How to adjust plastic windows for winter and summer

Modern plastic windows, the doors of which open, can be adjusted. Adjustment is carried out in the autumn and spring periods on the eve of a sharp change in temperature outside. It allows you to change the pressure of the sash and thereby increase or decrease the degree of ventilation.

How to change the clamp

Adjustment of plastic windows is needed in order to change the clamp of the opening sash. In winter, this pressure should be stronger, and in summer it is reduced so that the ventilation in the room becomes stronger. The adjustment is quite simple, it can be carried out by any person without the help of a plastic window installation wizard.

  • Open the flap. On the end surface you will see a cylindrical protruding head, it is also called an eccentric or pin. There may be several such heads.
  • There are two slots on the head - short and long, coming out of the middle. In the middle there is a hole designed to fix the key.
  • If the short slot indicates a rubber window gasket, then the eccentric takes the “summer” position. If it points in the opposite direction( on the hinges), then this corresponds to winter.

The eccentric can be turned using an Allen key number 4 or a flat screwdriver. Sometimes the cylinder rotates even with your fingers, you just need to pull it slightly towards yourself and then scroll. If the adjustment with your fingers does not work, then you need to apply pliers. Hexagonal key is sometimes included in the package, it is also available to all cycling enthusiasts, in extreme cases, it can be bought specifically for plastic windows.

The difference between the largest and smallest pressing of the window casement is 2 mm. This is enough to increase the flow of fresh air into an apartment or house.

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It is worth noting that the trunnion slot can be located parallel to the edge of the sash windows. It is in this position when plastic windows come from the manufacturer. This is the neutral position “spring-autumn”, it differs from the position “winter” and “summer” by only 1 mm. If earlier adjustment was not made, then the first time looking at the cylinders, you will see the demi-season orientation.

The winter orientation of the trunnion puts additional pressure on the sealing gum. For new windows it is recommended not to install it, limiting itself to the neutral orientation and orientation "summer".For the winter, the strongest pressure is established only after a year or two of service and in the case of large frosts.

Sealing rubber plays an important role in the design of plastic windows, and to last longer, it is smeared with silicone. This increases the service life at least 2 times.

Features of mechanisms

The different mechanisms of plastic windows may have a slightly different adjustment, since the number of eccentrics and their configuration are different. There are windows in which the cylinders are located around the perimeter of the leaf, that is, they can be located below, above and on the hinge side.

In order to turn the eccentrics on top, open the sash( open), then turn the knob and fold the sash as if it was airing. Such manipulations are called "opening windows in a turning position and tilted."As a result, you can see the eccentric, which is located in the mechanism of the scissors window( locking mechanism).

It happens that there are no cuts on the eccentric or there is only one. In this case, the position of "summer" or "winter" can be determined by the distance from the edge of the eccentric to the gum or to the end of the metal fittings. It should be maximized. If there is one small notch, then in the summer position it points up or down.

The importance of adjusting

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Curious people may wonder why they need summer adjustment, if in summer they often open plastic windows for ventilation. The answer to the question is the following. Such adjustment is necessary if you leave and close the house for a while, or if the ventilation mode is not present in the window system. The summer position helps the room to breathe, prevents the appearance of musty smell. Experts advise to increase the clamp gradually so as not to strain the sealing rubber and not to deform it.

It is advisable to lubricate all moving parts of the window mechanism twice a year. This can be done using technical petroleum jelly or engine oil, silicone lubricant is also suitable. Dust can be removed with a dry cloth, brush or vacuum cleaner. At observance of recommendations the window system will serve as long as possible, without passing drafts and keeping heat.

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