BTUs( British thermal units).1 kW is 3,412 BTU.In total, 10236 BTUs are obtained. To calculate the area of ​​the room for the selected air conditioner, we divide this figure by 1000, multiply by 3. It turns out about 30 square meters - a large room of an average apartment.

It remains to buy a universal remote control for the air conditioner.

Installation of air conditioning

The main characteristic of the air conditioner is considered power. Expressed power in British thermal units. To convert to Watts — not consumed, but rooms taken away from the air — multiply by 0.2931.To relate the area of ​​a room to a BTU, divide by 1000, multiply by 3. For example, an air conditioner with a capacity of 7,000 BTUs is suitable for an area of ​​21 square meters.

Purchase and installation of air conditioners are one. Sometimes the installation cost is higher than the purchase price. Original installation of the air conditioner deprives the following problems:

  1. Unauthorized installation often voids the warranty. If air conditioning service engineers notice the absence of a company receipt for work, there will be a reason to refuse to repair it.
  2. Incorrect installation will interfere with system performance. Reduced power conditioner, lost BTU.Consume from the outlet air conditioner will be the same.
  3. Air conditioning installation work is risky. The external unit is mounted by a person with a permit to work at height. Electrical wiring requires caution. Do not forget that it will be exposed to the external environment, especially dangerous gradual destruction of the cambric. There are special requirements for the cable, the running meter is more expensive.

With the growth of power, depending on the area, the cost of installation increases. The owner of the spacious room will pay more. Non-standard installation is charged separately. Examples:

  • Winter set for operating the air conditioner at low temperatures( 10 - 20 degrees Celsius).Stronger snowman - more will take the master. The installation includes the insulation of the crankcase of the compressor, the heating of the drainage hose, the board for regulating the speed of rotation of the fan of the outdoor unit.
  • Included is a set of communications( usually no longer than 5 meters).It consists of a pair of cables, two tubes for the circulation of freon, a drainage hose. With an increase in the length over the set, the installation goes into the category of non-standard. The price rises.

Need a project, officials will need to find the paper. In the capital, the project recently cost 5,000 rubles - the price of a simple conditioner.

Difficult aspects with the installation should be resolved before buying an air conditioner for an apartment. Many cheated, said that the air conditioner is set before the adoption of laws.

It is reasonable to pre-assess the installation location of the indoor unit. Measure the distance to the outer wall. It is reasonable to hang the outdoor unit on the shady side of the building: the efficiency of the device will increase significantly. Members of the forum say: you can put an external unit on the loggia, lead excerpts from the SNiP.

The aspect is closely related to the air conditioner model. Each has a limit on the maximum length of communications. It is necessary to correlate this parameter with home measurements. Find out in the design organization, is it possible to conduct the installation. Half a meter is taken of stock, remember about the thickness of the wall. Standard installation with a length of communications up to 5 meters, the rest adds board.

Decided to put the equipment yourself? A vacuum pump is required. To adjust the amount of freon - manifold, designed for this type of refrigerant.

Selection of air conditioner

Today there are three types of air conditioners on the market, each showing pros and cons. A common option is the split system. The air conditioner is divided into two parts, one is hung out. The principle of the heat pump works. Along the freon path together with the refrigerant enters the street cold. If outside for thirty in the shade, then frost the air conditioner with hot air is difficult.

The outdoor unit is placed on the shady side of the

. It becomes clear advice to hang the outdoor unit away from the sun. Otherwise, the air conditioner works worse. Residents of the first floors would be great to hang the external unit in the basement, but this is contrary to the requirements of the installation, safety.

Monoblocks are still running. The segment share accounts for two more types of air conditioners: those that are inserted into the window frame and new ones are placed on the floor, but the pipe( like a vacuum cleaner) is brought out to the window. The main thing is to figure out where to get the exhaust. The engine of the device warms up a little: good in winter, useless in summer.

Monoblocks are unpopular; meanwhile, no permission is needed for outdoor options. Two minuses: unsightly appearance, high noise. The external unit of the split-system is hung outside, contains a compressor and a fan, which are constantly noisy. This is present in the monoblock of the floor performance, but it is impossible to take it out.

Before buying a candy bar, it is important to know in advance the noise level. For a night flat - 30 dB.Monoblocks are reasonable not to cut into the bedroom window, do not put on the floor in the room. Great places - canopy, balcony, non-residential room. For air circulation, an exhaust fan with a low noise level is required.

When the proposed recommendations are implemented, the noise level decreases. Advantages: lack of installation in the case of using monoblock floor, no legal problems. Mobile air conditioning for the home is a good solution to the problem of maintaining a microclimate in the summer. With the suction hose, you will find the desired flow temperature. In the summer you want to get the exhaust in the shade, in the winter the opposite.

The ideal place is the cellar. The land will be warm in the winter and taken in the summer. By choosing the right air conditioner design, we increase the efficiency, it becomes possible to work in the winter. Unethical, you can not remove the hose to the entrance. The design may depend on the BTU.With a reasonable arrangement of blocks, the price is reduced.

Which company to get air conditioning

Read the forums. Much depends on the price. Use Yandex Market. Market assessment is as follows.

  1. Choose the brand you like and tick off other manufacturers by checking the box in front of it.
  2. According to the required power class, the category is inspected for prices.
  3. Write out the names of your favorite models.

Additional options are minimal. Each air conditioner has a remote control. Error codes appear on the remote control or the display of the indoor unit. Take the model based on the dominant criteria. Firms want to buy a channel air conditioner that fits well with Armstrong ceilings, apartment owners will like the design of the LG indoor unit.

Advantages of air conditioners Mitsubishi

Advertising campaign must be conducted by the manufacturer. The Mitsubishi concern showed itself well. On Thai air conditioners we will show what inverter technology is.

Before you buy an air conditioner, understand how the options differ. The following discussion will focus on efficiency, energy conservation. Let's tell, than the modern conditioner is stuffed, on the example of Mitsubishi company.

Engine control technology in air conditioning

Inverter technology has recently entered our lives. In the West, pulse-width modulation for AC motors is yesterday. Line KH2 using such techniques is a thing of the past. For replacement - KH4, air conditioners with PAM-compressors, vector control.

Initially, the inverter technology was implemented in the forehead. An asynchronous type engine was taken on a squirrel cage, the voltage was not immediately applied from the network, but rectified, sliced ​​with a power key. A diode bridge was used( in the Toshiba language converter), and the pulse modulation process was in progress. Used part of the period. Pulses of constant amplitude, changing width. By integrating the graphics, we have some power.

A simple approach was part of the period that excited the minds of designers. Due to the PWM, it was necessary to increase the amplitude of the current in the active part. It is impossible to do this immensely: the wire on the windings will burn.

Asynchronous AC motors in air conditioners

More asynchronous AC motors in Toshiba air conditioners are not used. The stator is wound from several coils, in slots. With proper phase rotation, a rotating magnetic field is formed. With industrial use, no problem. At the factory there are three 230 V phases that need to be wound correctly on the stator windings.

In the case of a home network, use tricks to make the rotor move. In refrigerators the starting winding with phase shift by 90 degrees, connected by the start-up relay is used. Similar was in the air conditioners.

The rotor is manufactured in the form of a squirrel wheel. A silumin drum is formed on the steel rod. A copper wire in the form of a squirrel cage is laid in the depths( a double squirrel cage is used to reduce the starting current).The conductivity of bronze is high, there is no need to isolate the wire from the drum. Induction currents flow only inside the copper.

A magnetic field is formed, which is captured by what is induced by the stator. It rotates. The rotor begins to move. An asynchronous motor is called because the speed of rotation does not necessarily coincide with the frequency of the supply voltage. This fact is used to regulate the speed of the air conditioner compressor.

Asynchronous motor

In practice, a pair of poles is used, the power is given by the pulse width, the repetition period does not change. The integral takes on different values, not exceeding the product of amplitude by the duration of the cycle. Power varies, turns depend on it.

Inverter control of DC motors in air conditioners

This principle is called pulse-width modulation. The method was originally used for squirrel cage induction motors. Then the rotor was replaced with a permanent magnet, the windings began to switch according to the readings of the position sensor. Toshiba engineers say that the asynchronous motor shows the following disadvantages:

  1. Loss on induction currents.
  2. Slip.

The DC motor has reduced speed, the use of squirrel cages is twice as effective. By switching the windings inside the motor, a field of the desired orientation was created. Minus in the difficulties of regulation. Gradually, Mitsubishi came up with a two-thirds loading cycle. Get the best performance. At 120 degrees of the period, pulses of positive polarity are given, then the picture is inverted, and the motor is rotated. But it did not suit the designers.

The more windings in the stator slot, the stronger the generated magnetic field, the work is more stable. The geometrical dimensions of the engine are limited, it is necessary to reduce the thickness of the wire. The maximum current that the stator winding of the air conditioner compressor motor will withstand is proportionally reduced. Having optimized the working cycle, giving impulses during two thirds of the cycle with the given width, the engineers again ran into the wall.

Then PAM inverters with varying amplitude of pulses appeared. Voltage managed to increase without increasing current. Power, the product of two quantities, has increased in proportion. The introduction of a special booster circuit after the rectifier allowed to increase the voltage. Winding has become more wire thinner. Resistance increased, with higher voltage, the current remained the same.

This is necessary for the use of more economical, efficient engines. A further step towards the progress of air conditioners was the introduction of compressors with vector control. Full period is used for management. The width of the pulses depends on the phase position of the rotor, the power that needs to be transmitted. Due to the full use of the cycle, it was possible to transfer more power at the same voltage. The shape of the field became smooth:

  1. The start of the engine stopped failing.
  2. Managed to make the motor smaller and more efficient.

Conclusion: engine designs and control circuits are closely related. Choose an air conditioner is necessary for reasons of a reasonable combination of efficiency, price, expediency.

Freon in air conditioners

Companies producing air conditioners are constantly looking for the best solutions. This is the case with freon. Today it is fashionable to use R410a( a mixture of 50 x 50 R32 and R125):

  1. Not dangerous for the ozone layer.
  2. High volumetric cooling performance.
  3. Prevention of carbon dioxide emissions.
  4. Low transient temperature change.

Want to buy Toshiba air conditioner? Look in the passport - that flows through the veins of the unit.

Installation of air conditioners

Mitsubishi says: in the KH4 series, the longest freon lines available in the industry today. It is possible to place equipment as freely as possible on the site. If necessary, purchase a track for the air conditioner longer than the competition. When the height difference is less than 30 meters and the track is shorter than 70 meters, you do not need to charge additional refrigerant. We remind you: this is a series of air conditioners Mitsubishi KH4.

Warranty on the engine compressor air conditioner

Readers now buy air conditioning with installation. An indirect recognition of the quality of the compressor is the warranty period. Inverter technology in refrigerators gave Samsung a prolongation of the warranty period for the power plant to 10 years. The queue for air conditioning.

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