Fertilizers for indoor hibiscus during flowering

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I have a young hibiscus, blooms a second time, only a few buds. Maybe he doesn’t have enough nutrition to set the ovaries? Tell me, what kind of fertilizer for indoor hibiscus to use during its flowering?

Hibiscus or Chinese rose has long been adorned not only offices. The flower grows in almost every home thanks to the unearthly beauty of its inflorescences, the color and shape of which is the most diverse. Hibiscus - the plant is not very capricious in the care and, in principle, not capricious. It is enough to choose a suitable soil for planting, water and cut the flower in a timely manner and take him a bright corner in the apartment.
However, in order to please the pet every year with its flowers, you should give it a little more attention. Especially important is the support of the plant with the onset of the most crucial period - when it begins to bloom.

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Which fertilizers can be used to feed a room hibiscus during flowering? Complex mineral fertilizers are best suited. Today, specialty stores have a rich selection of drugs for these purposes. In addition, homemade homemade products have become widely popular.

Chinese rose fertilizer is produced by applying a nutrient solution under the root.

Store Fertilizers

Hibiscus needs elements such as nitrogen and potassium to stimulate a larger number of buds during the flowering period. To do this, it should be fed with special complex preparations for flowering plants.
The following products have proven themselves well:

  • Athlete - 1.5 ml of the preparation per 1 liter of water, irrigated 1 time in 7 days;
  • Gileya - for 1 liter of water, 2 caps of the drug, to apply twice a month;
  • Master - for 2 liters of water 5 g of the drug, water once a week.

Fertilizing should be done after standard watering of the plant so that the nutrients get into the moist soil.

In addition, it is possible to alternate mineral and organic supplements using preparations of Gilea and Fertomix BIOHUMUS for decorative and flowering houseplants. Frequency of use - every 10 days.
Peat tablets, bone meal, urea, and potassium magnesia are also good for fertilizing indoor plants.

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Dilute 0.5 tsp.sugar in 1 tbsp.water. Water the flower twice a month.
  • Blood Infusion .For irrigation, use the water remaining after thawing raw meat, or in which it is washed. Feed hibiscus no more than once every two weeks.
  • Infusion of banana peel .Skins from two bananas pour 2 liters of water( slightly warm), let stand for 2 days. Water once every 10 days.
  • Dung .It is applied from the second year of life( for 2 liters of water 2 tablespoons of dried manure).In view of the special smell is better to use at a time when the plant is taken out into the open air.
  • The best time for dressing is evening.

    Care for indoor hibiscus - video

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