How to care for tomatoes in the greenhouse?

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The greenhouse way of growing tomatoes allows you to get a crop during periods when it cannot be done outdoors. Using modern polycarbonate coating, you can grow plants in early spring without additional heating. Consider what care includes tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse.

Planting of tomato seedlings

The care of tomatoes in the greenhouse begins with the planting of the prepared seedlings to the place of permanent growth.

The further successful development of adult plants and the yield of tomato fruits depend on the quality of the planting performed in the ground.

For planting, tomato seedlings should have the following parameters:

  1. plant height 25-35 cm;
  2. the presence of the first bud( possibly opening the first flower);
  3. dark green color of shoots and leaves;
  4. diameter of the main stem in the area of ​​the root collar of at least 1 cm;
  5. presence of at least 7 well-developed true leaves;The
  6. root system completely entangles a lump of substrate and has only white live roots.

It is necessary to plant in a specific pattern, which depends on the characteristics of the cultivated variety. When planted planting plants will shade each other, stretch, which will lead to a susceptibility to the development of diseases and lower yields. If the seedlings are very sparse, the greenhouse area will not be used, which will lead to a shortage of the total crop.

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  • . In indeterminate tall tomatoes, the planting is sparse - 80x70 cm.
  • Cans with high-quality seedlings are planted in the wells, deepening to 3-5 cm. If the plants are overgrown, ttomato stem can be laid in the soil to a depth of at least 10 cm, while digging a ditch. On the stem, additional roots are easily formed, which can nourish the adult plant more intensively.

    How to care for tomatoes in the greenhouse after planting?

    Many factors influence the survival rate of seedlings and the further growth of a tomato plant. Consider in detail the important points in the care of tomatoes.


    During the adaptation period of the seedlings in the new greenhouse conditions, the air temperature should be kept within optimal limits from +22 to +25 degrees, and the soil should already warm up above +15 degrees. Under such conditions, plants quickly give new roots and they begin to grow intensively.

    Caring for tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse includes the need to constantly monitor the temperature. Polycarbonate has high thermal insulation properties and good light transmission, therefore, in sunny weather, the air temperature in the daytime can increase dramatically and reach critical for plants( above +35 degrees).Open doors and transom will reduce the temperature.

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    If there is no constant heating in the greenhouse, an additional heat source should be installed if it is likely to freeze. As it can be used various types of burners, heat guns or just kerosene lamps.


    Before planting, it is advisable not to water the seedlings for 2-3 days. It will not be brittle and will receive additional hardening.

    Immediately after planting the tomatoes, it is necessary to conduct abundant watering. This is one of the important rules for caring for tomatoes in the greenhouse. It is necessary to create a contact of the roots with the soil. If this is not done, the plants can attach and then get sick for a long time, which ultimately will have a negative impact on yield.

    Further irrigation is carried out when the topsoil dries. The humidity level is kept at 85% of full capacity. The easiest method of determination is to compress the soil into a fist from a layer below 10 cm. If, after opening the palm, a non-dissolving lump forms and it does not smear on your hands, then the humidity is optimal, watering is required when the lump is scattered.

    On hot summer days, daily watering is sometimes necessary or even twice a day.

    Excessive overflow of soil is detrimental to the roots, therefore, in cool weather, watering should be carried out no more than once every 3-4 days.

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    When planting seedlings at the bottom of the hole, you must pour starting fertilizer. To do this, use 20 g of nitroammofoski content N16P16K16.The roots should not be in contact with the pellets due to the risk of burns, so they are mixed with the soil.

    Top dressing is one of the most important tasks in caring for tomatoes in the greenhouse. They are carried out weekly, followed by watering. Tomatoes are very demanding on the content of nutrients in the soil, especially phosphorus. In the arsenal of a tomato grower, there should be monopotassium phosphate and potassium nitrate. These are two high-speed fertilizers that will satisfy the need of a tomato plant in macronutrients. They take 20 g each, dissolved in a ten-liter bucket of water and watered at least 10 bushes.


    Caring for tomatoes during a massive opening of buds includes surgeries that improve the formation of ovaries. Tomatoes have self-pollinating flowers. To pollen spill out and hit the pestle, just enough to shake a tomato plant. This operation is performed in the morning on a sunny day.

    During airing, insects fly into the greenhouse and help the flowers to be pollinated. Bumblebees do it very well. You can put a hive with bumblebees in the greenhouse to increase fruit stitchiness.

    Observing all the described rules for caring for tomatoes in the greenhouse, you can get a bountiful harvest of tasty tomatoes.

    How to care for tomatoes in the greenhouse( video)

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