We clean a silver chain from dirt and black

Many women, and indeed, representatives of the strong half of humanity, prefer precious gold to cold gold. Jewelry made from this metal is attractive, relevant in any era, and also has a fairly affordable price. But silver has one "minus" - it has the ability to darken over time.

The causes of this phenomenon may be the sweat of a person wearing jewelry, a humid climate, contact with sea water, or prolonged storage. According to experts, the darkening of silver - it is natural, and to avoid this will not work. Therefore, the fight against such a “minus” of this metal becomes the goal for many of its owners.

Our material is designed to clarify how to clean the silver chain at home. It is also valid for other products from this noble metal.

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How to clean a silver chain with ready-made tools

Today there are a lot of tools and techniques to clean silver. Abroad, a silver chain or pendant is already bought in jewelry stores and shops along with a special tool with which it can be cleaned. In fairness, we note that our jewelry stores also offer to purchase such tools.

In order to clean silver at home, you can take the usual household tools. For example, a mixture for washing dishes, etc. Apply the same such compounds, preferably in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

In addition, special wipes, soap, and an ultrasound cleaner for silver products are sold in stores. All these tools allow you to clean jewelry and other products made from this metal at home.

How to clean silver with the help of available tools

It is also possible to clean products from precious metal with improvised means. There are many methods here. We will give the key and most effective ones:

  1. Many have learned to clean silver using toothpaste. The truth for this purpose is not suitable color or gel paste. You also need to take a soft brush. Chain or other decoration is required to rub the paste on a similar principle with daily teeth cleaning. Next you need to rinse it in strong water and dry it on the fabric. In addition, you can clean the chain with tooth powder or crushed chalk.
  2. Another effective method to clean even very darkened products is to use an ammonia solution( in other words, liquid ammonia).Before you clean the silver chain, you need to pour 5-6 drops of liquid ammonia into a glass of warmed and soapy water. In the prepared solution it is necessary to place a chain or cross for 15 minutes. After that, the decoration should be well washed with water.

The described method is one of the most popular among those who are trying to clean the silver chain at home.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that you can add chalk to the liquid ammonia and rub the chain well with the resulting solution. After it is necessary to rinse well and dry.

Soda is another good tool that allows you to clean silver from black. It is necessary to take three parts of soda and one part of water. Such a mixture should be well rubbed with a chain or cross, and then rinsed under running water.

The next way to clean the decoration at home is a bit troublesome. You need to take the pan and put food foil on the bottom. And on it - a chain that needs to be cleared of blackness. Then water is poured into the pan and two tablespoons of soda are poured. Silver must be covered with liquid. Next, boil the pan for five minutes.

It is interesting that in this recipe you can replace soda with citric acid. Many argue that cleaning with this method is better than others.

Another method to clean the silver chain at home also involves the presence of foil. It is necessary to cook 3 peeled potatoes until ready. The resulting decoction must be placed in a ceramic plate. At its bottom, you must first put a piece of foil and a chain. All this must be left to stand for 15 minutes. After rinsing in water black on the chain will not.

In the following way you can also easily clear the silver chain. In this case, you also need to take the foil and put it on the table. It fits the decoration and poured a couple of teaspoons of salt and soda. The foil is wrapped and placed in a saucepan, into which the soapy water is poured in advance. Put on the gas.

After boiling it is necessary to turn off the burner and leave the solution to stand for 10 minutes. Next, the foil with the chain inside is transferred to the plate and cooled with cold water. Next, a clean decoration is removed, thoroughly washed and wiped.

There is a technique that allows you to clean the silver at home using only olive oil. On a soft cloth, you need to put a little oil and rub it well silver. Rinse with soap and hot water. Next - drying.

Vinegar also allows you to clean the decoration. To do this, put the product in a container with vinegar for two hours. Next, the product is washed with water. Some simply moisten a rag with vinegar and wipe the product with it. However, soaking gives you the opportunity to clean more efficiently.

Some people paint clean the chain with unsafe methods. For example, "royal vodka."However, we do not recommend performing such actions at home. It carries a health hazard.

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In order not to think how to clean the silver chain, which is blackened, it is better not to allow it to darken quickly. Preventive measures are simple and available at home. So, the product must be wiped after each sock with a wet flannel. As for storage, silverware must lie in a fabric-covered casket. It is better if other metals do not lie with them.

In addition, experts recommend cleaning silverware at home about every couple of months. It will relieve from strong darkening when it is already very difficult to clean the jewelry.

If you do not want to regularly clean the jewelry, then after purchase it is better to apply a thin layer of nail polish on them and shake the chain in the air so that it dries faster.

Such a preventive measure will provide an opportunity not to clean the chain with great regularity.

As you can see, it is quite possible to clean the silver product yourself. Moreover, experts advise to regularly clean these jewelry to prevent serious blackening. All the above methods are well suited for this mission. Choosing one of them, in any case, you will be able to clean your jewelry.

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