How to connect online outlet: installation diagram, instructions

Do you have a need to install a special socket for connecting the Internet, but to cause the master did not want to? Agree that an independent installation will save money, but also in the quality of work you will be assured.

But you do not know how to connect to the Internet outlet, and that it take? We will tell you where to start - this article will explain in detail the handyman and civil engineers particular connection, as well as give detailed answers to all related questions.

Illustrative photo and helpful videos to help deal with the installation process and advise on what you need to focus in the process of connecting sockets RJ-45 connector.

The content of the article:

  • The need to install sockets
  • Applications online outlets
  • Forms and types of Internet sockets
  • Laying "twisted pair" in / on the walls
  • Features pinouts RJ-45 cable
  • Checking conducting signals
  • Installation terminal block and mounting pads
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The need to install sockets

Most of us live in a multi-room apartments and private homes. For each individual premises such dwellings is necessary to solve one small but sufficient "insidious" task: in any way possible to create a "point" to connect to the Internet for different type of connection devices.

It would seem that the answer is obvious - buy and install a Wi-Fi router, and there is no problem. But now some people put it mildly not happy with the negative effects of electromagnetic waves on medium- and low-power generators for their own health, the health of their loved ones, and especially small children.

How to select and connect online outlet

Choosing online outlet, it must be remembered that a single or double will be enough for the living room. And for the office should think about the modular socket

Therefore, it is worth considering the reduction of electromagnetic "smog" in our homes and apartments.

One of these ways is to install with Internet connection sockets directly into the walls of the room.

Installing Internet outlet

Installation of sockets for connecting to the internet is available for all the common rules of wiring accessories. By analogy, they are released to the hidden and open wiring

It should be understood that this is only one option of a multi-point access to the Internet for laptops, desktops, mini-servers and personal data storage house / apartment / office.

The process of connecting socket with your hands is given in the form of incremental fotoinstruktsii on.

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Photo of

Preparation of the nest for online outlet

Step 1: In analogy to install power outlets and the process of installing Internet connection socket begins with the preparation of the nest

Preparing to install the socket mechanism

Step 2: In order to prepare a mechanism for installation, located on the rear side of the retainer white and rotate it about 90º. Then separate the freed part of the mechanism

Threading the cable internet in the mechanism

Step 3: threaded cable Internet connection through a mechanism separate from the socket part by placing its outer side to the installation site

Preparing internet cable for connection

Step 4: Remove the general Internet cable with insulation - a twisted pair, leaving approximately 10 - 15 cm in the cable reserve Escutcheon

Installing lived twisted pair according to the scheme

Step 5: Puts twisted pair wires in the slots in accordance with Scheme B, of said marks on the back side of the socket. A scheme in the home is no longer applicable

Installation of the assembled mechanism

Step 6: When you connect the twisted pair lived strictly follow color markings and signs cover. If everything is correct, turn the lock anticlockwise

Installing the socket outlet mechanism

Step 7: Trim any excess twisted pair lived, then immersed in a socket mechanism podrozetnik. Make sure that the wires located in the mounting box never crossed

Fixing frame and front panel

Step 8: After checking the horizontality installed in podrozetnik mechanism on its upper edge, the frame fix device, then the outer panel

Preparation of the nest for online outlet

Preparation of the nest for online outlet

Preparing to install the socket mechanism

Preparing to install the socket mechanism

Threading the cable internet in the mechanism

Threading the cable internet in the mechanism

Preparing internet cable for connection

Preparing internet cable for connection

Installing lived twisted pair according to the scheme

Installing lived twisted pair according to the scheme

Installation of the assembled mechanism

Installation of the assembled mechanism

Installing the socket outlet mechanism

Installing the socket outlet mechanism

Fixing frame and front panel

Fixing frame and front panel

Applications online outlets

In addition to the "domestic" use projects, there is still ample options.

In which the installation of outlets under the Internet will not only be relevant but also sometimes just leaving the original special, demanding a security situation by taking into account the technical conditions of access to Internet.

Depending on the type and purpose of the building, the technical requirements put forward to the arrangement of the apartments in these buildings.

There are several major categories of rooms:

  • offices, training rooms and server rooms;
  • Internet clubs and electronic libraries;
  • IT shops and workshops for the maintenance of computer equipment;
  • structures with enhanced protection against penetration.

For the majority of offices and classrooms, in addition to the presence of Cordless access points to the Internet, it is obligatory to equip the walls and office furniture outlets-RJ-45 that connect "working" computer stations to the Internet and to local networks.

Neither type of server space can not do without the presence of in / on the walls installed connectors for twisted pair. This is a requirement of every IT engineer, who took up the construction of "server" or the data warehouse.

The modular version of the power and internet outlets

Constructive is the perfect way to ensure that space is limited in all list of necessary interfaces to connect your laptop, phone, printer, etc.

The rapid development of technology affects all aspects of our lives, and in particular to education.

Now it is very "difficult" to imagine the school of any level, from school to university, without the presence of auxiliary search tools (computers). Who are looking for and provide the necessary information in the vast "knowledge bank" - the electronic library.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who is associated with the sale and / or repair of computer and office equipment, the presence of rosette constructs a "vital" is necessary for the normal working conditions of your employees.

And another example of the mandatory carriage of online outlets and constructive - premises for enterprise and government security forces.

As well as banking and other storage facilities, with increased protection against penetration, which is actually prohibited any a significant electromagnetic radiation, or can intercept the packet data via wireless transmission data.

Forms and types of Internet sockets

To understand what type of sockets we need to use in a particular case, it is necessary to deal with the general classification of outlets under the RJ-45 connector.

But first, RJ-45 - is a unified standard for the physical connection of computers and networking switches using a standard 8-core shielded cable, which is often called "Twisted pair".

Because by making the cross section of the cable, you can easily see the 4 pairs of wires interwoven. With this type of wire to build the vast majority of information channels in networks of local and common areas.

You may also be interested in information about varieties of cable internet and recommendations on the choice.

Standard RJ-45 interface

Based on an RJ-45 interface built countless local, corporate networks as well as wired part of the Internet. This is a common connector standard for network data transfer

Experts suggest the following classification of outlets:

  1. According to the number of connectors. Distinguish between single, double and terminal sockets with 4-8 sockets. In addition, there is still a separate species combined outlets. Such modules may be additional interface types, including audio, USB-, HDMI- and RJ-45 itself.
  2. According to the data rate. There are many types and categories, the main of which is a category 3 - transfer rate Data up to 100 Mbit / s, category 5e - up to 1000 Mbit / s and category 6 - up to 10 Gbit / s over a distance of up to 55 meters.
  3. According to the principle fixing. By analogy with the power wiring products, there are internal and overhead computer outlet. The inside of the socket mechanism (contact group Clem) is recessed into the wall, the outer wall is laid on the surface.

For sockets hidden, laid in wall wiring, shall be in the wall of the protective plastic "glass", which is attached terminals. External socket attached invoice, usually by the panel on the wall surface.

image gallery

Photo of

Internet standard mechanism Legrand outlet

Most models online outlets similar mechanism design, suitable for electrical equipment of several series

socket option to connect to the Internet

There are devices with mechanisms different from traditional ideas. For example, the outlet of ABB Jaeger BASIC 55 series

Connecting the modular outlet online

A modular kind of outlet to the Internet from traditional models differ only appearance. wiring diagram is absolutely similar

Internet plug with modular blocks for twisted pair

In the ranks of online outlets rarely for concealed installation, but there are modifications to the terminal blocks. With the principle of installation is also easy to understand

Internet standard mechanism Legrand outlet

Internet standard mechanism Legrand outlet

socket option to connect to the Internet

socket option to connect to the Internet

Connecting the modular outlet online

Connecting the modular outlet online

Internet plug with modular blocks for twisted pair

Internet plug with modular blocks for twisted pair

With regard to the producers: a lot of them, domestic and foreign. Recently, the "Chinese" companies for the production of network equipment began to "flatten out" in terms of the quality of the finished product with respect to the others.

Uniquely high quality of different products from such brands as Digitus, Legrand, VIKO, etc ..

We should also be said about "keystones" - Keystone.

Keystone as part of a module

Keystone peculiarity is that through them can provide practically any set of each computer interfaces. In recent years, are gaining widespread HDMI-Keystone

This modular architecture placing individual "stones" - modular connectors for a variety of audio, video, telefonnye-, opticheskie-, Mini-DIN- and other interfaces, including RJ-45 for a standard panel rosette unit.

It is flexible and scalable system providing interfaces to the end user.

Laying "twisted pair" in / on the walls

Moving from theory to practice. If we are talking about laying cables and wires in the new building, the special issues should not arise: twisted pair put next to the other utilities usually corrugated tube and slotted them into hollows.

Be sure to remember the number of the intravascular into the channel wires and their average diameter, as well as to take into account the diameter of the channel 25% of the total of all cable diameters.

Another thing, if you do repairs in the existing premises and re-create the channels. It is necessary to take into account the material of which the walls are made: framed gypsum board, brick, concrete, etc ..

The hardest thing - to do the channels in concrete / brick without damaging the rest of the communication.

For the detection of the wiring in the walls, you can use any available building wiring electromagnetic detectors.

Putting in a protective film

If you can not make furniture from the room, then it is recommended to hide its protective film construction. its thickness is not greater than 1 mm and the number is calculated by the formula: (the height of the room of the room perimeter *) + 10%

It should be noted that the dust will be very much, if you work in the concrete. As a result, shtrobirovaniya abrasive dust and small stones will be covered by all that be in the room: the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, equipment.

Therefore it is necessary to vacate the premises or initially hide all the plastic wrap.

We strongly recommend that the master put the following set:

  • tight jumpsuit (Jacket / pants);
  • headdress (Available swimming cap, headbands);
  • spectacles (We recommend skiing or other protected person to temporal areas);
  • thin and comfortable glove, Shoes, personal respiratory protection means (protective masks, respirators, bandages and the like. D.).

For shtrobirovaniya (the formation of channels in the aerated concrete or brick walls) need to use the following tools: shtroboruby, Wall Chasers, chasers.

As an option is still possible to use powerful "grinder" with cutting discs (diamond-coated). Channel cutting depth should be 30-35 mm, a width of 25 mm exclusively for one or more twisted-pair wires.

Absolutely all the channels and gutters should be done at the right angle - it is a mandatory rule of any refurbishment.

A simple way to install Internet outlet

To reduce the time to install sockets and reduce labor costs, you can use plastic mounting box - Cable TV

With regard to the cavities by the sockets, they are made using a jumper, or an electric hammer drill / gun with a nozzle orifice under the rosette.

But initially, you need to determine the approximate location of Internet outlets on the premises. Typically, the holes are drilled RJ45-outlet at a height of 1000-1200 mm from the floor, or 150-300 mm.

For premises, only one or two outlets on opposite walls of the room. For offices usually put one outlet near future workplace.

The server and similar in function rooms different strategy - make 3-4 holes for modular socket strips, two blocks on one wall and one for the rest of the walls.

And the last thing you need to pay attention to the part of the wiring - sometimes it is possible to lay communication under the floor or in the ceiling of the room.

In such a situation the question of shtrobirovanni wall does not rise enough to have a wire under the floor or the ceiling and bring in the area of ​​rosette holes on the wall.

Wiring diagram online outlet

When connecting internet outlet is extremely important to make the correct pinout. In the diagram on the left marked with a different color two different variants pointing socket with screw terminals. On the right-fixing scheme produced knife mechanisms

Features pinouts RJ-45 cable

Before connecting online outlet you must clearly know and understand where and what color to mount every single twisted-pair wiring. To do this, you need to know the rules of the scheme and crimping crimping RJ-45 cable with their hands.

There are two main types pinouts RJ-45 cables: Direct and cross. The first type of cable used for the connection of end devices (PC / PC, Smart TV / Smart TV, Switch / Switch) to the so-called router (Router).

The second type of cable used to connect the functions similar devices (computer - a computer, a router - Router Switch - switch) together.

Color pinout twisted pair

For direct color matches the color scheme in the order white-orange, orange, white, green, blue, white and blue, green, white, brown, brown. To cross all the same, but the greens are swapped with orange respectively

Pre-wall plane along the cable reserve about 100-150 mm, and the remainder of the cable is cut off. This length will be sufficient for possible subsequent remounting wires.

Before starting the wiring work can be found at Crimping schemes twisted pair wires 4 and 8Discussed in our other article.

Now it is necessary to release the pair of wires 4 from the outer shell and from the foil (it acts as a protective shielding) if any.

Inside, twisted pair also comes with a special thread that makes it easy to release all necessary wiring. You can also use an ordinary knife or a special cutting surface, which are equipped with almost all crimping pliers.

crimping pliers

Crimping tools make it easy to mount any connector RJ-45 format and RJ-11, the main thing to remember - if the instrument itself nedozhimaet wires, then you can put the squeeze on a thin knife or a screwdriver

In the next step, we perform straightening of twisted pairs of colored wires and gently "sadim" every single color in its place according to the color into the terminals, the socket pinouts.

This must be done so that the rest of the wires to the "untouched" insulation fell under the retaining clip terminals. Now twirl fixing bolts with a screwdriver on the terminal strip and simultaneously presses the other postings that they would not come out of their seats.

Finally, a "sense of power" recessed screwdriver pinch connectors on the terminal block and fasten each core separately in the terminal group, at the same time cutting a braid of fine wires. After the cut the residues. Wiring should be placed all at the same height from the base of the terminal block.

You may also be useful information methods of increasing the twisted pair.

Checking conducting signals

We should also mention the possibility of checking the availability of, and most importantly the correct signals pass through the 8 cores twisted-pair cable. This can be done using conventional electrical tester.

But first, you must have a patch cord (ready to use wire at both ends of which are mounted, Again straight pinout, RJ-45 connectors format) and second unmounted Internet outlet or Keystone.

Patch Cords

An ordinary patch cord can be purchased at the store or do it yourself (connectors for direct pinout). The length of the patch cord standard length is in the range from 0.3 m to 5 m

Pre-mount the second end of wire laid in an unmounted outlet / Keystone, which insert one end of the patch cord.

Toggle tester beep mode and finding the appropriate channels of connectors on the patch cord and the online outlet. We get a beep that indicates the presence of the compound.

Normal electrical tester

Not every electrical tester has an audio signal mode. Therefore, to test, you can continue in the resistance mode and track on the digital panel data

There is also a version of the test signal by means of special cable testers, but that requires another up and running in a straight line pattern patch cord. On one end of each patch inserted into the socket (new and temporary), two other inserted into the cable tester.

Light and sound on the panel of the tester indicates the presence or absence of a signal at a particular strand of twisted pair. Watch and check the signal.

Special cable tester

Some cable testers, except the check signal, provide information about the cable category. This feature is quite useful for the certification of buildings

Ideally 8 sequentially receive the light and sound signals to the cable tester. These two methods to verify the correct pinouts and the presence of a full signal to transfer data over twisted pair.

Installation terminal block and mounting pads

After checking the signals pass to the final part of the installation internet outlet.

To this residue was carefully hide cables and return conductors connected to the terminals back into the slot socket tightens locking bolt is mounted to the "glass".

Terminal block should fit "sit" in the nest should not be sticking out and bend the wires.

Planting the terminal connector into the socket

If the terminal block does not sit in the groove walls, then you can cut the back of the assembly "glass". Usually landing terminal block is not enough what that pair mm

Once again produce validation connection, connect to this device, such as a laptop and watch whether it detects the connected LAN or Internet.

In the absence of the compound on the device back to a point pinouts and re-check the correctness of performed actions, and the quality reduction. It often happens that one of the cables to the terminal block nedozhat banal. To do this, just need tighter drown lock cores.

After an additional check network health prune all remnants protruding veins and proceed to mount pads. Strap is typically equipped with several plastic latches.

It accurately enough to attach to the wall socket and press until you hear it snap. All online outlet installed and ready for operation.

Check the connection to the internet socket

When you check the connection signal does not pass, it is necessary to check the quality of the contact. It is possible that it just weakly clamped

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Such instructions can be used for connection and installation of all types of Internet sockets:

They may differ in the arrangement of the contact groups and a set of interfaces that way the mount, but essentially it absolutely does not change:

Connecting single or modular internet outlets available to anyone with his own hands handyman not to mention IT engineers. The main thing right the first time to "guess" the color of pin connections lived and get a quality signal transmission through twisted pair.

You have repeatedly performed electrical work and can add information to our how-to articles? Or install their own hands a socket and are faced with an interesting point, which we have not mentioned here? Please share your tips with our readers - leave your comments below this article.

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