Methods for washing leather gloves

Gloves protect our hands from cold and dirt, they serve as an elegant addition to the wardrobe. How to wash leather gloves, if you wear them for a long time or accidentally took up a dirty object? To do it right, you need to remember how to clean any leather things.

Dark leather

Before you clean leather things at home, you should pay attention to their color and dressing. With a delicate husky should be treated more carefully, light products also require a special approach when cleaning. As for the dark things, then with them the situation is simpler. Black or brown leather gloves can be cleaned using the following composition:

  • half a cup of warm water;
  • 1 small spoon of ammonia;
  • 5 small spoons of washing powder;
  • 5 small spoons of hydrogen peroxide.

All this should be mixed, wet in the composition of the sponge, cloth or cotton swab and wipe contaminated places on gloves. The remnants of the detergent composition is washed with a sponge dipped in clean water.

Fully immersed in leather products is not recommended, because after that they are deformed, reduced in size and look not at all attractive. If you are still interested in the question of how to wash leather gloves, you can suggest the following.

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  • Soak a piece of soft cloth in water and lather it with soap.
  • Wipe gloves outside with soapy water, removing dirt from all folds.
  • Wash off the soap solution with the same cloth. In water you can add a little vinegar, which will give the skin elasticity.
  • Hang to dry gloves away from heating appliances. You can choose a cool, but well-ventilated place for drying.
  • After the gloves have dried, they should be smeared with castor oil, petroleum jelly or a special cream for leather items.

Please note that it is not possible to speed up the drying process with a hot hair dryer or heater. Gloves should dry naturally. This will prevent their deformation.

Like gloves can not be wetted even in this way. They are rubbed with glycerin, light husky is rubbed with warm milk. There are also special skin care products that you can buy at a leather goods store.

Light skin

With dark products everything is clear, but how to clean white leather gloves? Is it possible to use detergents for them? It is not recommended to wet light skin, because yellowish stains may appear on it after drying.

A good cleansing agent is a mixture of soda and milk. From these two ingredients make gruel and rub light skin. A solution of ammonia is helping to clean white products from contamination. On 2 spoons of ammonia take 8 spoons of water, and wipe with a solution of greasy darkened places. If desired, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide can be added to the solution. You can try to get rid of persistent stains with lemon juice.


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Suede products can be washed at home. For washing use shampoo, liquid powder, dishwashing detergent or baby soap.

First, prepare a soap solution, whipping warm water with the addition of detergent in the foam. In this soapy solution and wash the gloves. You can wear gloves on his hands and dip them in water. So it will be more convenient to wash away heavily polluted places. You can use a soft brush or sponge during the washing process.

After washing, suede products are thoroughly rinsed and dried at room temperature. It is best to dry them on the dummy's arm to keep the shape. If there is no such dummy, it is possible to make a frame in the shape of a hand from durable wire or cut a stencil from thick cardboard. So that suede does not become stiff during the drying process, it can be rolled from time to time with a rolling pin. When the gloves are dry, they are treated with a stiff brush for suede.

Cleaning Inside

Over time, it becomes necessary to wash the gloves from the inside. To do this, you can turn the product inside out and treat with soapy water in the same way as outside. Instead of soap, a water solution of liquid ammonia with the addition of peroxide helps to remove dirt.

Winter lined gloves can be washed completely. They cannot be soaked in water for long. Prepare a soap composition, dip products in it, wipe off dirt.

After that, rinse in clean water with vinegar. Water must be changed several times. Dry the gloves by hanging them opposite the vents or throwing them for 10 minutes in a cold-blown dryer. The drying field is smeared with a softening cream.

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