What is better: gas or electric stove

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In the modern world, probably, every housewife wonders what is better gas or electric stove? When it is necessary to choose a kitchen unit, each hostess assesses all the advantages and disadvantages of the models presented on the market, the characteristics of her kitchen in order to make the right choice. At the moment, electric and gas stoves are in the greatest demand and this is not surprising. In this review, we will try to reveal all the pros and cons of this equipment, to talk about the selection criteria and what is more profitable: a gas or electric stove.

What to look for when choosing

If you need to choose a stove for your kitchen, you must take into account not only your personal preferences, but also take into account various factors, which are many. Among the most important are:

  • Safe use.
  • Fast cooking.
  • Availability of various functions.
  • Price.
  • Oven features.
  • Design.

Today it is quite difficult to answer which of the stoves, gas or electric, the design is more attractive. This can be explained by the fact that manufacturers take into account all the wishes of customers, therefore, these units are represented in the market in a large assortment, and each consumer will be able to find something for himself. But there are buyers who do not look at the attractiveness of the plate, because they are looking for products as cheap as possible. And for others, the choice of functionality and design comes to the fore. And finally, for the third, the economical operation of the device is important.

Pros and cons of the gas stove

Gas stoves are popular and are used in almost every home. For cooking is used in such units open fire. The basis of the operation of the stove is gas. Firing up of the burners takes place rather quickly, the dishes are heated evenly, and if cooking is necessary, you just need to increase the temperature.

Advantages of a gas stove:

  1. Fast cooking - this is achieved due to the fact that the temperature of an open fire is much higher than electric burners.
  2. Relatively low cost.
  3. Lightness and ease of use - you can easily adjust the temperature on gas, the cooking process is much easier.
  4. Profitability - less money is spent on paying for used gas than on electricity.
  5. Flame regulation - allows you to select the temperature during cooking.
  6. In a house without electricity is a very useful thing.

As well as modern gas stoves can boast of additional functionality:

  • Availability of a timer.
  • Electrical ignition.
  • Convection.
  • Gas Level Monitoring.


  • The probability of fires and explosions is high - therefore, it is necessary to purchase only high-quality plates, and only professionals should install them to avoid various leaks, which can cause serious tragedies.
  • Difficulty in temperature control in the oven, if there is no temperature sensor.
  • Soot - soot can form during continuous cooking, so you need to clean the hood and furniture more often.

The gas stove will be appreciated by people who value their time, do not bake various sweets and prefer healthy food.

Pros and cons of an electric stove

Despite all the possibilities of gas stoves and their reliability, electric stoves are also in great demand in the market. They are safer and more functional and their design is quite interesting.

It should be noted that it is better to install them in houses where the wiring is good and of high quality, because the power of these units is rather high. If all these conditions are not met, then the likelihood of fire will be high.


  1. Safety - the lack of electricity will not entail major problems, in contrast to a gas leak;the unit simply will not function.
  2. Sustainability.
  3. Large functionality - most of the plates can boast of additional features that allow you to make cooking much easier.
  4. Convenience electric ovens - you can accurately set the temperature, but they are not economical.
  5. Grill function.
  6. Control of heating of the burners.


  • Expensive.
  • You can not quickly change the temperature when cooking dishes.
  • Cooking takes a little longer.
  • Significant energy costs.
  • The hot plates slowly heat up and cool down slowly.
  • The possibility of cooking depends on the availability of electricity.
  • Electricity is spent on heating the surrounding space.


In order to decide exactly which stove is better than gas or electric, it is necessary to consider all of the above. As a result, we get the following: gas stoves are suitable for adherents of a healthy diet, for those areas where there is no electricity or frequent drops of electricity, and this is a more economical option not only during the purchase, but also during operation. Electric stoves can be installed in homes with good wiring, and these devices are popular with women who love to bake various desserts. Now you just have to choose the most suitable option for you and go shopping.

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