Four effective ways to clean the gold chain

Time has power over everything, including noble metals. That is why we sometimes have a question about how to clean the gold chain, which used to shine, and today it can be seen with the naked eye that its appearance has deteriorated.

Features chains of gold

Gold is very difficult to react with other substances, it does not rust and it is not sojust destroy, especially if it is stored in favorable conditions in your home. But this soft metal is easily susceptible to mechanical damage: there are scratches and dents on it. The addition of other metals to the alloys leads to the fact that gold darkens with time and I want to clean it up and add shine to it.

Cleaning can be done using ultrasound, special foam or liquid sold in a jewelry store. But if you do not want to spend money on this, then you can put in order the chain at home, using conventional means.

The difference of the chain is that it consists of many small links that are intertwined with each other. Between these parts, dirt gets stuck and accumulates, which is quite difficult to remove. When careless cleaning at home, you can break the link, at the same time, the usual rubbing felt here will not help. Among the many tips we choose some of the most popular. They will help to return to your favorite jewelry the former radiance of novelty, so that no one doubts that you are wearing gold.

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A solution of the four ingredients

To clean the gold chain, experienced housewives recommend cooking a solution in a small jar at home:

  • a teaspoon of ammonia;
  • hydrogen peroxide( someone recommends half a teaspoon, and someone three);
  • pinch of laundry detergent;
  • a little( half a cup) of warm water.

In this solution, you need to put the chain for half an hour, chat a little, then pull out and rinse. Your decoration will shine as if just from the counter.

However, this method is recommended only for gold. No stones or other metals should be part of the decoration.


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Quite easy to clean the decoration at home, you can use a soap solution. For him, in a small container, dilute liquid soap or tinder and dissolve the usual solid soap. The solution should be very saturated, foamy. They put the decoration in the container, leave it for some time, then chatter it well, shake it. After that, washed and dried in a natural way. To avoid any traces of soap on the surface, rub with a soft cloth.

Instead of soap, sometimes other detergents are used, since there is always plenty of them at home. This may be a powder or dishwashing liquid. After them, it is necessary to wash the chain very well so that no traces of foreign substance remain.

Boiling with soda

With heavy home apply the method of boiling with soda. In a container( preferably enameled or made of refractory glass) they put a chain and completely fill it with water. Heat the water and throw 1-2 tablespoons of soda into it. The water should then boil.

To clean the precious thing more efficiently, add a little detergent. Boil gold for a minute or two and pull it out. All grease and other dirt must be left behind.


Some women brush their gold jewelry with toothpaste. In the morning, at home, having entered the bath, they simply put toothpaste on the chain, lightly rub it with a brush and wash it. By doing this regularly, you can prevent the formation of a dense deposit of dirt and oxide. This is a very simple way to clean the chain, although it has its drawbacks:

  • is likely to cause microdamages with a brush;
  • paste does not always clean the surface well.

The first minus can be removed if you use very soft bristles. Instead of a paste, loose powder powder is also used.

Comparison of

Create a small table comparing several tools that are used at home most often.

Refractory Aidthat it is undesirable to clean the gold chain with products that can leave small scratches, such as soda or abrasive powder.

If you use a toothbrush at home, choose a brush with soft bristles only.

If hair or threads from clothes are stuck in your chain, you can simply burn them. It is not necessary for this to include a gas burner. Grab the decoration with tweezers and hold a lighter or just a burning match. The resulting fumes can be removed by one of the above methods.

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