Scotch for greenhouse repair made in China

Choosing a greenhouse for the suburban area is limited only by your budget. Gardeners are not always ready to purchase an expensive glass greenhouse, and there may not be enough skills for self-erection.

The easiest way to organize a place for seedlings and growing vegetables is greenhouses under film. In this case, you can plan any size of bed and buy suitable covering material.

There is a huge choice of films on the market: multi-layered, simple, with high thermal conductivity, reinforced, double-layer foamed. Price for one roll of film from 5 000 rubles and above.

As you know, even a reliable manufacturer can not guarantee a long life of the material. The film intended for long-term use is not insured against mechanical damage, and in the case of using polyethylene it is simply necessary to take care of the kit for repair in advance.

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Some gardeners use ordinary tape, trying to patch using glue guns. However, these methods rarely pass the test of moisture or frost - glue loses its properties, and from the sudden gusts of wind holes in the greenhouse continue to grow.

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In domestic online stores on the eve of the summer season, one of the most popular products is adhesive tape for repairing greenhouse films. A layer of special glue does not damage the film, it is resistant to sunlight. Guaranteed service life - up to three years. A small roll( width 10 cm, length 10 m) will cost approximately 530 rubles.

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Unfortunately, it is not easy to find much-needed goods in Russian online stores, so many buyers order scotch to repair greenhouse films on AliExpress. According to the manufacturer, the material can be used not only for patches in the greenhouse, but also for the insulation of windows and doors in the cold season.

Two more adhesive tape sizes are presented for manufacturers from the Celestial Empire( 20 cm x 10 m and 7 cm x 5 m), so choosing the right material is not difficult.

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Buyers talk about the high quality of the product. Reviews note that the tape perfectly protects against moisture and UV rays. The thickness of the material is about 100-120 microns. The price on AliExpress is 550 rubles per roll in the size of 10 cm x 10 m, but during bulk purchase it drops to 495 rubles. Delivery time from 26 to 48 days, so we advise in advance to take care of the purchase of adhesive tape for repair of the greenhouse.

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