What is the best antenna for your TV

Today it is fashionable digital broadcasting, while not everyone dares to buy a plate. It is expensive, and there is another alternative. In Russia in 2009 launched a campaign to create a national network of digital multiplexes. The channels on the same frequency broadcasting a dozen programs. Each receives a frame slot, perceived special input receiver (DVB - T) plasma or liquid crystal panel. the second generation of devices (DVB - T2) today came out, be careful when choosing. What is the best antenna for your TV. Digital? Find and TVs receiver DVB - S.

modern TVs

Tale of Bygone Years began with personal computers, working with numbers, used specific standards are now spread saga to develop TV. Data compression protocols Mpeg, splitting, cropping of packets network protocols, transmission overhead communication channels. The first TV tuners, satellite receivers began flooding the country as an expansion card PC. Then they began to be made outside the model, internal interfaces long sported greater productivity. The first reports were parallel (ISA). Today are used domestic high-end devices, such as graphics cards, TV tuners and satellite receivers migrate to USB ports.

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modern TV

Not surprising. If the hard drives began to produce external video stream, usually it takes much less traffic than a typical data exchange. Know the basic structure of the equipment to receive satellite and digital broadcasting. Kit is similar:

  1. Antenna.
  2. Receiver.
  3. If necessary, a smart card commercial channel decoding.

We call satellite dish antenna or room "Yagi" for the horizontal polarization. Digital receiver, the method of construction in terms of circuitry similar. It is worth noting: Unlike personal computers, always deprived of integrated tools that area, TV just did contain a built-in receivers. It remains to connect the antenna cable. These things concerns digital, satellite broadcasting.

However, consultants say slippery, believe the best way - call the TV manufacturer to find out what equipment is required viewing programs. Commercial stations are given a special smart card, or organize a server on the Internet, spreading paid in advance key. In the latter case, have the option of the trial period to make sure you have terms of use and quality of service. No one is forcing to take the cat in a bag. Where to connect the smart card. Ask TV producer!

homemade antenna

Antenna television viewing

Now about antennas. I want to watch the satellite multiplex or need to learn methods of receiving a signal. Why not discuss the digital channels and radio. Moving slowly to the figure:

  1. The best antenna for digital TV receives the horizontally polarized frequency band 420 - 870 MHz.
  2. Best satellite broadcast television antenna - plates.

On the fire incident focus our attention on the Internet had come across a typical indoor antennas, which were called satellite. Not funny, paraboloids manufacturers will be shocked when the contraption will signal Eutelsat W4 36.0E catch! Once and remember, the companion hanging above the equator, will signal to a giant antenna gain of 30 - 40 dB. Digital terrestrial broadcasting catches horizontally polarized antenna with your hands will bring the student:

  • you need to know the broadcast frequency;
  • calculate wavelength;
  • take a piece of cable RK - 75;
  • cut the screen on the quarter-wave at one end;
  • the other - to put a connector for mating with the receiver;
  • length of cable is placed horizontally.

Antenna for TV

End of story. It is true that simple? Now, try to collect yourself paraboloid, providing irradiator at horizontal polarization. We consider a question about digital and satellite television closed!

Let's talk, what better than a TV antenna. Take digital broadcasting equipment to share two classes:

  1. Directional antennas.
  2. Omni-directional antennas.

The first improved as have the confidence on which side of the signal comes. More gain, therefore, achieve the results fit with passive antenna. Achieved by cutting off the noise coming from all sides, the sensitivity of a given direction, on the contrary, increased. Thoughtful method ensures improved quality of reception. Multipath fading effect, causing double vision-MAKING images, blurs the image.

Omnidirectional antenna suitable expect to receive a signal of several towers. Catch channel easier, the quality can be lower (not true digital television, colored squares appear there).

Rigorous discussion deserve the satellite dishes. Some paraboloids receive the signal of two or more satellites. Moreover, the broadcast is at different frequencies. Established by two or more illuminators, each aimed at a satellite. The gain falls as the squadron irradiators closes overview plate. The result is positive, but if you want to contact with the setting of the toroidal antenna. Reflectors placed outside the radial route by adding a reflector, reminiscent of the toroid, because of what the device is called.

Cable receiver and digital and satellite TV

Discuss how to improve the signal to a television antenna.

As a feeder used the good old RC - 75. Today, you find the wire with a much better performance. Take a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms. Indoor antennae are in the store without active amplification advantageously. Easily understood by the fact correspond to the device power cord or adapter. In the case of passive antenna length between the mounting base and cable should be minimal. Reduce signal attenuation. Otherwise, the best antenna for reception of TV programs is of little help. Please note, extra gain is avoided. On the TV screen goes red and the white snow, you may receive the image ghosting.

Receiver for digital and satellite television

amplifier factor is adjusted automatically, do not rule out the existence of models must be set manually, even worse, not manageable. Allowed to use an attenuator, by the way, you will be able to produce on their own. In the simplest case, a conventional resistive power divider. Primitive embodiment, which will reduce the efficiency of the design, wasting energy. The network posted a calculator for calculating the U-shaped attenuator. Not sure that the device is fully suitable for our case but as an option - definitely!

As for the reverse case, the problem is solved by optimizing the gain. Allowed to collect a simple circuit using transistors, not the fact that this only cheaper, can not find the nearest market. Be careful, sensitive equipment, you can easily burn the wrong plug or defective circuit.

Recall, the receiver is built into the TV at times, question, discuss with the dealer, the manufacturer's instructions. To adjust the satellite equipment you want to change a number of settings made via the TV menu. A computer is a special text file that includes the startup parameters. Flashing equipment is required.


In the end, I wanted to add, you must select the equipment (TV), making it possible to connect to the Internet. Providers of satellite broadcasting services to provide for the most part remotely. Imposes restrictions. How to configure the system, the manufacturer should know. We do not rule out that he had forgotten to lay a possibility. But just in case inquire further. The process is called cardsharing (card sharing).

Many television antennas are made with their own hands. Portal VashTehnik published corresponding reviews. Best TV antenna to give definitely homemade. Although it is possible to bring out of town, mostly missing a half-wave dipole. As for the radio, too. You will find a great opportunity to organize a fellowship of talkies, setting the appropriate antenna on the house, the rear window of the car.

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